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Moving the Journal January 6, 2009

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Well, here I am at my new set of blog pages over on WordPress.

Looks pretty nifty so far.  Gonna have to get used to the formatting and all that good stuff that goes along with moving to a new journaling website.  The primary reason that I have decided to move my journal here to WordPress from LiveJournal is the shoddy behaviour of the folks who’ve taken over there, as witness by the recent firing of 20 of 28 employees.  I am *not* pleased, not pleased at all.  You can read my set of <a href=”http://www,jkahane.livejournal.com”>journal entries</a> (also called “Musings and Ravings”) there, but from now on this will be the site where I do my journal entries and thoughts on stuff.

I don’t know how WordPress works for friending people, but I hope that any of the folks that I know from LJ who decide to come over here friend me, if possible.  And if you figure out how some of the stuff works here, please drop me a line in the comments.

Hope to see a few people I know here.  We’ll see how it goes.


First Post January 6, 2009

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Hullo, everyone.

I have finally decided to start a new, separate blog here on WordPress.

“Why?” you may ask.  I can say that it’s partially due to the manner in which LiveJournal has changed over the last couple of years, many of the changes of which I don’t like.  Another reason is that I’m looking to do a bit of writing in the coming year, and to be honest, that requires me to find a blogging or journaling site that is more…suitable to that sort of thing.  Hence, the move here.

I actually signed up for WordPress and the blog here on the 1st of January, but haven’t really done any posting and the like here yet, and am still trying to figure things out around here.  Practice will make perfect, I suppose. 🙂

In the meantime, if any of my LiveJournal friends are present here, and would like to talk, get in touch, friend me (or whatever they call it here, since I haven’t seen that function as yet), please don’t hesitate to do so.

Look forward to seeing folks here. 🙂