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Friday Night Game – Sixcess Core July 2, 2016

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As mentioned yesterday, the Friday night gaming group met last night for gaming, but I was told that there was a surprise in store for me (though I did know that I wasn’t going to run anything).

Anyway, so… I ate supper last night, and then waited for the players to show up for the evening’s gaming, and to find out what was going on for the night. DavidM announced that he was going to be running the game for the night. I was kind of pleased at this, to be honest, since I knew that he was keen to try his hand at being on the other side of the GM Screen, but I got a huge surprise when DavidM reached into his rucksack and pulled out a copy of – Sixcess Core!

Once everyone settled down at the table, DavidM talked to us about the game a bit (he got a lot of the schpiel from me, when I had them create characters for the game system some time back!), and asked us four players to decide what we wanted to do with it. It didn’t take long for the four of us (Kathy, Ellie, Mark, and myself) to decide that we’d do some science fiction gaming. DavidM said that was fine with him, and said that we’d play some good old-fashioned science fiction a la Isaac Asimov’s Foundation stuff. I was intrigued to see what DavidM had in mind, and so we set to with character creation. It took us about an hour or so to create the characters for the game, and DavidM was quite pleased with what we came up with. While it’s not for me to say what Kathy, Ellie, and Mark created, I came up with Dr. Henry Gooderson, a social scientist with an interest in what causes the fall of previous civilisations. The rest of the players created characters that I thought were rather equally old school in their style and feel. After taking about 15 minutes to sketch out what he wanted to do for the night, DavidM got us into the adventure…

The basic plot was that we were on a remote planet investigating a set of possibly alien ruins when our expedition was attacked. After a few harrowing escapes (during one of which I came close to losing Henry’s life, I might add), we stumbled upon a facility that seemed to be of alien origins. Some other stuff happened along the way, but overall it was a good evening of gaming, though I had to help DavidM a bit with a couple of the game mechanics of the Sixcess Core system.

In addition, to celebrate my birthday (which is on Sunday), Kathy had made some sugar-free chocolate and cherry jam macaroons! We had some hot tea with the ‘roons, and though I only ate two of them, they were delicious and quite chocolate-y! Had just the right tartness, being sugar-free. Yummm!

Overall, it was a great evening of gaming with friends, and relaxing and celebrating my birthday a couple of days early, and I had a nice, relaxed time of it. DavidM’s running the game was a pleasant surprise, to be honest, and I had a fun evening with friends.



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