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Sunday Afernoon Game –Promised Sands v1 Character Creation July 4, 2016

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Spent yesterday afternoon gaming with the Sunday group.

While Tammy and SteveR are in the middle of a Primeval RPG scenario, they both agreed that this weekend they would create characters with me for the Promised Sands RPG, v1. So I did a bit of reading about a couple of the character generation elements involved (since I thought Tammy might take a certain type of character) in the morning, got ready and made some lunch, and then waited for the players to show up.

Both Tammy and SteveR were present and accounted for before 1:00 pm, and so we chatted for a few minutes before getting into the game and all. Promised Sands is a somwhat unique beast conceptually, but I was able to give the players a schpiel and explanation about what the game is that originates from an excerpt for the hopefully soon-to-be-released Promised Sands Sixcess (or 2nd Edition, if you prefer). Both players told me this gave them a good idea of what the game world was about, and were looking forward to the game.

Suffice it to say that Promised Sands v1 has a mathematical, somewhat convoluted system for character generation, but the players managed to create the characters that they wanted in some 4-1/2 hours, not including time for an incentive: black forest cake! The two characters created were both interesting.

Tammy created a Myrlihk (cat people) Kril (fighter types) Huntress that she gave some interesting elements to. SteveR created a Rolen (close to human) Qyen (a religious sect with pseudo-magical abilities) Plege (recruit). It was a less arduous process than the two players anticipated, though I have to admit that while it was relaxing, I developed a headache during the course of the process.

These two characters, and some others that have been created over the last couple of months, will be used to do conversions to the Promised Sands Sixcess version of the roleplaying game when it comes out.

Overall, it was a fun, relaxing afternoon of character creation and cake, and I had a pretty good time of it. While I’m looking forward to running Promised Sands Sixcess when the game comes out, I’m quite looking forward to next week when I get back into the Primeval RPG campaigns that are currently on-going.



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