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RPGaDay in August – August 2nd: Best Game Session? August 2, 2016

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We continue on with #RPGaDAY in August.



Day 2 – Best Game Session Since August 2015?

This one is somewhat tough, to be honest, since I have to separate this out between playing and running games. Ah, what the heck…

The best gaming session of playing that I’ve had since August of last year has got to be from the beginning of July this year, when my friend, DavidM, ran a couple of sessions of the Sixcess Core game system in an Asimovian Foundation-like scenario. Here’s the link to my favourite of the two game sessions as a player.

Sixcess Core a la Foundation session

Just a great, fun time, and I got to enjoy myself as a player in this one.

On the other hand, from a GMing point of view, it’s not all that tough a choice, to be honest. The game session back on July 15th, when the Friday night gamers got back to the real action of the Primeval RPG was one of the best sessions of gaming I’ve run in the past year. Here’s the link to that session.

Action in the Primeval RPG

Sure, there’ve been some other game sessions that I really enjoyed over the course of the year, but this was one of the best sessions of the lot, and I love game sessions where I can indulge in a little bit of dinosaur-on-people action, and where players actually tell me they’re frightened of what’s going on with their characters!



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