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Friday Night (Board) Gaming Tonight August 5, 2016

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Getting ready for gaming with the Friday night group this evening.

Since I am not yet ready to run the Polaris 3rd Edition RPG, we are going to be playing board games until further notice (or one of the other players decides to run something). Board games work for me. I don’t get to play board games often enough, and they are kind of fun.

Not sure what we’ll be playing tonight, but since I’m not attending GenCon 2016 (attending GenCant 2016), I guess), I’ll be pretty happy about this.

Have a good night, folks.



1. Dean - August 5, 2016

Board games are a great, it’s a good way to entertain people. What’s your favourite?

jkahane - August 6, 2016

A couple of favourites. Tales of the Arabian Nights by Z-Man Games. And the old Dragonriders of Pern board game, whose publisher I can’t remember any more (maybe Mayfair Games). Also like Civilization and am rather fond of Brittania. 🙂



Dean - August 6, 2016

Good board games 👍🏻 I’d be more classic with the run of the mill monolopy and cluedo 😄

jkahane - August 6, 2016

Those are both all right games, but my tastes run a bit more to the fantastical and the historical.

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