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Friday Night Board Gaming Evening August 6, 2016

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Last night’s gaming session with the Friday night group was a lot of fun.

Since I’m not ready yet to run the Polaris 3rd Edition SF RPG, the Friday nighters have decided that they will play board games until I’m ready to run that rpg.

So last night, the players showed up around 7:00 pm or so (the usual time), and after spending the first little bit renewing friendships and catching up on the week that was, we got down to board gaming. It was decided for the initial foray, after a bit of discussion, that we’d play the old Mayfair Games’ Dragonriders of Pern game.

After we set up the board and pieces and I went over the basic rules with the other players who weren’t overly familiar with it, we got down to play. For some reason, and some how, I ended up with Benden Weyr. The first few Turns were spent learning the basics of how mechanics work in play, and we fought Thread to death (its) and had a lot of fun. And then, Threadfall began in earnest. Several burrows triggered harsh reactions on the part of several Weyrs, especially with several flights of dragons put out of action, limiting the ability to fight Thread at times, and then came the killing blow (so to speak) – a Duel between two Weyrleaders (not mine, thank Goddess, Telgar Weyr and Ista Weyr) resulted in the death of the former, and threw the game into panic mode, and with Thread becoming unpredictable… Let’s just say that the action of fighting Thread got frantic and frenetic, and in the end, Pern was buried under a batch of Burrows.

That said, the game was a lot of fun, with all sorts of deals and treachery working their way around the game board (and the table). DavidM, who was playing Telgar Weyr, wasn’t all that happy about how things turned out, but said that he’d had a lot of fun, and couldn’t wait to play the game again, so all said and done, an enjoyable evening of GenCant 2016 gaming. 🙂

Looking forward to next week, and some more tabletop board gaming.



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