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Sunday’s Board Game Play August 8, 2016

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Sunday afternoon, I ended up playing board games rather than roleplaying games, as one of my players was unable to make it. Still, it was a session of #GenCant, so all was good.

After SteveR showed up at my place, we got down to business and decided to play a game or two of Ticket to Ride: Legendary Asia to start with.

I’ve only played this game myself once, and that was quite some time ago. So it was a good opportunity to get back into the game and see what was what. Here’s the photo of the first game.

I managed to win this first game by a score of 129 to 118. (Despite what it says on the photo, as we forgot to take off the points for SteveR’s failing to complete one of his routes). In actual fact, I’d thought that I’d lost the game going into the last two Turns, until I realised (with SteveR’s help, involuntary btw) how to complete two routes into Kathmandu that were worth 19 points. That’s what gave me the win, essentially. I blocked him going into Mecca, so he couldn’t complete one of his routes (forget what the value was), but he stopped me from connecting the eastern and western sides of my groups of routes. While he had the most stations connected, it was the point values of the routes that I had that gave me the win.

After the first game, we played a second game since there was still time. Here’s a photo of that game.

The second game, as you can see, wasn’t even close. I beat SteveR in this second game 133 to 99, and while it looked liked a tight game early on, things changed as we went over to the western side of the map. I had the route of Dihua to Seoul to fill, and we converged in the area Mandalay and Hanoi, since he blocked on the line by taking the Peking-Seoul route, forcing me to go south. We compromised and made a deal in that area, and it worked out for me. SteveR said that he just couldn’t get the card colours that he needed to do stuff, but it was an overly interesting game with subtle plotting of routes needed.

Overall, Sunday afternoon’s gaming of the Ticket to Ride: Legendary Asia board game was quite enjoyable and somewhat relaxing for me, with none of the pressure that comes with running rpgs and the prep time required beforehand.

Shame I can’t board game again next week! 🙂



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