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Wednesday Night Game Report – Primeval RPG Session 10 August 12, 2016

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Two days ago (August 10th), the Wednesday night players continued their campaign of the Primeval RPG. I meant to get this blog entry up yesterday (Thursday), but life interfered. Here are the game session notes for Wednesday night. You can read about the previous session of the game in this journal entry. This post is somewhat long, and I’ve put it behind a cut so that folks who don’t want to read any detailed rpg posts don’t have to.


Dr. Paula Richardson (Donna) – Palaeontologist
Sgt. Charles Kinson (DavidW) – Former Soldier
Joanne (“Jonie”) Williams (Kendall) – Reporter
Helena Robertson (Crystal) – Computer Geek

Tuesday, March 27th, 2007

Sergeant Charles Kinson makes a split second decision as the figure staggers towards them, and upon seeing the player characters, screaming for help. Kinson and his two men, Edwards and Hawkins, fire at the creatures, attempting to drive them off, but kill several of the creatures, the rest breaking back for the treeline [inflicting 3 points of Temporal Damage]. Dr. Paula Richardson chastises him for his actions, even as she and Joanne Williams move towards the injured person, who has collapsed to the ground.

Charles orders Edwards and Hawkins to keep an eye on the area, as he’s concerned about the presence of the creatures. He checks on Helena Robertson, who seems to be somewhat out of here depth, but she assures him she’s all right. Helena goes to assist Paula, who is grateful for her help, while Joanne goes to talk with Charles. She asks him what’s going on between him and Paula, but he dismisses her, saying he’s got no idea what she’s talking about. Paula comes over to Charles, and says that she’s done all she can for the man who’s been injured, and they need to get a medical team here as soon as possible. Charles vetoes this, saying they don’t want to expose more members of the public (even highly trained EMTs) to potential danger at the claws of the creatures.

The man, Salvatore Cortez, is still somewhat in shock, but he is able to tell the characters that he and his family rented a camper for the early Spring season, and are spending some time wandering the various parks of Ontario. He tells them of the savage attack by the “bird-like creatures”, and that he’s failed his family, fleeing in fear the way he has done. Joanne promises him that they will find his family for him. Charles has his other three Project Tempus men take one of the vehicles and get Salvatore to a hospital for treatment (but not to reveal too much of what is going on). As they leave with Salvatore, Joanne soothing him with her sweet words, Charles tells the group and Edwards and Hawkins, that they need to follow the creatures’ trail and see if they can find the Shard as well as locating the creatures. Joanne says that she made a promise to Salvatore, and she intends to keep it. Charles, fighting to keep under control [and losing a Story Point for doing so], agrees to “help” her. Helena tells Paula that they’re not leaving her behind, and the palaeontologist smiles, and says, “Oh, we’re not leaving you behind…you’re part of the team now.” “Right?”, she adds, looking at Charles. He just nods grimly in her direction.

With the Sergeant leading the way, as he picks up the tracks of the creatures, the player characters and Hawkins and Edwards set off. As they follow the trail, Charles asks Paula her opinion. She says that judging from the number of prints on the ground, despite the marred condition, there were around 15 to 20 of the creatures; that confirms what Charles had thought. Following the trail through the woods, Hawkins says that something is shadowing them, following them from within the foliage. Charles says that he can make the creatures out in the underbrush [he spends a Story Point to do so]; they’re the same type of creature as those that were pursuing Salvatore. They eventually come upon a small clearing, where a camper can be found. It is a scene of carnage.

The remains of the camp are scattered about, and the two bodies (those of a woman and child) lie near the open camper itself, a mass of blood and tissue. While Edwards and Hawkins take up perimeter guard duty, the others take in the scene. Joanne and Helena almost bolt from the scene [but spend 1 Story Point each to avoid this]. Paula and Charles go up to the two bodies, and examine them. It’s clear to both from the large gash marks and the savage bites what killed the two. Joanne and Helena finally come over to them, and while Joanne is still struggling with this scene, she says that there’s no sign of litte Agnita, the youngest child. It is Paula who hears the low sobbing coming from the inside of the camper. The characters make their way cautiously towards the camper, just as Hawkins screams, and a burst of weapons fire echoes through the air!

A wave of the creatures charges into the area, and attack the player characters and the Project Tempus men. While Edwards, Hawkins, and Sgt. Kinson kill a dozen of the creatures [spending 5 Story Points, inflicting 2 Temporal Damage to the timeline], it is left to Helena, Joanne, and Paula to defend themselves. Joanne uses her street knife and a charred piece of metal (from the barbecue, perhaps?) as a shield, and defends herself. She still takes a couple of nasty slashes [for 6 points of damage], and tries to help Helena, who is in a rough spot. The latter has grabbed a piece of wood from the cold firepit, and is lashing out at the creatures, but still takes some injuries (4 points of damage, spends 2 Story Points], and is grateful for her assistance. Paula defends herself as best she can, as she’s attacked by three of the creaturs, but is able to fend them off [taking 3 points of damage, spending 3 Story Points], and finally resorting somewhat tearfully to using the pistol that Charles gave her earlier [Charles spends a Story Point to do so]. Paula is able to confirm for herself, even as she fights and tries to stop them, are Coelophysis. All of the creatures are killed, though Joanne notices that two of them have fled the scene. [The creatures’ deaths inflict another 4 Temporal Damage.] The player characters and the two Project Tempus men take stock of their injuries, but it is Joanne who remembers the sobbing that Paula heard.

Paula and Charles evaluate the group’s injuries, but only a couple of the characters have serious wounds. While Charles treats the most injured, Paula along with Hawkins make their way into the dark camper. She is able to convince the small child hiding under the leftmost bunk bed to come out, as she’s safe now. The girl tells them she’s Agnes (no one calls her Agnita), and she wants to know where her mommy and daddy are, but Paula reassures her, and then she and Hawkins take her out of the camper.

Agnes cowers against Paula when she sees the carnage, and the palaeontologist’s heart goes out to her. Joanne approaches the girl, and the two become quick friends, as Agnes has an interest in journalism. Joanne steers her away from the bodies of her mother and brother, and the rest of the characters debate what to do. Charles makes a call to the Project Tempus team that is en route, and tells them to send a “clean-up team” to come out and deal with the dead creatures. The player characters decide that since Joanne and Helena are the worst injured of the group, they should take little Agnes to the nearest town for help, and report what’s happened at the campsite. Paula and Charles, along with the Hawkins and Edwards, are going in pursuit of the two creatures that escaped back into the forest. Paula comments they need to find the Shard, if possible.

Wednesday night’s game session of the Primeval RPG was a terrific game session, and had a little bit of something for everyone, a good deal of action, and a fight sequence that I wasn’t sure about how the players would survive it for a while! With a minimal number of soldiers with them from Project Tempus, our palaeontologist, computer geek, reporter, and Project Tempus wilderness guide had their hands full, and didn’t escape unscathed. Both DavidM and Crystal commented that it was an exhilarating fight scene and had a bit more violence to it than they expected, but it reinforced how well the Vortex game’s combat mechanics actually work in the Primevalverse.

Overall, a fun game session with some interesting roleplaying, seriously neat fighting, and great group of player characters, Wednesday night’s session of Primeval was well worth waiting for after the session back on July 13th. I’m looking forward to the next session of the game, and hope that it gets run in the next two weeks.


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