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Sunday Afternoon Game Report – Polaris RPG Character Creation, Part Deux September 5, 2016

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Yesterday afternoon, the Sunday gaming group met up to continue on with their Polaris RPG game campaign, more specifically the creation of their player characters for said game. You can read about the first session of character creation for the game in this blog entry. It also contains the details of what the player are playing as characters, such as is known at the time.


SteveR and Tammy arrived just before 1:00 pm, and we exchanged some pleasantries and talked a bit about the week that was, and then returned to the process of character creation for the game. As already mentioned in the previous entry, the players had gotten to the point of just starting in on their Professional Skills. Some of the confusion surrounding this stuff was alleviated by the revelation(s) that I had had earlier in the week, and it made the process much simpler and relatively quicker.

Once both players had their Profession aspects done, we sorted out some of the details of the matter of their Professional Advantages and Disadvantages, and then proceeded to getting into the Gear the player characters have. This took a bit longer than I expected, but we made it through the gear material up to the armour and vehicles material.

I was somewhat disappointed not to get the process finished up this session, but am looking forward to wrapping up character generation next week, and then getting into the mechanics, some samples of combat, and then getting down to playing in earnest.

I’m just looking forward to getting down to playing the Polaris RPG campaign.



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