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A Sunday Afternoon of The Great Dinosaur Rush October 24, 2016

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Had a decent afternoon yesterday, playing board games with the Sunday gaming group. Didn’t have a lot of success playing yesterday, but such is life.


and Tammy arrived at my place around 12:45 pm. We sat around and chatted for about 20 minutes or so, and then got down to some board gaming. It was decided that we would play some more The Great Dinosaur Rush for the afternoon. (I took some photos of some the dinosaur creations during the Build Phase, so you can check those out below.)

Once we set up the game board and sorted all the materials for the game, we got down to it. The first game finished up with the following scores.

Tammy 140
SteveR 131
JohnK 78

I played the first Turn’s Field Phases pretty badly, making the mistake of thinking I could take Tammy on in a hunt for the blue dinosaur bones, but she completely outmanoeuvered me in this respect (and the fact that she went first at the start of the game didn’t help me). I couldn’t finish off the Triceratops Dinosaur Bonus card, and finished off with too much Notoriety when all was said and done.

The second game of the afternoon, saw the following scores.

Tammy 139
SteveR 92
JohnK 158

In this second game, I went first at the start of the game, and did a good job all through the game, managing to complete 5 Dinosaur Bonus cards, getting 42 points for those, and also managing to have the second most Notoriety points. Played a decent game, all around.

The third game scores were as follows.

Tammy 99
SteveR 89
JohnK 49

A disastrous game for me. I screwed up completely on the second Turn, and couldn’t finish 3 of the 5 Dinosaur Bonus cards I took because of conflicting limbs or heads in each Build Phase, and couldn’t get enough of the yellow or red dinosaur bones. Add to that I finished with 11 Notoriety points, and that spelled disaster.

Still, I had a fun afternoon of gaming, and really enjoyed myself for the most part. The Great Dinosaur Rush is a board game with a simple set of rules, and is really enjoyable to play. Look forward to gaming this one again, to be sure.


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