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Sunday Morning Musings November 13, 2016

Posted by jkahane in coriolis rpg, gaming hut, health hut, housework, life, ottawa, personal, rpg hut, weather.
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Sunday morning. *stretches*

A cool morning here, once more today, but promises to go up to around 14oC! Crazy November weather. May have to go for a walk today.

I had a good Saturday night gaming session with the three Friday night players, and they rather enjoyed themselves with Coriolis – The Third Horizon. I’ll blog about this later today, but suffice it to say lots of fun.

I managed to get around 7 hours of sleep last night, but am not feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning. Ever since I got the flu shot and we turned the clocks back an hour (a stupid practice, if you ask me), I’ve not been feeling right and am somewhat tired all the time. Adjustment period, perhaps? That said, I do feel pretty good today, so something’s going right, huh? šŸ™‚

Since the Sunday group is not gaming today (due to Tammy working), I’ll be taking it relatively easy. I’ve got some cleaning up to do in the den, may watch a DVD or PVR or two, and listen to some music. And may also do a bit of personal writing (some of which I intend to post down the line here on my WordPress blog.

For now, going to head into the shower, and then have a cup of tea.



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