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Creating a Character for Sunday Thousand Suns RPG Campaign, Part Deux November 28, 2016

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Yesterday afternoon, the Sunday gaming group met up for its (relatively) regular game session.


SteveR is getting us ready to play in his Thousand Suns RPG campaign (or what I hope will be a campaign, at any rate), but we still had a few things to do before we’re ready for the start of the game.

After SteveR and Tammy arrived at my place, we chatted for a bit, and then SteveR and his players got down to business. Oh, before I forget… my character now has a name: Marko Rojas. And I have a homeworld as well, but we’ll come to that momentarily.

Tammy and I started out by purchasing equipment with our money. Due to my Benefits (rolled at character creation last week (in this post), I started with 10,000 Sols to spend. I found the prices on gear a bit wonky, with stuff that I expected to be expensive cheap and other gear the reverse, but ours is not to question why and all that. Once gear was purchased, SteveR needed to go through the ship stuff with Tammy, since her character has a ship. I found the details of the ship to be somewhat interesting, but too technical, so didn’t have a lot to do at this point. SteveR also had us roll up our homeworlds. I come from a homeworld called Isabella, though have no idea what star system or what sector of space I’m from, that’s quite interesting in its own way. We’ll see whether it’s needed, as I’m not sure SteveR will have us going to our home planets.

After that, it was on to samples of the combat system. I can’t say that I’m overly thrilled with the combat system. The game mechanics themselves are easy enough, but the combat system seems very generic, there’s no examples of the combat system in that chapter of the book, and SteveR freely admitted that he’s going to need some house rules to run the game in this regard. All I can really say here is that…I died. Multiple times. But then I’m a xenoarchaeologist, and don’t actually have any combat skills.

Overall, it was a good gaming session, and we’ve finally finished up the characters for the game. SteveR visibly struggled with a few elements of the game material that we were dealing with, but handled himself well on the afternoon. I don’t know how he’ll solve some of the problems he’s got regarding the mechanics of the game, but we’ll see how that tree shakes out.

I’m looking forward to playing the game this Sunday.



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