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Wednesday Night Game Report – Continuum RPG Session 2 December 15, 2016

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Last night, the Wednesday night gaming group met up for their regularly scheduled game session. They continued on with the Continuum: Roleplaying in the Yet RPG. Here are the game session notes. You can read about the previous session of the game by following the link. This blog entry is relatively short, but I’ve decided to put it behind a cut so that folks who don’t want to read any detailed rpg posts don’t have to do so.


Kiera Marshall (Donna) – Registered Nurse
Michael Randolph (DavidW) – Archaeology Professor
Samantha Aridanes (Kendall) – Language Student
Maureen (Minnie) Bronstein (Crystal) – Bookstore Clerk

Thursday, May 10th, 2001 AD (Level)

Jaana, their mentor, assured Kiera Marshall, Samantha Aridanes, and Maureen Bronstein that they would be fine, but that Frag(mentation) does take some time to get used to. In the meantime, she instructed them to see what they could figure out in terms of how they’d been fragged, and told Michael Randolph that he was expected to help them out. Jaana said that she had to be somewhen else at the moment, and after the characters expressed some fear about the situation, Jaana reassured them they’d be fine. She’d see them later, and then she spanned out.

A bit bewildered, the four chronies tried to get a “feel” for when the fragging had occurred, but nothing came to them. Simon Jesser, the other One living at the Corner, spanned in from his job as a burger flipper, and heard what had happened to the characters. Kiera and the others were still a bit baffled over what needed to be done, but Simone gave them the clue they needed: First and Fourth Maxims (Information Is All and Measure Twice, Cut Once. The chronies went out and did some Level spanning around (although Michael was the first one to span Down during the sequence), and the characters came to realise what had happened. During her earlier spanning, Kiera had accidentally fragged Samantha and Maureen by appearing in places they occupied, where she had not been with them in their Age. “Another fine mess I made!” Kiera said, but Samantha and Minnie didn’t blame her, though they wondered how they were going to get rid of the frag.

Jaana reappeared, and asked her Ones if they had recorded all their spans in their log books. Both Michael and Samantha had guilty looks on their faces, and Jaan admonished them, and then watched as they made their chicken scratches in the log books. She asked if they’d figured out what happened to frag the three, and when they said they did, Jaana asked if they knew how to make things right. Kiera said she thought she did, and at the mentor’s urging, explained what she meant. Jaana nodded, saying that she and the others (except Michael, who was not involved) had a lot of work ahead of them. After a couple of Gemini incidents for Kiera and both Maureen and Samantha doing some slipshanking, the frag suffered by Maureen, Samantha, and Kiera was set to rights. When they returned Level, Jaana admonished Kiera once again for inflicting the frag on her fellow spanners. Simon, who was also present, joked that he was glad that hadn’t happened to him. Jaana stopped him from speaking more, stating angrily, “Further information is not available here!”.

By this time, the characters were hungry as suppertime had rolled around. Jaana decided to test the spanners, and said that she’d meet them at their favourite pizza place, Giuseppe’s. “Last one there pays for all!” she said, and then spanned away. Simon flickered out almost immediately after her, smirking at Michael and the three women. Kiera commented that it was another test, wasn’t it?, to which Michael replied that it always was. And then he spanned away.

Last night’s session of the Continuum: Roleplaying in the Yet RPG was a lot of fun, and the players seemed to enjoy themselves. There were a couple of times where both Donna and Kendall had some trouble coming to terms with temporal situation matters, but talking in character to their mentor rather than asked the GM about it was more fun for the two players, and Kendall said afterwards that she felt more capable in regards to those issues that she had. All of the players agreed that they’re having an interesting time with the game, even if they get a few headaches from having to start thinking four-dimensionally. Donna said she never realised that what she had done earlier would cause the frag, and we talked about the As/As Nots, and all four players got even bigger headaches!

Overall, a fun game session of the Continuum RPG, and I’m looking forward to continuing the game. Not sure if we’ll play another session this year, but it would be nice to wrap up the Wednesday night gaming year that way.



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