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Friday Morning Thoughts…Brrrrr!!! December 16, 2016

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Friday morning.

Last day of the work week, and the Friday before the Christmas weekend. It’s a brutally cold day here in the Ottawa valley. As I write this, the temperature outside is a frigid -24oC (that’s -11.2oF for my American friends), and that’s without the wind chill factor.

To add insult to injury, there’s been a problem with the heating system here at work for the last day or so, and I’m sitting here at my desk wearing a sweater and my indoors hoodie. And have already had a hot cup of cinnamon tea already here at the office.

There’s almost no one here today at the office, only around 6 to 10 of my fellow workers, and the Christmas party is at noon today. Should be interesting, to be sure.

The weather forecast for the weekend is pretty dreadful, with a lot of snow and freezing rain over the course of Saturday and Sunday, so I’m not sure how much gaming I’ll be getting in this weekend. That said, I’ve got some stuff I’m working on for the Continuum: Roleplaying in the Yet RPG campaign that I’m running on Wednesday nights, there’s some editing that I’m doing (though I hope for the weekend off from that), and I’m supposed to game with the Friday night group tonight.

Here’s hoping for a calm, relaxed weekend. 🙂



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