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Monday (Boxing Day) Game Session: A Continuum RPG Christmas December 27, 2016

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As mentioned in a couple of other LJ posts, I ran a Christmas themeed game session of the Continuum: Roleplaying in the Yet game with the Friday night gamers yesterday.


I didn’t run the game as part of any campaign or the like, but rather as a stand-alone Christmas-based game for the players on Boxing Day afternoon. So rather than playing their own player characters, the players played a set of pre-generated characters that fit the scenario, called “Plum Pudding and Other Such…”.

The players arrived at my place relatively on time, due to the inclement weather (freezing rain and rain, with a bit of snow mixed in), and Kathy, Ellie, Angela, DavidM, and Mark were all pretty eager to game on Boxing Day and were looking forward to it. They were joined by Crystal, who also wanted to play (and spend a bit of time with Ellie), but got the surprise of their lives when Nick (Roberts) (!!) joined them as well. He’s in Ottawa visiting family over Christmas, and called me to ask if he’d be able to get into a game, so I was able to oblige him, and it was a nice surprise for the other players. Once everyone renewed their friendships and we’d talked and had a bit of Christmas-y food that Kathy and Angela had brought with them, we got down to gaming.

I’m not going to go into any detail on the plot at all, other than to say the adventure kicked off with Charles Dickens arriving at the player characters’ Victorian era corner on Christmas Eve, asking for help in dealing with a ghost that seems to be haunting him, and that the players loved the adventure itself.

Once I’d gone over the basic rules, explained the Maxims, and refreshed several players on some of the fine points of Continuum RPG play, the players got into their roles as the characters, and had a fine time of it, eventually solving the main problem facing Dickens and ensuring that history followed its proper course insofar as the man and his writing were concerned. Kathy and Nick played their characters, working together and just having fun, as if Nick had never been away, and the characters had some Spanning mishaps along the way that they used to their advantage.

Overall, I had a terrific and fun afternoon’s worth of gaming, and a fun time of running the Christmas scenario for Continuum: Roleplaying in the Yet. It was a good time for everyone concerned, and a lovely way to end the gaming year of 2016.



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