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Sunday Afternoon Game – Thousand Suns, Session 3 January 9, 2017

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Yesterday afternoon, the Sunday gaming group met up for their regular game session at my place.

SteveR is currently running the Thousand Suns RPG of Imperial science fiction. You can read the report on the events of the last session here by following the link.

SteveR and Tammy showed up at my place on time, so there was no delay in the game session. We chatted for several minutes about life the past few weeks, and talked about some of the current politics going on. Then SteveR got down to the game session.

Marko Rojas (JohnK) – Xeno-archaeologist
Maja Ma (Tammy) – Scout

Day 5, Month 1, 500 NK

Maja Ma and I continued to talk to Ifigenia Mkombe. I ask her about the replacement for Penderson on the expedition, now that he’s dead, and she tells me that she’s making the arrangements for that. Well, actually her associate, Alexandra Langlais, who was also an associate of Penderson’s who had been on several expeditions with him, and who writes and edits Penderson’s reports, and who also appears to run the day-to-day operations of the Savuul Encyclopaedia Galactica offices. This may take a good three days to prep the expedition, and Mkombe tells Maja that she’s booked her and her crew rooms at the Altaira Arms. She tells me that I and my assistant, Ariela, are also booked there, in a suite.

Ariela and I go into a small conference room, and I look over the revised contract with the EG; it seems to be the standard contract. Ariela and I talk, and she tells me she wants to come on the expedition to Unzaam. I warn her of the perils (the Chabuli, the lawlessness that might exist there) of going on the 5-year dig, but she’s adamant about the matter. I agree to take her on the dig, since it’ll look good on her record, and tell her to arrange to have two more assistants, Ortega and Mikasa, come out for the dig, though they won’t arrive for at least a year. I go back into Mkombe’s office, and sign the contract. She arranges for some security to take Ariela and myself (as well as Maja, if she wants to avail herself of the service) to the hotel, but is only able to get a Chabulic constable, Herhen Shuleg, to assist us. I am somewhat suspicious, but have no basis to request a different, Terran constable. Maja Ma re-enters the room (with her contract) and signs it for Mkombe. I prepare to take my leave of Ifigenia Mkombe, and shake her hand – transferring all the details on the hotel and the expedition and contract to my safisto. It’s established that I’ll be in charge of the expedition, but I tell Captain Maja that I’ll defer to her on all matters in space and aboard her vessel.

Mkombe decides to accompany Maja and myself down to the EG building entrance. We arrived in the lobby, and I saw there were all manner of people (both Terran and Chabuli) going about their business. There was a security guard at the reception desk, and another one at the building entrance. Maja spots a woman nervously looking around, and when she brings her to the attention of Mkombe, she says that it’s Alexandra Langlais. She calls out her name, and Langlais turns and sees us. A fearful expression comes across her face, and she turns and bolts. Mkombe orders her to stop, and the security guard at the door grapples with her, and takes her down. She shouts, “Please, please don’t let them kill me!” and when Mkombe asks her who, Langlais points at Maja and me! When I asks why she thought we were after her, she comments questioningly that we’re not Baylarna and/or Rug^a? We deny that we are, and she seems to be convinced. Maja tells me that the former are the rpimary terrorist group in the sector, while the latter are the prominent gangstter organisation (into drugs, antiquities, and gun running). Looking around, I see that people are somewhat stunned at the commotion. Mkombe wants to know what Alexandra has to say about matters, and I confess that I do as well. Mkombe leads Langlais, Maja, myself, and the Chabuli constable (who entered the EG building towards the end of the fracas) to Conference Room 3 on the ground floor, just around the corner.

Once in the conference room, the truth comes out. I turn on my unicom, and record everything. Langlais and Penderson were dealing Chabuli artifacts to Baylarna (the terrorists) so as to grant them protection during digs (also allowing them to dig in the first place). They started off dealing the artifacts to what they thought was a rebel group, but got in over their heads and learned that what they thought was a rebel group was actually the terrorists. After two years of this, Penderson and Langlais decided that they wanted out, especially since Penderson realised he was betraying his archaeological principles, and Langlais believes that he was killed for this. I point out to Mkombe that if the truth of this matter were to come out, the Encyclopaedia’s reputation would be in tatters, and she tells Maja and myself that she’ll make sure that doesn’t happen, and that our names and photos are kept out of the news. Maja and I decide that this expedition is too dangerous, and without proper contacts with the Chabuli and the worries surrounding the terrorists, Mkombe and I decide that the contract is null and void. There will be some compensation, and she agrees to find us another job for the Encyclopaedia Galactica elsewhere, perhaps in Czarnik space…

Sunday afternoon’s game session of Thousand Suns was a pretty decent one, though I think that SteveR knows that there’s definitely room for improvement in terms of his GMing (he doesn’t have a lot of experience running games) style and habits. He and I talked afterwards about some of the issues he’s having, and he told me that he plans on making some changes and trying to improve various aspects for next week’s session – which will also be the start of the second adventure he’s going to run. Tammy and I had a decent time of it, even with some of the issues, and I enjoyed being on the other side of the GM Screen and getting to play a character that I really like.

So I’m looking forward to next week’s game session.



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