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Life of JohnK, 01/23/17 Monday Edition January 23, 2017

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It’s the start of a new work week.

It has been a quiet morning here at the office. While work is going on around me, my primary role this morning has been supervisory stuff as well as a meeting with my own boss. I dislike these meetings because of some of the situations that arise after them, and today was no exception.

In weather news, the next few days are likely going to be miserable here in the Ottawa valley. While today (Monday) is going to be fine, the snow will begin tonight with between 10 and 15 cms. of the white stuff expected, and then there will be mixes of snow, rain, and freezing rain for part of Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and possibly more bad weather at the end of the week. Ah, winter in Ottawa. *sigh*

Health-wise, things are not good. I’ve got a bad blood blister on the big toe on my left foot with another one potentially developing there, and to top things off there may be one developing or in progress on the hammertoe of my right foot (yes, my driving foot). This, despite the expert footcare that I receive. *sigh* I’ve been doing my best the last few days taking care of my feet, but I’m still hurting quite a bit and am not comfortable walking. As Donna commented this morning, “You’re walking like a cripple”.

Anyway, back to my cup of chai tea and some more work.



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