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Friday Night Game Report – Coriolis – The Third Horizon Character Creation February 18, 2017

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I had a very nice gaming session with the Friday night players last night.

The Friday night gaming group decided last night that if I was ready for it, we would start the Coriolis – The Third Horizon RPG campaign. Since I had created the player characters with the Wednesday night group, and been getting ready to run the game for the last week and a half, I decided “what the heck”. đŸ™‚


Once the (Friday) players showed up at my place around 7:00 pm or so last night, we chatted for around 10 minutes or so and caught up on the weekend. When enough time had passed, I told everyone that it was time, and we sat down and started creating player characters. I started off the night by giving the players a very brief overview of the universe of the Third Horizon, and they were highly intrigued by the idea, especially the “Arabian Nights in space” pitch. Eager to play, for sure. We talked about the basic rules of the mechanics, and then got into some of the sub-systems that they wanted to know about. Then we got to talking about the basics of character generation, I answered some of their questions, and then we started in on the process in earnest.

The first thing the players had to do was decide what their Group Concept was going to be, and they decided on Explorers. They work part-time for the Foundation, the scientific institute of the Consortium, but at times take jobs for other interested parties. The player characters that the Friday nighters created are an interesting bunch, and to be honest, appear to offer a nice degree of variety and good sub-plot material.

KathyB – Kathy wanted to play a scout type of character, and that’s what she did. She created Naima Saab, the daughter of a Kuan peasant who aspired to more and joined the scout service. Her buddy is Zouma Abid-Arif.

Angela – Angela liked the idea of creating a Pilot as her character, and so created Hafisa darRouash. A freighter pilot with a bit of a shady past, she’s worked with Tafik a bit in the past, and has not-so-fond memories of doing so. Her buddy is Naima Saab.

DavidM – DavidM like the idea of playing a mercantile type of character, and created Moustafa Harouz, the group’s buyer/seller, who’s got knowledge about some subjects that he shouldn’t have. His buddy is Tafik Sharoun.

Ellie – She decided to go outside the norm, and is playing a stowaway, Zouma Abid-Arif, who has a knack for sensors and some technology-related stuff. They don’t know much about her. Her buddy is Hafisa darRouash.

Mark – He thought about matters for a bit, and then created Tafik Sharoun, a scientist (archaeologist) whose interest isn’t purely academic, and who seems competent with firearms. His buddy is seems to be Moustafa Harouz.

Friday night’s session of character creation for the Coriolis – The Third Horizon RPG was a lot of fun, and lasted just over 4-1/2 hours. The players created their exploration vessel, the Ruby Slipper, after character creation was complete, and the process didn’t take all that long. Everyone had a lot of fun creating the characters, including Ellie, who’s generally not a fan of the mechanical process, and they found the character generation system painless.

The players are looking forward to getting their Coriolis campaign under way next week, and I’m quite looking forward to this myself.



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