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Wednesday Night Game Report – Coriolis – The Third Horizon Session 3 April 13, 2017

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Last night’s gaming session with the Wednesday night quartet was a lot of fun. The Wednesday night gamers came out for their regularly scheduled bi-weekly session. The players and I continued on with their just started Coriolis – The Third Horizon RPG campaign. You can read about the previous game session by following the link. I’ve put this post behind a cut so that folks who don’t want to read any detailed rpg posts don’t have to.



Adila Farouzham (Donna) – Negotiator (Diplomat)
Ridwan Omakht (DavidW) – Scientist (Medicurg)
Saliha Twarafat (Kendall) – Ship Worker (Dock Worker)
Mumtaz Mahali (Crystal) – Pilot (Freighter Pilot)
Abewel (“Abe”) al Mendikat (NPC) – Soldier (Mercenary)

First Triad, Dancer Segment, Day 23, CC 58

Onboard the Eye of Jemtallah, Adila Farouzham goes about some of the post-landing work, and catching up on some of the ship’s paperwork. The ship’s AI, Allawa, interrupts her, and says there’s an incoming communication. She’s surprised to learn that it’s from her! Opening communications, Adila pretends to be Saliha (Twarafat), and learns that the caller is Sadomas al Farrizan, who says he’s interested in some of the cargo that is being off-loaded. Adila checks, and finds that all the cargo has been unloaded, and is on the way to the various destinations, except for the illegal cargo they have onboard the Eye. She asks what cargo he’s interested in, and Sadomas tells her that it’s a series of plaques that were recovered on Menkar. She says that he’s mistaken about the cargo, that the Eye isn’t carrying that cargo, but he becomes angry and tells her that the manifest obtained from the station’s Docking Registry states they are. Adila asks if Sadomas wants to meet up to discuss the matter, but he abruptly ends the communication. Adila has Allawa check the ship’s cargo manifests for the Menkaran plaques, but there’s no sign of them. She does the check separately herself, but comes up blank.

Mumtaz Mahali and Ridwan Omakht emerge, somewhat breathless, into the livestock area after making their way through the crowds at one of the shopping areas in the Spice Market, and determine they are on the starboard side of the Ring, with the Spice Plaza to their right. Ridwan spots the two thugs still on their tail, the crowd parting around them at the sight of the weapons they’re carrying. Looking for cover, the two determine there isn’t a lot, unless they go for the livestock enclosures. The two decide they’re not going to risk that unless they have to, but both are surprised as an accelerator pistol round strikes near them. Giving Ridwan her baton, Mumtaz draws her accelerator pistol, and fires at one of the attackers [spends a Darkness Point]. She strikes him, and he pauses for a moment. Ridwan draws her attention to the two drones that are now floating above them. “Could be in trouble with the local authorities,” Mumtaz mutters. The second thug fires at them, missing again barely, and the two decide the livestock pens are a good choice now. Entering the first building, they find themselves engulfed in the musty smell of various animals. Mumtaz recognises several of the animals – dromedons, saphirs, and exotic birds – but they are interrupted by a stablehand with a shock whip asking what they are doing there. They explain to him what’s going on, and he tells them that that’s fine and all, but they can’t stay there. Before they can reply, the second rough-looking fellow enters, pointing an accelerator pistol at the three.

Emerging into the Spice Plaza, Saliha Twarafat and Abewel (“Abe”) al Mendicat are met with the sounds and scents of the area. They also hear the sound of shooting, but assume another “incident” is occurring on the Spice Plaza edges, as is usual for Coriolis station. Getting their bearings, the two are approached by a beggar child, who begs them for some money. Saliha is about to dismiss the child, but Abe takes pity on the youngster, and gives him 5 birr. The thankless child snatches the birr, and dashes into the crowds. Saliha tells him that he’s a softie, but he tells her gruffly to mind her own business. The two move into the Spice Market, and stop to eat some food at one of the vendors. The characters head deeper into the Spice Market after their meal, Saliha checking on one of the ship’s tabulas for any deals on offer in the marketplace. There are a couple of merchants looking to shift spices, and the two head for Tawafa’s Spicemart. Tawafa is a genial, somewhat rotund man with a hint of ginger in his grey hair, and after chatting with the merchant for some quarter of an hour, Saliha is content to make a deal for the shipment of 100 tonnes of spices and assorted foodstuffs to the cities on Awahdi, and his brother, Hafiz’s, Emporium there. The price is a fair one, and the characters look to earn a healthy profit on the shipment of the materiels. Saliha makes the arrangements to have the cargo delivered to the Eye of Jemtallah, and she and Abe head to their next destination, a dealer of technical parts and supplies, Terram Harafo, whose business is located in the Ozone Plaza.

Back aboard the Eye of Jemtallah, Adila does some research to see what she can learn about Menkaran plaques. The plaques are items that have been found in various digs in the ruins on Menkar, and are quite valuable; Adila actually gapes at the screen in shock at the sheer number of birr each one is worth intact. She’s learns a bit about the history of the Menkaran plaques that have been found so far, and then is surprised to learn that the crew’s patron, Mukhtar Sawalla, currently has several of them in one of his warehouses on the station. Adila places a call to the Hyperion Logistics’ offices on Coriolis, and is told that Mr. Sawalla is in a meeting, but will get back to her as soon as possible. Adila debates what she can do to get Sawalla to part with some of the plaques, and perhaps make a deal for them somewhere. She turns her attention to Sadomas al Farrizan, and does an information search about him. She learns that al Farrizan works for the Agilar Reclamation Agency, a group devoted to returning as many of the Firstcome and Portal Builder artefacts and relics to their rightful homeworlds (preferably museums and the like). al Farrizan is a frontman and troubleshooter for the company, and she wonders if he knows about Mukhtar Sawalla’s possession of the Menkaran artefacts.

Over in the livestock area, Mumtaz and Ridwan, with the stablehand, confront the rough-looking fellow with the accelerator pistol. The stablehand demands to know what’s going on, but the thug says that it doesn’t concern him. The stablehand says it does concern the Mered’s Animals business, and therefore him. The thug raises his weapon to fire at the fellow, but Mumtaz is too fast for him [she spends a DP], and wounds him with her pistol. He raises his weapon to fire again, and this time the stablehand takes him down with his shock whip. With the thug down, Mumtaz tells Ridwan to tie the thug up using some of the rope found in the livestock stables. He does so, while Mumtaz talks to the stablehand, Mered, about what’s happened. Mered says that has to wait, as several of the nearby animals have started to panic. Mumtaz says she’d help him if she could, but her expertise doesn’t include animals. After some time, with the animals once more secure and with Mered taking a shine to Mumtaz, they confront the attacker. He refuses to talk at first, but several more hard slaps from Ridwan (which take Mumtaz by surprise), he admits that he and his friend work for Aldair Jubal’s people. They (and some others) were hired by Jubal’s Imports & Exports to keep an eye out for the player characters, and to “scare them a little”. Before they can get more answers, they are interrupted by the arrival of some of the Coriolis Guard.

Meanwhile, Saliha and Abewel make their way slowly towards the Ozone Plaza, and are met with the sights and smells of the place. Saliha adores the smell of oil and the sights and smells of technology, however muffled they are, but Abewel wrinkles his nose at the odours and says he wish he had a filter mask. They stop for some food at a small kiosk near the main tube station of Ozone Plaza, and Saliha inquires of the vendor if Terram Harafo’s business is still in Torpor Way; the vendor confirms that it is. Saliha and Abe set off towards Torpor Way (Saliha having checked a station map to make sure of the way) and are approached by several shady con men and some beggars and urchins. They turn them down each time, though Abe gives several birr to a couple of the urchins that approach them. Saliha chides him for it, but he tells her that he’s just got a big heart. As they continue on their route, they reach a corner where they are confronted by Menell Farouz and his men. Farouz says he represents a small group on Coriolis whose business the crew of the Eye of Jemtallah have been interfering with. They’ve come to warn the characters off, starting with their unofficial “gatherer of materiels”. The six-on-two odds do not look good…

As mentioned at the top of this post, Wednesday night’s game session of the Coriolis – The Third Horizon campaign was a fun one, and I quite enjoyed myself. The players and their characters got to deal with several different situations, each of which had some form of conflict, some physical and some not, but the players commented to me after the game session that they had had fun with the situations and that they seemed to be suited towards their characters, other than Kendall who felt that the situation she was in doesn’t augur well for next session. The fact that she has to wait two weeks to see how things turn out frustrated her no end, but…c’est la vie. 🙂

Ovverall, a good game session of the Coriolis – The Third Horizon game, and I’m looking forward to the next Wednesday night session.



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