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Game Registration for CanGames, 2019 January 21, 2019

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And so the gaming season is starting up again.

Yesterday, I received my notification from CanGames (2019) that they are looking for GameMasters, and the link to the form for submitting games for the convention. Other than the link being (momentarily) problematic, I took a look at the GM Forms, and they’re essentially the same as last year’s ones. So no problems here.

I actually know what games I want to run at the convention this year, so I’ll be submitting two games to run at CanGames in a few days. I’ll be running one session of the Capharnaüm – Tales of the Dragon-Marked as well as a session of a game that I can’t talk about yet, and have plans to run one session of another game as well, but that will depend on a couple of factors that I need to take into account at the convention. Once I’ve got confirmation from the convention about the running times for the games, I’ll be blogging that information up here, you can be certain. 🙂

CanGames 2019 will be taking place at the Rideau Curling Club over the Victoria Day weekend, May 17th – 190th, 2019, here in Ottawa. Quite looking forward to the convention this year. 🙂


RPGaDay in August – August 19th: Best Writing August 25, 2017

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We continue on with #RPGaDAY in August.



Day 19 – Which RPG features the best writing?

This one is a very tough one for me.

Most rpgs have writing that leaves something to be desired in either style of the writing, grammar, or just plain typos and the like. However, I always found that the Blue Planet RPG (in both editions, but notably the 2nd) had terrific writing, as do a couple of other names that I’m somewhat biased about – namely the Primeval RPG and the original Dying Earth RPG. I’m very happy these days with the Coriolis – The Third Horizon RPG as well, in the style and quality of its writing.

Waterworld Evidence April 30, 2017

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Oh my Goddess.

Blue Planet got it right!

Bayesian Evidence for the Presence of Waterworlds

Neat. 🙂