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International Tabletop Day April 29, 2017

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Today is International Tabletop Day.

International TableTop Day is a celebration for all the fans of tabletop gaming. A single day where the whole world is brought together in a common purpose of spending time together and having fun.

While I have no plans to run any games today at the local gaming store or the comic shoppes that I frequent, I would like to encourage all my gamer friends to get out there today and run and/or play some tabletop games, be they board games, miniature games, or roleplaying games.

Have a great gaming day today! 🙂

Getting Ready for Wednesday Night Gaming February 15, 2017

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Just finished eating supper this Wednesday night, so it’s time to get ready…

It’s Wednesday night, so time for some regularly scheduled gaming on this second alternate week.

I’m not sure whether the Wednesday night players will be playing some board games this evening or whether they’ll want to start in on a new roleplaying game campaign. I’ve not finished reading the physical copy of Coriolis – The Third Horizon, but I did read it during the Beta phase and during the editing/proofing process, so I’m quite…familiar…with the game. I’ll wait and see what the players decide they want to do once they arrive this evening, and in the meantime, I am preparing for my options.

After I finish washing the dishes from supper, that is.

Have a good evening, folks. 🙂

A Friday Evening of Tales of the Arabian Nights February 11, 2017

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As mentioned in yesterday’s blog, the Friday night group of players did come out to play. However, since I had only just received my copies of the Coriolis – The Third Horizon RPG materials from the Kickstarter, we weren’t able to play that on Friday night.

When the various players arrived, all by about 7:10 pm, the first thing they noticed was the “terrible” (one player even used the word “nasty”) odour of the Coriolis – The Third Horizon game products. That said, they did “ooh” and “aah” over the books, and loved what they saw, but we quickly turned our attention to discussing the week’s events and then decided on what to play for the evening. “To get us into the mood of the sci-fi rpg” (as they all stated one way or the other), the players decided they wanted to board game – specifically the Tales of the Arabian Nights game that we’ve enjoyed in the past.

I’m not going to go into detail about the game, but suffice to say that we managed to play a complete game in around 3-1/2 hours or so, we didn’t rush things, and just had fun watching the characters suffering the slings and arrows of Fate, Arabian Nights style.

Suffice it to say, I got cursed, haunted, imprisoned, shape-changed into an animal, and Lost in the game (several times), but I did manage to go to a magnificent mystical place (where I got shape-changed, by the way). I didn’t win the game, DavidM did, but I couldn’t have cared less as I was having so much darn fun and just having a relaxing evening, enjoying the adventures and mishaps of my character (and those of the other players and their characters).

It’s been a while since I got to play this game, and an enjoyable night was had all around. Tales of the Arabian Nights certainly hit the right spot for me last night. 🙂

Getting Ready for Friday Night Gaming February 10, 2017

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It has been a very cold, some would say frigid, day here in the Ottawa valley, and now snow is supposed to make its way into the Ottawa valley (with slightly, but not much, warmer temperatures).

I’m getting ready for an evening of gaming with the Friday night group. Not sure what game we’ll be doing yet this evening, as DavidM wrapped up his Sixcess Core fantasy rpg stuff for a while (or perhaps longer, depending), and though I did receive my copies of the Coriolis – The Third Horizon RPG game materials, I’m not ready to run the game just yet.

So I suspect we’ll be playing some board games this evening. And that’s not a bad thing, when it comes down to it.

Anyway, time to head upstairs and eat some for supper.

Have a good evening, folks.

No Gaming This Afternoon (Sunday) February 5, 2017

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Gaming is off for today.

Tammy can’t make it out for the session today, as she’s got work-related stuff going on, and the weather is, to put it bluntly, inhospitable, as it’s snowing quite heavily out there.

Since I’ve not received a certain roleplaying game that I’m waiting for in snail mail, I’m not sure what we’d have been doing if we’d been gaming (likely board games), but having the weekend off isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Time to make some lunch.

A Board Gaming Wednesday Night February 2, 2017

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Gaming last night with the Wednesday night crew was interesting.

As mentioned in yesterday’s blog entry, the Wednesday night players had already decided they weren’t going to play any more of the Continuum: Roleplaying in the Yet time travel rpg, as the time travel elements were making their head spin somewhat.

Once the four players of the group arrived at my place around 7:10 pm, we sat down and discussed what we were going to play for the evening. The players are all eager to get down to some play of Coriolis – The Third Horizon RPG, but since the game is not available to me yet (but will be soon, I hope), they decided to wait on it and play some board games for a few weeks (as necessary).

We started off last night by playing a pair of games of Ticket to Ride: Europe that were a lot of fun, though I came in third in both games due to some poor ticket choice decisions on my part, and bad luck with a couple of blocked routes and a few “contested” spots. Ah, well.

With only a couple of hours left for the evening’s play, we set up the Dragonriders of Pern game from Mayfair Games, and had a good time of it. Donna and Kendall got a bit too involved in the making deals with Holders and other Weyr personnel to the detriment of their fighting Thread, but we managed to hold our own (no pun intended), and agreed that there was no clear cut winner by the end of the two hours or so of gaming.

Overall, a fun evening of gaming that went by rather quickly (or so it seemed), and David and Donna told me when the evening was over that it was a fun time compared to the last couple of rpg sessions that we had done. Kendall kept her own counsel on the evening’s play, but Crystal said that she’d had a lot of fun (though lost badly in one of the TtR: Europe games).

No idea what we’ll do gaming-wise in a couple of weeks. I guess that depends on snail mail. 🙂

Getting Ready for Wednesday Night Gaming November 2, 2016

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It’s Wednesday, so as is my wont every two weeks, I’ll be gaming with the Wednesday night players tonight.

Not really sure what game we’ll be playing this evening, but I’m looking forward to it. The players may decide to play a board game or two tonight, but equally possible they may opt for a roleplaying game. Anyway, I should know within the next hour or so.

For now, time to make some supper.

Have a good night, folks. 🙂

A Sunday Afternoon of The Great Dinosaur Rush October 24, 2016

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Had a decent afternoon yesterday, playing board games with the Sunday gaming group. Didn’t have a lot of success playing yesterday, but such is life.


and Tammy arrived at my place around 12:45 pm. We sat around and chatted for about 20 minutes or so, and then got down to some board gaming. It was decided that we would play some more The Great Dinosaur Rush for the afternoon. (I took some photos of some the dinosaur creations during the Build Phase, so you can check those out below.)

Once we set up the game board and sorted all the materials for the game, we got down to it. The first game finished up with the following scores.

Tammy 140
SteveR 131
JohnK 78

I played the first Turn’s Field Phases pretty badly, making the mistake of thinking I could take Tammy on in a hunt for the blue dinosaur bones, but she completely outmanoeuvered me in this respect (and the fact that she went first at the start of the game didn’t help me). I couldn’t finish off the Triceratops Dinosaur Bonus card, and finished off with too much Notoriety when all was said and done.

The second game of the afternoon, saw the following scores.

Tammy 139
SteveR 92
JohnK 158

In this second game, I went first at the start of the game, and did a good job all through the game, managing to complete 5 Dinosaur Bonus cards, getting 42 points for those, and also managing to have the second most Notoriety points. Played a decent game, all around.

The third game scores were as follows.

Tammy 99
SteveR 89
JohnK 49

A disastrous game for me. I screwed up completely on the second Turn, and couldn’t finish 3 of the 5 Dinosaur Bonus cards I took because of conflicting limbs or heads in each Build Phase, and couldn’t get enough of the yellow or red dinosaur bones. Add to that I finished with 11 Notoriety points, and that spelled disaster.

Still, I had a fun afternoon of gaming, and really enjoyed myself for the most part. The Great Dinosaur Rush is a board game with a simple set of rules, and is really enjoyable to play. Look forward to gaming this one again, to be sure.

Some More The Great Dinosaur Rush on a Friday Night October 22, 2016

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As noted in the blog yesterday, I managed to game with the Friday night gamers last night. Since the Halloween scenario for the Chill 3rd Edition RPG that I’m working on isn’t ready yet, it was decided that we would play some board games last night.

The players showed up around 7:05 pm or so, give or take 10 minutes, and we spent some time catching up on the week and discussing American politics. After that, we had some tea, and got down to gaming for the night. The players decided that they had enjoyed it so much last week, that we’d play a couple or three games of The Great Dinosaur Rush. So we dug the game out, and started setting up. Since everyone had played the game before, I didn’t have to explain the rules to the players, and we just got into the game for the evening. I didn’t take any pictures of the game board last night, or of any of the dinosaurs built, but it was a pretty fun evening overall.

In the first game, the scores were:

KathyB/Ellie 120
Angela 114
DavidM 91
Mark 91
JohnK 100

It was a very close, tight game all the way through until the final Turn, and even then Angela and KathyB/Ellie were in doubt as to which of them would win. I finished with the most Notoriety Points, so that cost me a shot at winning the game, but it was still good fun. Mark created the most fun dinosaur of the night, nicknamed Wall-Esaurus for his resemblance to a certain movie character. 🙂

The second game was a pretty good match, and the scores were:

Kathy 89
Angela 92
DavidM 102
Mark/Ellie 104
JohnK 91

The scores in this game were pretty tight, DavidM seemingly having the win sewn up until Mark/Ellie managed to get rid of their Notoriety Points in the last Action phase and earned themselves the win. I had a rough third Turn, and couldn’t get the bone colours that I needed, and failed to complete two of my Dinosaur Bonus cards. But you do what you can. *sigh*

The third game was probably my best game of the night. Ellie fell asleep, so after KathyB tucked her in for a while in my bed, we played a third game for the night, with the scores as follows:

KathyB 101
Angela 96
DavidM 100
Mark 114
JohnK 108

A fun game, with a very tight scoring total for the night. Mark beat me by 6 points, and the only reason Angela came in last was because she had the highest Notoriety Points on the play. I managed to complete three Dinosaur Bonus cards for the night, and had a pretty good run of it.

Overall, it was a fun night of playing The Great Dinosaur Rush, and the Friday night gamers and I had a marvellous time of it. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and we broke up about 11:10 pm after having a bit of tea to wrap up the night (except Ellie, of course, who was sound asleep by this time).

Looking forward to gaming next Friday night. No idea what will be in store, yet.

Getting Ready for Wednesday Night (Board) Gaming October 19, 2016

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Getting ready for this evening’s gaming session with the Wednesday night group.


We won’t be doing any roleplaying game stuff this evening, as the four players are quite eager to do a bit of boardgaming. So I’ll be playing a game or two with them of APE Games‘s The Great Dinosaur Rush. I don’t promise any photos tonight, but we’ll see what we shall see.

In the meantime, I need to get upstairs and make some supper. Stir fry, I think, with a bit of rice. And a side salad, of course. 🙂

Have a good night, folks.