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Question for Those Who Read my “Books Read” Posts January 1, 2019

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For those who are interested in my reading habits, for my usual Book Reads post for the month (in this case December), as some folks know I’ve started re-reading my Legion of Super-Heroes comics collection from the beginning (as you can read about in this blog entry).

For those into my book reading posts near the beginning of each month, do you want me to list each individual comic in the list of reads, or would you prefer to see me just list it as “Legion of Super-Heroes comics” or some such like that? I don’t mind listing each comic read, but as an example, I’ve read 60 comics alone in December, and will probably end up reading more than that per month in future months. So I’d thought I’d ask those who follow these posts…

Look forward to hearing what folks have to say.


Re-Reading the Legion of Super-Heroes Comics… December 17, 2018

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For those who’ve been reading my LiveJournal and WordPress accounts for a while, you likely know that I’m a huge fan of the Legion of Super-Heroes, the 30th Century super-hero group inspired by the legend of Superboy. I’ve been reading and collecting Legion comics since I was very young, my father having started collecting them for me when Adventure Comics #247 came out when I was three (!!) years old in 1958

I’ve started re-reading my Legion comics collection from the beginning, starting with Adventure Comics #247, and am looking forward to this massive re-read that will take quite a while. In the meantime, I’ll be tweeting about each comic and providing a cover over a period of time. You can read my Legion tweets by following the LegionofSuperHeroes hashtag that I’m using for all the posts. Enjoy.

Oh, and Long Live the Legion! 🙂

Happy Birthday, Legion of Super-Heroes! February 27, 2018

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Happy Birthday, Legion of Super-Heroes!

Sixty (60) years ago today, February 27th, 1958, Adventure Comics #247, the first issue of a DC Comics title to introduce the Legion of Super-Heroes, was published in April of that year. (That’s the date I’m sticking with.)

Happy Birthday, Legion! May you live forever in the pages of DC Comics in some form or other, but in the meantime, may you have a happy return (double entendre intended)!

Happy Batman Day! September 17, 2016

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Happy Batman Day!

‘Nuff said.