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Home From the Lab March 21, 2017

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Just got back from the Dynacare lab.

Still feel ill with whatever bug I’ve currently got going, and am still having trouble with the seriously pained shoulder.

In preparation for my doctor’s appointment next Tuesday (the 28th), I’ve gone and had the tests done that the doctor wanted. They did the various tests, taking quite a bit of blood and all, and now I just have to wait until the appointment next week.

In the meantime, I’m going to lie down and take a nap. After I ingest a bit of protein (not sure what I’m going to have).

Back From the Diabetes Centre March 17, 2017

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Got home about 20 minutes ago from my appointment with the diabetic nurse at the Riverside Hospital Diabetes Centre.

The news is more positive than it is bad, but I don’t know how much I got out of the appointment.

I got to the hospital for my 1:00 pm appointment around 10 to the hour, but ended up sitting and waiting for over 20 minutes before I got to see the diabetic nurse. That did not help my mood at all. Suffice it to say we talked about a lot of stuff pertaining to how I’m doing with the diabetes and all, and came to several conclusions. I’m going to try some white bread and regular grains again, rather than the whole wheat, and I’m going to alter the time I have my snack every day somewhat. Since they are discontinuing my Breeze2 diabetes glucose monitoring meter, I got a couple of meters through the Centre that I’ll try and see how they work for me. (Not going to say anything else about that for now.) Finally, I’m going to adjust the insulin dose up somewhat, as my blood sugar readings are a bit high at one point in the day. So we’ll see how that goes as well.

Anyway, going to take it easy for half an hour, as I’ve got gaming this evening, and I just need a bit of downtime for the moment.

Doctor Appointment Results February 22, 2017

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Well, my fears and suspicions have been confirmed.

I went to the doctor’s office for my appointment early this afternoon, and things came out pretty much as I expected. The doctor listened to my chest and stuff, checked my ears and throat, and told me that there was definite “crackling” in my right lung and some in the left, and confirmed that I’ve got bronchitis. He reassured me that it’s not as bad as it might be, but that a course of antibiotics was called for, and prescribed some Biaxin/Clarithromycin. Meanwhile, the harsh coughing continues at times. So what else is new?

The appointment itself was to go over my latest diabetes test results and a general health check-up, and we talked about various things. Contrary to what the endo had said, my PSA test results were higher than the previous one, not lower, and he’s sending me for another PSA blood test in about a month. As for the diabetes, the doctor was content with where I am right now with it, but that I do need to get the a1C and my triglyceride levels down somewhat (okay, a lot with the latter!).

Went and picked up the antibiotic on the way home, after eating some lunch at Aamp;W. While the root beer (sugar-free!) is great, I’m not crazy about their food, though the sweet potato fries were nice (though not as good as the ones I’ve eaten in Kansas City). Got home, caught up on a bit of e-mail, and watched some curling action at the Scott Tournament of Hearts. Fell asleep (not surprising really, given the night that I’d had), and then did some reading of more Coriolis – The Third Horizon game stuff.

Just about time to make some supper, and then see where the evening leads me. More curling viewing, I suspect. 🙂

Diabetes Clinic Appointment Results February 16, 2017

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As mentioned in one of my blog posts yesterday, I had my appointment with the endocrinologist at the Diabetes Centre yesterday afternoon.

I managed to take a taxi to the Riverside Hospital, and arrived there about 10 minutes early for the appointment. The nurse and technician took me in relatively quickly, and weighed me (I’m holding pretty steady these days, and that’s all I’m saying) and then took my blood pressure (it was up slightly, but not too high). The nurse commented that given how much pain I’m in, it’s not surprising. We went through my list of medications, and then it was back to the waiting room before seeing the doctor.

The endo was about half-an-hour behind on his stuff. So my 3:20 pm appointment didn’t happen until 4:05 pm. We went over my blood test results, and things were pretty much as I expected. My a1C result was down somewhat, but still higher than the doctor would like. The triglycerides are very high, but my cholesterol levels seem to be doing better. The PSA test results were down slightly from the previous, but he told me that he’ll make sure that my family doctor keeps alert and up-to-date on the PSA stuff (for obvious reasons, at least if you’re a man over 50 years old!). He decides to tweak my medication by increasing the dose of Diamicron slightly, and switched me off the Invokana and back onto the Forxiga, and then we talked about a few other medical concerns that I have.

After making the next appointment and setting up the blood tests and the like for the next time, I was able to get a cab back home relatively quickly, and got home around 5:00 pm. Had a hot cup of tea, and half a bagel with lox, and then sat back with my feet up and did a bit of reading.

Wednesday Morning Thoughts February 15, 2017

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Had a pretty rough night. I started getting nerve spasms again in my left foot around 10:00 pm last night, and they were very…strong. I took a couple of Tylenol, but that didn’t help, though I guess it made me feel sleepy (they always do). I went to bed, but slept very little and to be honest, I felt like I was losing my mind somewhat around 3:30 am. Suffice it to say, I managed a few cat naps here and there overnight, but woke up feeling woozy and tired, and the spasms haven’t stopped.

At about the right time for leaving for work, took one look outside at the falling snow (we’ve had about 15cms more of the white stuff overnight), and decided that I would work from home. The office was fine about this, so that was good. Besides, the way I was feeling at the time, it would not have been a good idea to go anywhere. And I think that taxis were at a premium around that time. So have been working from home, despite the fatigue and exhaustion.

Regardless, I still have to go out this afternoon. I have my regular, 6-month appointment with my endo at the Diabetes Clinic in mid-afternoon (not a good time of the day, ’cause he always falls behind), and I have to say that I’m not looking forward to that at all. I don’t think my diabetes numbers are good, and I’m also worried somewhat about my PSA blood test results (though I know they’re not as accurate as having an actual biopsy done); I just have to wait and see what he says.

Gaming-wise, the Wednesday night gamers are supposed to be playing this evening, though Donna told me that she’d get back to me later in the day about this. While they want to start playing the Coriolis – The Third Horizon RPG, I’m not sure whether I’m ready to do so. They still need to do up their characters for the game, and I can manage that I suspect, but we’ll see whether we game tonight or not. There’s a lot of snow to clean up everywhere, and I’m not sure if it’s supposed to snow some more today or not.

The Not Quite Fiasco of GenCon Housing Reservations February 13, 2017

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As noted yesterday, the Housing reservation process for GenCon Indy 2017 opened and began. To say that I thought it was going to be a fiasco and that I would be stressed would be an understatement.

The Housing Portal opened at 12:00 noon yesterday, with every paid for registered member of the convention being randomly assigned a time within some time frame through the lottery method, after which their housing reservation could be made (or at least tried). I was disappointed on Saturday, when the messages with the randomly assigned times for hotel booking were issued, to see that I had a time that was at 6:37pm on Sunday. To be honest, in my experience with GenCon in the past, if you can’t book a hotel room in the first hour or so, you aren’t likely to get a room a) where you would want one (namely downtown Indianapolis). But I had no way of guessing what would happen.

I had already decided that, with the problems I’ve got with my feet (likely diabetes caused), I would attempt to try and book a Disability ADA compliant room for the convention this year. Rather than going through the on-line system, this process is done through a phone number that is provided on the GenCon website. When the Housing Portal countdown reached zero and allowed me to access the portal, I called the number in question…only to be greeted by an automated message that GenCon Housing was closed for the day, and that I should leave a mesage.

I’m not proud of what happened next. I stressed out totally and completely lost my cool. I left two messages on the line, spaced out by about twenty minutes, the first one being one that I regretted totally. I pretty much made myself feel ill as all heck, and truth be told, I thought that I’d not be going to GenCon at all this year. After the experience with the hotels for GenCon 2015, I vowed I wasn’t going to stay 40 minutes away (even if the Marriott North was a nice hotel), since I couldn’t deal with the sheer amount of walking that would be needed, the hassles of parking a car in downtown Indy, not to mention the inability to have a place to decompress and drop off stuff bought and the like. Not to mention the inability to eat diabetic snacks during the day. So I thought things had turned into another complete fiasco.

After I’d recorded the second, polite message (with an apology), it took me a while to regain my mental and physical equilibrium, I got a call from GenCon Housing! They had received both my messages, and the lady at the other end of the phone said that she understood why I’d lost my cool. Suffice it to say that we had a pleasant conversation and I was able to book a Disability ADA compliant room for the convention at the Westin Indianapolis. I couldn’t get the room booked for the whole of the desired stay in Indy (arriving on Tuesday, check-out on Monday), as they couldn’t give me the tail end day, but the nice lady assured me that it would be added to the reservation later on during the process, once other stuff happened.

So what could have been a terrible fiasco with GenCon Housing had a happy ending after all, though I have to say that the GenCon housing lottery is one of the worst systems I (and plenty of others) have ever experienced. As the convention grows, the problem seems to be getting worse. No, I don’t know what a good solution and alternative method for the housing matter is or would be, but something has to be done.

And there you have it – my experience with the GenCon Housing system for GenCon 50 this year. I’m not proud of some moments during this process, and it did give me a strong reminder that I really do have learn to manage stress better and stop freaking out at every (freakin’) thing.

So anyone stay at the Westin Indianapolis in the past have some guidelines and hints? 🙂

And hopefully, I’ll see some of you folks at the convention! 🙂

A Long Week Ahead February 6, 2017

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It promises to be a long, somewhat unenjoyable week.

I’m going sometime later this morning for my three-month blood tests before my endo appointment next week at the Diabetes Clinic. The fasting for the blood work always kills me, because it throws my metabolism off and really wreaks havoc on my bowels for the next couple of days.

On Tuesday, I have my annual eye check-up, and I’m a little bit concerned as I feel my vision has changed notably in my left eye. The eye appointment is a pain in the neck, as to be honest the fluids they put in my eyes (notably the eye dilator) takes a good 6 hours to dissipate for me, and my vision becomes blurry and suffers from “too bright” symptoms for that period. Not to mention the headaches I get from it. To add to the misery, the annual eye appointments are always before 10:30 am in the morning, and I sometimes don’t get to eat breakfast before that appointment. So I’ll have to wait and see what happens tomorrow in that regard.

Given that I’ve been somewhat ill with either a cold, a virus, or some sort of flu the last week or two, this does not make things easier for the week. And I’ve not been feeling myself lately, to be honest about it.

And to add to the week, I have a decision or three to make about GenCon Indy come the end of the week.

can’t make that appointment

The Start of February February 1, 2017

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Wednesday morning. The first of February. A new month.

While I can’t say that January was a horrible month, it certainly had moments that I’d like to forget, so I’m glad to see the back end of it. Aside from the typical winter weather (though there were periods where it was decidedly un-winter-like), January did have some good moments, so it wasn’t a total loss.

Now February is here. It’s going to be a busy month, with four doctor’s appointments (including my yearly eye check-up, and hopefully I don’t need a new lens prescription). I’ve also got some roleplaying stuff that I need to take care of, with CanGames 2017 just 3-1/2 months away, and starting to run games again this month on all three of my gaming groups. I’m hoping that February is a quiet month, stress free, and that the weather isn’t too bad for this time of winter. ::knock on wood::

Anyway, here’s hoping that February is a good month. 🙂

Life of JohnK, 01/23/17 Monday Edition January 23, 2017

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It’s the start of a new work week.

It has been a quiet morning here at the office. While work is going on around me, my primary role this morning has been supervisory stuff as well as a meeting with my own boss. I dislike these meetings because of some of the situations that arise after them, and today was no exception.

In weather news, the next few days are likely going to be miserable here in the Ottawa valley. While today (Monday) is going to be fine, the snow will begin tonight with between 10 and 15 cms. of the white stuff expected, and then there will be mixes of snow, rain, and freezing rain for part of Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and possibly more bad weather at the end of the week. Ah, winter in Ottawa. *sigh*

Health-wise, things are not good. I’ve got a bad blood blister on the big toe on my left foot with another one potentially developing there, and to top things off there may be one developing or in progress on the hammertoe of my right foot (yes, my driving foot). This, despite the expert footcare that I receive. *sigh* I’ve been doing my best the last few days taking care of my feet, but I’m still hurting quite a bit and am not comfortable walking. As Donna commented this morning, “You’re walking like a cripple”.

Anyway, back to my cup of chai tea and some more work.

A Depressing Afternoon December 18, 2016

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With no game this afternoon, I’m having a difficult time of it.

I’m actually quite depressed and feeling down at the moment, partially due to the holiday season (it’s not fun at this time of year being Jewish and a singleton), and partially due to some health issues related to the diabetes that I’ve got going on.

So I’m just going to sit back for the rest of the day, having just finished lunch, and going to lose myself in some of the third season of Rizzoli & Isles.

That, and just keep myself warm and hydrated.