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Sunday Afternoon Gaming Cancelled May 14, 2017

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As most folks know, today is Mother’s Day.

Due to various things going on for Mother’s Day in Tammy life, the Sunday gaming group will not be playing today.

I had been looking forward to playtesting “The Dixmude Affair” for the Primeval RPG that I’ll be running at CanGames in one week, but alas and alack, that will not happen today.

So I’m going to spend some time today doing Mother’s Day things, some reading, maybe watching some DVD and/or PVR stuff, and just having a nice quiet Sunday. Oh, and browsing through the initial schedule for GenCon 50 that will go on-line in just over half an hour.


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Happy Mother’s Day! May 14, 2017

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Happy Mother’s Day.

Today is the day we celebrate our mothers and thank them for everything they’ve done for us throughout our lives. Those of us who are older have more to be thankful for than the younger folks out there whose mothers have yet to share all the joys and sorrows that their children bring over the course of years.

I will be giving my mother her card today, have flowers that are being sent to her, and am taking my mom out for supper this evening, but those are just the physical tokens that we give to our mothers on this day. It’s important today to spend some time with our mothers, to cook them a meal or take them out to a restaurant, but above all to share some quality time with our mothers.

Hug your mother today, if you live close enough to do so. Make sure you give her a call today if you do not.

I want to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. We may not show it year round, but you *are* very much loved and cherished by us, your sons and daughters.

Goddess Bless.