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Wednesday Night Session of Torg: Eternity June 22, 2017

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Had a pretty enjoyable game last night with the Wednesday night gaming group.

When the players arrived at my place, we talked for about 10 minutes and caught up with each other about life and how things have been of late. Then the four players, with Donna as their spokespeson, informed me that they were intrigued with the new Torg: Eternity, and wanted to know more about the game and perhaps play a short session of it. I was only too happy to oblige. 🙂

I talked to the players a little about the game, explaining about the game universe (Cosms, Realms, The High Lords, how Reality works in the game and the Axioms, the Torg, and Storm Knights) and then a quick overview of the basic rules. It was enough to intrigue them. The players decided to play, using the Torg: Eternity Free RPG Day quick little adventure. They chose their characters, and then got on with it.


Amanda Gray (Donna) – The Quasi-Celebrity
Alan Harper (DavidW) – The Petty Crook
Helen Johanssen (Kendall) – The Jaded Paramedic
Angelica Tarmullen (Crystal) – The Egghead Professor

The player characters started off several hours after the Maelstrom bridge from the Living Land crashed down in New York, and played through the short little adventure that was provided, dealing with Edeinos scouts, rescuing a mother and her daughter from a building that had feral humans wandering through it, and then dealing with another edeinos warband.

Since I still had about forty-five minutes of game time left, I continued on from there, and the player characters had another encounter with edeinos, and managed to acquire some supplies, and a small group of hangers-on who trusted them. A series of terrible decisions awaited them when some of the hangers-on transformed to fit the Living Land, and the players had to kill them before they attacked the other survivors they were protecting.

Overall, it was a fun evening of roleplaying, and I had a good time running the Torg: Eternity Free RPG Day scenario, and adding a bit more to it. The players absolutely *loved* the game, and told me that they can’t wait until they get to play the full game with the Drama Deck, Cosm Deck, and Destiny Deck! I have to say that I’m rather looking forward to running the game again, myself. 🙂

TORG 1st Edition Package in Snail Mail June 21, 2017

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Got a nice surprise today when I got home.

A selection of the old Torg: The Possibility Wars RPG game products arrived in the snail mail today.

I received the Relics of Power trilogy (including the GM Screen), the Living Land sourcebook, the Queenswrath supplement, and the Character Collection.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found a TORG 1st Edition Boxed Set or set of Drama Deck cards yet (for a reasonable price). 😦

In the meantime, I continue to be psyched for the Torg: Eternity RPG that will hopefully be out to Kickstarter backers in October.

Friday Night Game Report – Coriolis – The Third Horizon RPG Session 7 June 17, 2017

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Last night, the Friday night gaming group finally returned to their play of the Coriolis – The Third Horizon campaign play. I’ve been looking forward to posting up this blog entry since I finished writing it up this morning. You can read about the previous game session by following the link. This post is somewhat long, so I’ve put it behind a cut for those who don’t want to read about my roleplaying game campaigns.



Naima Saab (KathyB) – Trailblazer (Scout)
Hafisa darRouash (Angela) – Pilot (Freighter Pilot)
Zouma Abid-Arif (Ellie) – Stowaway/Ship Worker (Engineer)
Moustafa Harouz (DavidM) – Negotiator (Peddler)
Tafik Sharoun (Mark) – Scientist (Archaeologist)

June 16th, 2017
Seventh Session
First Triad, Dancer Segment, Day 11, CC 58

Blake Harold asks Naima Saab and Hafisa darRouash what’s so funny, but before they can react, he adds that this is just a routine questioning, as there were shots fired. Naima tells him what happened, interrupted only by Hafisa when she has something to add, and with an admonishment about gunfire and weapons on the station, says he’s letting them off with a warning. He says that he has to tell Governor din Soubar of what occurred, and then adds, off the record, that he’ll meet them back at their ship before the Evening cycle begins. Naima and Hafisa move off through the crowds, checking to see if anything suspicious might be happening, and then decide to go back and see Sumala Fadros. They return to her residential area…

Tafik Sharoun makes his way back to the offices of the governor, and learns that her assistant, Darisa Marakis, is still there. She invites him up to her office. Once there, she makes a play for Tafik, and he succumbs to her allure and charms. He breaks their kiss when he realises that she’s trying to manipulate him [he uses a Darkness Point on the roll], and asks her what she can tell him of the Foundation’s presence on Mira. She tells him what she knows of the Foundation’s presence on Mira, and that it is mostly concerned with some of the various ruins there, but that the Firstcome are somewhat…opposed…to their presence on the planet. He asks her if what’s happened to Professor Darfal ibn Salumar had anything to do with the Foundation’s relationship to the Mira government, but she says that she doubts it. Darisa says it’s more likely due to the actions of the Miran rebels affiliated with the local mob, that were mentioned earlier. He says that he needs to talk to the Foundation representative, Sariha Milmasine, but after checking the records, Darisa says that she’s currently at the Foundation offices on Mira itself. She tells him that she’ll call ahead and make arrangements for a meeting once he lets her know when he and his crewmates are heading for the surface. He thanks her for her time and help, and then kisses her on the cheek before he leaves the office.

Moustafa Harouz and Zouma Abid-Arif approach the Ruby Flower cautiously, so they are not surprised when a pair of individuals dressed in rags step out from the shadows of the landing struts. Zouma recognises them as deckhands who work the ship docks on the station; she remembers seeing one of them earlier when they arrived on the station. One of the deckhands approaches them, and tells them his name is Sayid. He says he’s heard they’re interested in the fate of the archaeologist, Professor ibn Salumar. When Moustafa cautiously says they might be, Sayid says he knows of Professor Sharoun’s interest in the matter. When Moustafa asks how he knows, Sayid says that he and his brother, Pakor (gesturing at the other deckhand) were both part of the stevedore team as cargo handlers attached to the Professor’s expedition to Mira. When asked by Moustafa about what they can tell him of the expedition [he uses a Darkness Point], they tell him and Zouma that the Professor was excited about the expedition, as he believed he’d found some previously unknown Portal Builder ruins. However, they do remember hearing that there were Miran rebels also in the area where the ruins were located. They were said to be searching for something, but they don’t know what. Moustafa and Zouma look at one another, but say nothing. Sayid says there was also another archaeologist interested in Professor ibn Salumar’s research, but they don’t recall his name (no matter how much pleading Zouma does to think hard about it). When asked why they came forward to tell them what they know, Pakor says that Sayid thinks that Zouma is cute; Sayid blushes. Zouma tosses them some 2 birr (in cash), and the two deckhands vanish into the shadows. Moustafa tells Zouma they have a lot to consider, but they’ve got to get their purchases aboard the ship.

…and Naima and Hafisa are surprised to find there are station security guards all over the area, seemingly focused on Sumala Fadros’s home. They go up to one of the guards, Illar, and ask him what’s going on. He tells them that it’s none of their business, but Hafisa is able to wheedle out of him that there’s been a second attack on the woman, this time in her home [she used a Darkness Point on the task]. He says that it was the station mob, the Cariofos family, that carried out the attack. Naima says that they are friends of the Fadros family [spending a Darkness Point to convince him], and he lets them through, signalling ahead that they are coming through. Reaching the home after passing several more guards on duty, they are horrifed to see a woman who looks like Sumala lying on the ground, covered in blood. A forensic medicurg is examining her. It is Naima who realises first that the woman is not Sumala. Blake Harold comes out of the residence, and sees Naima and Hafisa there. He beckons them to join him, and the two women are seemingly not surprised to see him there. Blake tells them that the dead woman is Sarali Fadros, Sumala’s sister. He has no idea what she’s doing there, but the attackers obviously thought she was Sumala. She died of standard slugthrower wounds, but he says as they can see, whoever did this wanted to be thorough. Naima notes the outside walls of the home near where Sarali was found are peppered with slugthrower round holes. Blake grimaces, and says whoever did this was a professional. They learn that Sumala’s belongings are missing; she has obviously gone on the run.

Leaving the station governor’s office, Tafik Sharoun decides to wander the station until he’s due back at the ship. He goes into the Marketplace, and makes several purchases for himself, stuff that he plans to take down to the surface of Mira with him when the group heads down to the planet’s surface. He arranges to have his purchases delivered to the Ruby Flower, and then continues his meanderings as he makes his way back to the ship. As he makes his way to the docks, he hears the shuffling steps of someone in the dock backways ahead of him. Moving forward with caution, he draws his dura blade, but is somewhat surprised to see a woman carrying a small satchel of belongings who spots him. She asks if he is “Professor Sharoun”, and when he confirms that he is, she says her name is Sumala Fadros. Before they can exchange further pleasantries, a shot rings out, and he sees the impact on the dock alley wall behind her. He tackles Sumala, and the two dive for cover. A voice echoes through the area, telling Fadros to come out and they’ll make her death an easy one. Sumala asks him if he knows of the Ruby Flower, and he tells her that’s his ship. She asks if he can get her safely to the ship, as she needs their help. Two more shots ring out, and Tafik is concerned the shots have gotten closer to them. He thinks their enemy is pincering them, and closing off their exit strategy.

Back at the docks, Moustafa and Zouma are going about packing the cargo bay with their new acquisitions of food and other supplies and spare parts. The ship’s artificial intelligence, Scherza, informs them that there is gunfire out on the docks, but she has localised it to several alleyways into the docks, approximately 200 metres from the Ruby Flower. Moustafa says that it’s none of their business, but Zouma persuades him to at least go and look and see what’s happening on the docks. He does so, and sees that the docks have become suddenly deserted, other than the data djinns (and robots) going about their business. Both Moustafa and Zouma arm up (he with a mercurium sword, she with a dura knife and power glove), and cautiously make their way out of the ship. They reach a section of the docks near some alleyways, and see several figures moving towards a focus point. Taking three of the attackers by surprise, they finish them off [with the help of 3 Darkness Points], and Zouma is able to identify them as part of the local resistance on planet. They are even more surprised when they come upon Tafik and his companion, whom he introduces as Sumala, sneaking along a corridor, and after some initial moments of distrust, make it back to the Ruby Flower. They learn some of what Tafik has learned about matters on planet, and await the return to the ship of Naima and Hafisa.

Friday night’s session of the Coriolis – The Third Horizon RPG campaign was a pretty good session, and quite enjoyable to run. The players and their characters were kept hopping on their feet for most of the session, though it did take them a bit of time to get their feet wet with the game system again after a bit of an absence from it (having not played since April). Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the game, though my voice did crack a couple of times, and I had a few problems with being heard late in the game.

That said, overall a fine evening of gaming the Coriolis – The Third Horizon RPG, and I’m looking forward to continuing the adventure.

Free RPG Day Torg: Eternity Stuff June 17, 2017

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I actually managed to get into the local rpg and hobby shoppe, Fandom II, today for Free RPG Day, and lucked out.

It is *miine!*! hehe

The Storm really does have a name now…

I also bought a whackload of 20-sided dice (well, not a whackload, but 15 of ’em), since I didn’t want to just grab free stuff. Gotta make your local FLAGS feel good about this stuff, since the Free RPG Day stuff costs the retail store money.

Free RPG Day June 17, 2017

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Today is Free RPG Day.

So don’t forget to go down to your local rpg or hobby shoppe, and see if they’re giving away the various Free RPG Day quick-start rules and adventures for any of your favourite games.

And don’t forget to pass the word on Free RPG Day to folks. This is the perfect opportunity to get some of those non-gamer friends and loved ones involved with the hobby, and to introduce them to some great rpg systems out there.

And a Happy Free RPG Day to all! 🙂

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The Storm Has a (New) Name… June 16, 2017

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Yes, it’s back…! For those who are interested, I caved in and backed the Torg: Eternity RPG Kickstarter over on that site, spending a lot of money on it. Here’s the link to the Kickstarter for folks interested.

Torg: Eternity Kickstarter

I have always been a fan of the Torg game (originally called TORG: The Possibility Wars), and really enjoyed the game and its mechanics, but stopped running it around 1992 or so. When my entire collection of TORG game materials burned in a fire in 1997, I found it difficult to find the game products at a reasonable price, and so abandoned the game.

However, now the game is back from a new publisher, but with many of the original design team working behind the scenes to make the game better than it was, make improvements, correct problems with the game, and bring it into the modern gaming environment, but still retaining its “feel” and the mechanics that made it TORG in the first place.

I can’t wait for the new version of the game, Torg: Eternity, to come out. I *want* to run this game again!

Ambrosia RPG Quickstart Has Arrived June 7, 2017

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Been waiting for it for a while, but have finally received my copy of the hardcover Ambrosia: A Gathering of Souls, the English Quickstart book for the Ambrosia RPG. (The link above is to a YouTube video review of the book.)

Deep in our collective memory, hidden by mistakes of forgetfulness, lies a world that balances on that fine edge between sleep and awakening. A world that appears to come from a painting by Jheronimus Bosch or Pieter Brueghel, a world of gods and monsters. This is the world of Ambrosia, a unique role-playing game inspired by the history and folklore of the Low Countries. Ambrosia is based on a relatively low fantasy setting. The game offers a combination of political game and classical adventures, where conflicts in the court can be as deadly as a direct confrontation with a monster-like creature of forgotten times.

The hardcover Quickstart book (it’s available in other formats at DriveThruRPG by following the link) is a beautiful book that is 78 pages in length, and has solid, but manageable, cardstock paper, beautiful art (as seen above), and is about half preview of the rules and a little over half the adventure itself, “A Gathering of Souls”. I’m not going to spoil the adventure for would-be players, but will say that it’s highly evocative of the setting, the writing and editing are pretty good (though there are a few glitches to my editorial eye), but overall this is one snappy looking, well thought out Quickstarter book.

If what I’ve said and the two graphics above intrigue you, take a look at the game through the link I’ve posted above.

CanGames 2017 Day 2 Report May 25, 2017

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Here’s my report and write-up on the second day of CanGames 2017. You can read the report on CanGames 2017 Day 1 by following the link. This report on the second day of CanGames 2017 is quite long, since I ran two games on this day, but there are no photos of the games or the Saturday at the convention. Naturally, it’s behind the cut for those who aren’t interested.

May 20th, 2017

I woke up on Saturday morning around 8:00 am feeling…sick to my stomach. I didn’t eat enough food on Friday night, and the lack of a balanced diet probably didn’t help. Not to mention the phlegm from my allergies dripping down my throat. When I got out of bed, I was also a bit shaky and still quite tired. Not enough sleep. I tested out my voice, and realized that I was absolutely hoarse and almost at a whispering level. This didn’t augur well for the day, given that I was supposed to run two games at CanGames this day. After breakfast, I felt somewhat better, though I was coughing a bit, the hot food and coffee making me have nasal drip, but the coffee definitely soothed the throat somewhat.

I went downstairs, and continued packing the rest of the gaming stuff up for the day, as well as started on the personal bag, and made a decision for the day: If I couldn’t get the folks at Game Registration to move the Primeval and Tales From the Loop games that I was supposed to run from the main area near Registration (F2) and the kids’ section on the curling sheet (C3) down to the basement level (S1 or S2), where it was relatively quiet, I was going to cancel both games for the day. After finishing most of the packing, I had my shower, luxuriating in the hot water, and that made me feel a bit better, though the allergies/asthma were still very bad. At least my spirits were somewhat better as well. After dressing, I started in on some of the snack food, cutting up some cheese cubes, restocking some of the crackers, and made sure that I added a couple of extra teabags to my tote bag for personal belongings.

SteveR arrived at my place around 11:45 am, and I was feeling rather good at that point, though my voice was ragged, and was looking forward to the games of the day. We packed the car with the gaming stuff and took the food in the decent size cooler that I had recently bought, and then headed over to Subway. About 10 minutes into the drive, I realized I’d forgotten my diabetes pills that I had put in the little pill box that I use, and we went back to the house so I could grab that. Once at Subway, I picked up a turkey sub as per usual with a bottle of water, then it was off to the convention. We arrived at the Rideau Curling Club somewhat later than planned, close to 1 pm. We were both surprised when SteveR was able to find a parking space right across the street from the Rideau Curling Club entrance. The Gods were obviously cracking a smile on us this afternoon! 🙂

SteveR and I unpacked the car, took everything into the Rideau Curling Club venue, and put all the food and gaming stuff into one of the storage lockers on the lower level of the club. While SteveR went to the loo, I went upstairs and checked on the number of gamers for the two games I was running this day. There were no surprises – I still had only two players for the Primeval game in the afternoon, but a second player had signed up for the Tales From the Loop game that I was running that evening. I spoke (such as I could, among all the noise) to the Gaming Registration folks, and was able to change the table assignments for the last three games (I also had Coriolis – The Third Horizon to run on Sunday) from the main floor and curling sheet down to one of the rooms in the basement (nicknamed “The Dungeon”). I saw Tim, and he came over to talk for a couple of minutes, but after I told him that I had lost/was losing my voice, we cut the conversation short.

Since it was now a quarter past one, and I was supposed to run my game of Primeval at 2:00 pm, we sat down on the main level at one of the tables and ate our Subway lunches. I made sure to hydrate myself adequately this time. SteveR helped me get the gaming stuff out of the locker downstairs, and prop it against the wall, since the room I was gaming in (S1) was the Ladies Room (see the previous entry) where the lockers were!! I did a bit of basic set-up for the game, and then headed up at around 1:35 pm to see if I had any more players on the sign-up sheet that the CanGames folks had put out. SteveR also needed to find himself a game to play in. I managed to talk a couple of other folks into playing the game, using the fact that the scenario has the nickname “Dinos On a Zeppelin” as the hook. Worked like a charm, but by close to 2:00 pm, I coudn’t get a sixth player to join in. I was a bit annoyed, but nothing to do but soldier on. I found all the players, and told them that the game had been moved down to the basement level from the assigned table due to my voice.

I descended back down to “The Dungeon”, and most of the players were already there and waiting. The room was pretty small, what with the lockers, but relatively comfortable, though it didn’t have a lot of ventilation and was somewhat dusty. The heat and the dust had me coughing more as phlegm dripped down my throat, and the dry air didn’t help that much, either. This was to plague me for the rest of the convention running the games in the room, but it *was* quiet (though there was some noise always from the game(s) in S2, so that more than made up for things. As I started the Primeval game, it was very warm, but as the evening went on, it became like an oven (at least it felt like that to me).

The Primeval adventure I ran on Saturday afternoon is called “The Dixmude Affair” (though it has a nickname, which is “Dinos On a Zeppelin”), and revolves around the player characters returning from the past through an Anomaly to an altered timeline that seems to hinge on something that occurred in 1923 with the airship Dixmude. The player characters for this scenario are a somewhat slightly altered mix of characters from the early part of the second series of the UK series – Professor Nick Cutter, palaeontologist; Stephen Hart, survival expert and guide; Abby Maitland, animal specialist (herpetologist); Connor Temple, technology geek; Claudia Brown, civil servant; and Captain Tom Ryan, Home Office/SAS man. This scenario is a homegrown one; I’m not going into detail about the plot here (because I’d like to run the adventure at a few other conventions and the like). I will say that the adventure went very well, though I modified a couple of the encounters to better meet the time requirements that I had. Since there were only five players at the table, one of the characters didn’t get played. That was Abby Maitland, which hindered the roleplaying on the part of the Connor Temple player, though I did make sure he got to interact with her several times by mobile phone (and in the final sequence).

Overall, the players had a good time with the adventure, though I was surprised that none of them had seen the Primeval UK tv series, so they really had little grasp of how to play the characters from the show. That worked out all right, since with the write-ups I provided them on the characters, it gave them a bit of leeway in how they played their characters. The fellow playing Nick did a nice job of playing the team leader, and he clashed a couple of times with the “kill the creatures” attitude of the Captain Ryan character, whose player did a great job interacting with the other players and their characters. The fellow playing Connor did his best with the technology aspects of the scenario, and managed to get a few good laughs at times with some of his more humourous comments. The fellow playing Claudia hadn’t seen the series, but he understood her role in the group very well, and kept telling them not to make too much of a mess of the situation they were in. Gary, a friend of mine from past CanGames, played Stephen Hart, and did a good job with him, using his tracking skills, mocking Nick’s approach to dealing with the creatures and the public knowledge of them, and used his combat skills effectively (more so than the fellow playing Captain Ryan). Highlights of the game session included: The look on the faces of the players when they realized the time period of the (standard style of Primeval UK series) Prologue. When the player characters returned to the ARC and were attacked by neo-Nazis with advanced technology. Chasing them saw them encounter the same characters, but French revolutionaries in appearance. My favourite lines of the night were, “I thought she was a neo-Nazi, not a French revolutionary.” – Tom Ryan “That was in the *other* timeline.” – Nick Cutter. The attack by the *censored!* at the *censored!* museum was a lot of fun, and the players experienced Threat markers for the first time. ::evil grin:: The player characters’ encounter with an alternate Helen Cutter, and the Nick player’s reaction to that was priceless. The fight on the airship with the *censored! dinosaurs* that saw a pitched battle on the catwalks and pylons and beams in the upper part of the airship near the rear gasbags was a blast (pun intended!), and just marvellous.

For the most part, I had a good time running the adventure, but felt drained by the end of the session. My voice was whispery and soft by the time we finished up, even with the cups of hot tea and bottles of water I drank. I was out of gas and out of breath at the end. The characters racked up 8 Temporal Damage and 5 Exposure points when it was all done, but that didn’t matter due to the nature of the outcome of the scenario (and no, I’m not explaining what I mean by that!). The players felt very accomplished at the end of the session, and told me that they had really enjoyed the adventure, even if they were confused by some of the plot twists and turns, not to mention the alternate reality elements, but the confusion was good! 🙂 The players told me that they could hear me relatively well, as the room we were in was pretty quiet, so the change in room/table assignments was a good one on my part. The heat and dryness, however, was another matter. I chatted with only a couple of the players after we finished, while I was packing up the game and materials, despite how I was barely talking. One of the players asked me about the Threat rules, and I gave him the basics on those, while Gary talked to me about the time travel elements of the plot, and got the skinny on a couple of the issues pertaining to that.

By the time I finished packing up and all, it was just before 6:00 pm, and SteveR had returned with our supper, a Chinese beef with veggies (actually all bok choy) and (egg) noodles dish. He’d actually finished running his game, “The Chabuli Conspiracy” for the Thousand Suns RPG just before 5:00 pm!!, and had then headed out to get the food for us after relaxing for a few minutes. (You can read about his running of the game from one of the players’ perspectives by reading ‘s blog entry.) I packed the Primeval stuff in the locker in the room and took the stuff out for the game of Tales From the Loop that I would be running that evening. I needed to get out of the hot and dry S1 room for a while, and since I needed to go upstairs and hand in the Primeval game sign-in sheet with the winners of the trophies/certificates anyway, suggested to SteveR that we go upstairs and eat supper at the table where I would have originally run the Tales From the Loop game. He was agreeable, so off and upstairs we went.

The cool air of the upstairs (though also somewhat dry) felt good after being down in “The Dungeon”, and we sat and relaxed over supper which was quite good. But SteveR and I could have split one of those dishes between us, and there would have been a batch of it left over! I managed to scarf down my diabetes meds with some water during supper, and actually drank a whole bottle of water with the meal, just taking the noisy atmosphere of the upstairs area in. I did my best to preserve my voice for the evening session (the food helped a bit with that), but was feeling like a bit of social outcast since I couldn’t really talk casually with my friends and acquaintances during the con, and Saturday at supper was no exception. We finished eating around 6:30 pm or so, and while SteveR took the excess food out to the car, I checked how the sign-up sheet for the game looked and was pleased that I had managed to fill all but one of the five spots for the game. I went back downstairs and started setting up the table for the evening’s game, and once that was done, went back upstairs. I still only had four players for the Tales From the Loop game, but was able to convince a young lady, Heather, to play after I showed her the game blurb (since this game wasn’t in the convention booklet).

Heading back down to “The Dungeon”, I saw that all of the players had arrived for the Tales From the Loop game, and Heather arrived shortly thereafter. I finished the set-up I needed to do, waited until 7:00 pm, and then got the game underway. As for the scenario, well… First off, Tales From the Loop is a roleplaying game based on the artwork of Simon Stalenhag of Swedish 1980s suburbia, populated by fantastic machines and strange beasts that have arisen because of the Loop. The player characters are Kids aged 9-15 who investigate and solve Mysteries that are connected to the Loop. The game uses the same ruleset as those found in Mutant Year Zero and Coriolis – The Third Horizon, but that are simpler in style and feel. The scenario that I ran for the game, “Summer Break and Killer Birds”, is the first of the adventures found in the main rulebook for the game, and concerns a boring Swedish summer in which a talking bird (or three) leads the Kids into a mystery of sorts and a nefarious plot. The player characters for this adventure include Olof “Olle” Svensson, a sports jock; Anita “Ani” Carlgren, the serious popular girl; Dennis “Turtle” Dahlstrom, a shy computer nerd; Sara Dahlstrom, Turtle’s younger sister and a curious weirdo; and a fifth character of my own creation, Lars “Muscles” Herkusson, a lonely hick. I’m not going into detail about the plot here (because others might run the adventure down the line, and I’d like to run the scenario again sometime!), but will say that the adventure played out really well, and the players seemed to have a fun time of it.

Overall, I did a pretty good job with the adventure despite my voice problems and the fact that I had to dash out of the gaming room at one point because the heat and dust made me feel like I was going to retch. The players commented that they could hear me fine, due to the nice and relatively peaceful quiet despite the game going on in the next room over. The players commented they loved the game setting, the simplicity of the Tales From the Loop game rules and mechanics (“even a child could learn these rules!” as one player put it), and had a good time with the intriguing plot. The players each did a great job playing their Kid characters, Heather doing a superb job with “Muscles” Herkusson, and focusing on his wisdom and knowledge of the outdoors. Gary, again, did a great job with the sports jock, “Olle” Svensson, and got to use his cricket bat at one point during the final sequence. The other players were equally inspired, “Turtle” Dahlstrom’s player playing the computer nerd/geek to a “T” and the player playing his sister, Sara, played her as a 9-year-old for all he was worth. Finally, the fellow playing “Ani” Carlgren was terrific as the popular kid vying for the attention of one of the other characters, while also seeking popularity and doing what it took to get that. Highlights of the adventure were many, but some of the stand-outs included: The Kids tried to track down the *censored*(s), but couldn’t do so. They got distracted by some of the ruins of intriguing items and creations, including a rusted robot head. Facing the mad ornithologist, Mats Tingblad, the characters all took the Scared Condition when they first encountered him chasing birds with an axe. From that point on, they called him “Mad Mats”. Searching the home of another scientist, they encountered his niece, and the debate started by the famous line, “Brother, what does “making whoopie” mean?” felt almost like a whole Abbott and Costello routine. Lots of fun. The final showdown with *censored!* that gave the players a “winner takes all” vibe, and that they ran with, using Luck Points like crazy to accomplish their goals.

By the time we wrapped up for the night, I was feeling down to my last ounce of strength, and to be honest, almost voiceless. While SteveR, who had played in a game during the evening, helped me pack up the gaming materials and foodstuffs for the evening, I answered a few questions from a couple of the players about the Tales From the Loop game. They had enjoyed the game, but were curious about a couple of aspects of the game and some of the artwork intrigued them as well. After the players had all departed, I went about assigning the rankings on the sign-up sheet, which I took up to the Game Registration Desk, and collected my second $5 GM reward token of the convention. I took my blood glucose reading, and it was around 12.9 (again, a sure sign that I had an infection), and I took my insulin shot and then once more had a small, plastic bowl of Cheerios. Packed up and ready to go, SteveR and I took all the bags and the cooler out to the car.

I got back to the house around 11:45 pm, and SteveR helped me bring in the stuff from the gaming day, and then swapped some of the snack food that was left from my new cooler back into his. The adrenalin for the day was gone by this time, and I just had nothing left to give for the night. I made a cup of tea, unpacked one of the three game bags, and then headed for bed. My voice was definitely gone, and I was feeling somewhat sick and thought that I might have gotten the con crud that I was seeing at the convention in my weakened condition. After the tea, I went to bed, but was up for a while with some coughing fits and bad allergy symptoms. I think I fell asleep around 3:00 am or so.

And that’s the wrap-up of Saturday at CanGames 2017. As you can see this entry was a long one, and had a only a couple of photos (and those from the convention program booklet) for the enjoyment of those reading the blog entry. Hope folks enjoyed this journal entry, and if so, please comment with any thoughts you might have on the entry. All I know is I’m just tired from typing this up! 🙂

CanGames 2017 Begins Today May 19, 2017

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Well, today is the start of CanGames, the local gaming convention here in Ottawa. I’m not working today, thank Goddess, so will be spending part of the morning putting together some of the stuff that I’ll need for the con, among other things.

Once more, for those who are going to the convention or who might be interested, here’s the listing of the games that I’m running with times and descriptions included…

The Statuette of Zhar Bagra
Game: Coriolis – The Third Horizon RPG
Time: Friday, 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Number of Players: 5
Description: While on Coriolis Station, your player characters are asked by a scholar to help him retrieve an artefact that needs to be returned to the planet Kua, below. Why do so many people want the artefact, and what sort of intrigue have you got yourselves into this time? Try out this new, unique science fiction rpg that is basically “Arabian Nights in space”. Crew a starship and explore the ancient mysteries of The Third Horizon!

The Dixmude Affair
Game: Primeval RPG
Time: Saturday, 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Number of Players: 6
Description: After returning to the present through an Anomaly to find the timeline terribly wrong, you and the other player characters learn that history changed in 1923 with the fate of the airship Dixmude being altered. Can you fix the timeline, or is it too late?

Summer Break and Killer Birds
Game: Tales From the Loop RPG
Time: Saturday,7:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Number of Players: 4
Description: Summertime in Sweden. Boredom and bliss in equal measure. But something’s wrong. It all starts with a talking bird, and soon you’re involved in a nefarious plot. Can you solve the Mystery before it’s too late? Tales From the Loop is a game of roleplaying in the ‘80s that never was, based on artist Simon Stalenhag’s paintings of Swedish 1980s suburbia, populated by fantastic machines and strange beasts. You play teenagers solving Mysteries connected to the Loop.

Dark Flowers
Game: Coriolis – The Third Horizon RPG
Time: Sunday, 2:00 pm – 6 pm
Number of Players: 5
Description: While passing through the Dabaran system on a routine trade mission, your characters are contacted by The Foundation, and asked to proceed to a set of coordinates and investigate the disappearance of a missing ship carrying one of its researchers, a professor Siyab Dahiljaba. What will you find? Try out this new, unique science fiction rpg that is basically “Arabian Nights in space”. Crew a starship and explore the ancient mysteries of The Third Horizon!

I’ve also got a bunch of stuff that I’ll be selling at the convention this year (you can see the list of games for sale in this blog entry), and hopefully I can sell this stuff for some reasonable sums, as I could use a bit of money for later in the year.

Health-wise, I have a couple of problems that I’ve gone into in other posts, so won’t dwell on here. Since I do have walking problems because of the diabetes, don’t be surprised if I take off my shoes at times during the course of the convention. The weekend should be interesting, to say the least.

I won’t be posting any blog entries during the weekend, so folks will have to wait for when I’ve got time at the start of next week and into the week itself for reports and the like (not to mention any photos I do take) about CanGames 2017. I may tweet from the convention on my mobile phone over the weekend, and will hopefully take a few photos as well of stuff for posting here and elsewhere.

In any event, I hope I’ll see some of you at the convention. Since you’ve seen the photo of me here on my blog, you’ll know who to look for. The hair’s a bit more gray, and there’s a bit less of it, that’s all. 🙂

Packing for Friday’s Session at CanGames May 18, 2017

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I’ve been suffering from the bout of allergies combined with an asthma attack for most of the day (though some basic meds and good old hot tea have done much to help), and have a bit of a sore/irritated throat.

I finally felt well enough in the late afternoon and early evening to start doing the packing of gaming stuff that I need to do for CanGames, which begins tomorrow. Well, at least the gaming stuff for the Coriolis – The Third Horizon RPG session that I’m scheduled to run on Friday night. Scenario, dice, paper & pencils, Darkness Point markers, character sheets for the players, and so forth. Started assembling and putting together some of the stuff that I need to take with me vis a vis medications, toiletry stuff (you never know), and some of the foodstuffs for snacking and the like, but that won’t get packed until I am getting ready to hit the road late tomorrow morning. Most of the rest of the gaming stuff for the weekend is “assembled” and virtually ready to go, just needing to be packed the night before the running of the games.

I’m looking forward to CanGames this year moreso than in past years, since I’ve not panicked about the convention or stuff because, I suspect, I’ve been far more occupied with health concerns that have arisen over the month. That said, I find bringing all the meds and stuff that I need, as well as the gaming stuff itself, a pain in the neck. (I could resolve the latter part by not running any games at the convention, but truth be told, I do like offering some of the more eclectic and/or indie games that I run for folks to play in.)