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Afternoon of Torg: Eternity Stuff July 19, 2017

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Spent a relatively quiet day yesterday (Tuesday), just trying to stay out of the heat and not stressing out my body and all.

The afternoon was pretty quiet, for the most part.


I did a little bit of work on an idea I have for an adventure for the Torg: Eternity RPG, as it’s something that came to me over the last few days and all. Just the basics are written down for now, and I’ll let the adventure idea percolate a little, and see what comes of it. Definitely going to take place in the Living Land, and possibly one other Realm on Earth as well.

After a couple of hours work on the adventure idea, I decided that I wanted to test run the creation system for another couple of Storm Knights, and did some more of that. By the time I was finished, I had the following Storm Knight characters done up.

Noble Barbarian (Aysle)
Crusading Preacher (Orrorsh)
Victorian Sniper (Orrorsh)
Edeinos Healer (Living Land)

I had a lot of fun creating these, and to be honest, surprised myself with how quickly I was able to create the Storm Knight characters and see what the system offers. I’m really looking forward to running Torg: Eternity, and hope I get a chance to play the game as well.

Sample Character Creation for Torg: Eternity July 17, 2017

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Spent an interesting afternoon yesterday (Sunday) doing a bit of testing of the character creation system for the new Torg: Eternity RPG.


SteveR dropped in at my place around 1:00 pm yesterday, and we sat down and created some sample, test characters for the Torg: Eternity RPG (that will hopefully be out in October of this year). The process was a bit more involved, since the game is only out in the (Beta) PDF version that is available to backers of the Kickstarter, so we were working off the computer, rather than a physical copy of the game book (as I wasn’t about to have the book printed out for this purpose).

The rules for character creation in the Torg: Eternity RPG are relatively simple, but some of the decisions and choices that need to be made are not, thus taking a bit of time. Once a Race and Cosm are chosen, the player has a number of points to assign to Attributes and Skills, and then take a couple of Perks for the character before rounding things out with some equipment and gear. Given that SteveR and I were working off the PDF on my laptop computer, things took a bit of time to get done. The first characters were done in just over 1-1/2 hours, but once one has a grasp of the basics of the process, the second characters were created in just over 1/2 an hour. (And that’s without just being able to flip through a physical rulebook.)

Anyway, SteveR and I created two player characters (called Storm Knights) each, though we didn’t get into the details of personality and background for the Storm Knights. SteveR’s two characters were:

Actuary from Cleveland (Core Earth)
Wood Elf from Archer (Aysle)

I, in turn, created two characters as well.

Archaeologist from New York (Core Earth)
Missionary from New France (Cyberpapacy)

The four Storm Knights came out quite nicely, I thought, and I did add a bit of detail for the background and character of both Storm Knights. Since there will likely be some changes to character creation before the final version of the book comes out, I’m not putting any game stats up here for folks to look at. I will say that I really like the simplicity of the game mechanics for Torg: Eternity, and rather like some of the new additions and revisions made in this version of the game.

The Storm may have a Name, but it now has Storm Knight defenders as well! 🙂

Sunday Gaming Is Off for the Day, But… July 16, 2017

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With Tammy still away on vacation, the Sunday gaming group won’t be playing today.

That said, now that I’ve got the Torg: Eternity RPG Beta version of the book (in PDF only), I asked SteveR if he’d be interested in creating some sample characters for the game this afternoon. He said “Yes”, so I’m looking forward to that for the afternoon.

The character generation rules for Torg: Eternity are pretty simple, though I expect there will be a few changes as the game firms up with the folks who backed the Kickstarter serving to find the errors and typos and the like in the book, but for now, the rules are pretty decent. I figure the first character(s) created should only take an hour or so each, and then the process will be easier, maybe 1/2 an hour or so. See how it goes.

Have a good afternoon, folks.

A Friday Night of Board Gaming July 15, 2017

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Last night, as mentioned in my previous blog entry, the Friday night gaming group agreed to play board games. Things went according to plan.

The Friday night players, including Ellie (who apparently favours board gaming to roleplaying games these days), arrived around 7:00 pm. We sat and chatted for a bit, probably around 10 minutes, and then got down to some board gaming for the evening. After a bit of discussion, we settled on what we were going to play for the night. (Sorry, no pics.)

By consensus, the group agreed to start off with a game of Dragonriders of Pern, one of my old favourites in the board gaming landscape. In the game, I took on the role of Benden Weyr, and did a good job of it (relatively speaking). I spent a few Turns that fortunately had light Threadfall making a couple of deals with Lord Holders, and reached an agreement with a couple of the other players on where we’d mutually fight Thread if the need arose. As usual, it did (of course), and the middle part of the game was spent frantically fighting Threadfall. The game lasted for approximately 2-1/2 hours, and in the end, we had hung on and fought Thread to a standstill, though not without losing a few flights of dragons here and there. An overall highly satisfying game.

Afterwards, Ellie caught sight of the old Torg RPG materials lying around in the den, and asked me what I was doing with those out. We talked about Torg: Eternity somewhat (she had never played the original, as she hadn’t been born yet!), and she was intrigued. After the discussion about the game, the Friday night players packed up and left for the night.

Overall, a satisfying night of board gaming. I look forward to the next evening of gaming, board or otherwise, with the Friday night group.

Friday Night Session of Ambrosia July 8, 2017

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Had a good gaming session last night.

The Friday night gaming group decided that they wanted to try out the new, forthcoming (in English) Ambrosia fantasy RPG. Since I have the Quickstarter document for the game, the players agreed to play in the scenario included with it.

You can read my original thoughts on the Ambrosia Quickstart product by following the link to my previous post on the subject.


The players arrived around 7:00 pm last night, but I was surprised when Kathy arrived and told me that Ellie had begged off roleplaying for the night, since she wanted to spend some time with friends. I was a bit sad (she’s obviously growing up a bit, and may not want to roleplay much longer), but was somewhat content. After chatting for a few minutes, we got down to the nuts and bolts of the Ambrosia RPG. I went over the basics of the game world of Ambrosia that we know through the Quickstart book, and the players were quite intrigued by the world. Kathy commented that it seemed rather different than the “standard” fantasy rpgs, but that’s another matter. I then went over the basic mechanics of the Ambrosia RPG, and the players struggled a bit with these, because of some of the simplicity of the game mechanics of RPGs that I’ve been running of late. The players got the gist of the rules, but felt they’d be better off seeing them in action (as in, play). The four players then chose their characters from the mix provided (details of which I’m not going to go into here).

I’m not going to go into details about the scenario or the game play last night. “A Gathering of Souls” is one of the most challenging introductory scenarios for an rpg that I’ve encountered in a long time. What starts off as a group of characters sitting around a campfire in a forest during a bad storm turns into something completely different that will raise moral, cultural, and ethical concerns that will change the player characters’ lives forever. Suffice to say, the players *loved* the scenario, and were somewhat shaken by the end of the scenario and the choices they had to make. Where they struggled somewhat was with the combat system, specifically how combat functioned (at least at first) and how damage was taken. These eventually were worked out in their heads, as practice made more perfect, but the characters discovered the hard way that combat can be lethal in Ambrosia. It’s a truly mediaeval society, and combat hurts and can kill easily. It’s to be avoided if possible, but the players learned the hard way (not by dying but being seriously wounded – one of the player characters lost their right arm!).

Overall, I had a good time running the Quickstart scenario for the Ambrosia RPG, and the players are definitely intrigued by this game and have told me that when the game rulebook comes out, they’ll want to play the game.

Anyway, looking forward to more Ambrosia RPG stuff in the future! 🙂

Getting Ready for Friday Night Gaming July 7, 2017

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Getting ready for this evening’s game session with the Friday night group.

Wasn’t sure after this afternoon’s tests that I’d be up to gaming tonight, but a bit of a nap when I got home and some fluid replacement seems to have helped a lot.

Not sure what I’ll be running this evening or whether we’ll be playing a board game, but the Friday night players have expressed an interest in the Ambrosia fantasy RPG, so I’ve been reading up on that a bit this late afternoon, in preparation, just in case.

Anyway, time for some supper and then an evening of gaming. Looking forward to it, to be honest.

Have a good night, folks. 🙂

Getting Ready for Sunday Afternoon Gaming July 2, 2017

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Getting ready for Sunday afternoon gaming.

I’m not sure whether I’m running a roleplaying game (the only one I’ve got nothing ready for haha is Torg: Eternity, so I’d be running “On a Wing and a Prayer” if that’s what we do) but I’m not sure what SteveR and Tammy will want to do.

In the meantime, I’m running late so I need to get upstairs and make some lunch. Vuhr (sp?) salad I guess, with a couple of slice of bread.

(Oh, and there will be black forest cake this afternoon, as it’s my birthday tomorrow. And I can’t eat the whole cake myself, much as I want to these days.)

Friday Night Gaming Session Cancelled June 30, 2017

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Gaming is off for this evening.

I have been informed in no uncertain terms that gaming for this evening is off, as the Friday night group and I are going out to dinner and a movie. Not sure what movie they have planned, but should be an interesting evening all around.

Can’t wait! 🙂

Wednesday Night Gaming Off for Summer June 28, 2017

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Just thought that I would let folks know that you won’t be seeing any more gaming reports and session blogs for the Wednesday gaming group for the rest of the summer.

The Wednesday night players told me that they would all be taking the summer off gaming, as it’s that time of year when one wants to do other things besides gaming. A couple of the players expressed an interest in possibly doing some board gaming during the summer months, but for the most part Wednesday nights until mid-August or early September will be gaming free.

Such is life.

Sunday Afternoon Session of Torg: Eternity June 27, 2017

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Had a very enjoyable game session on Sunday afternoon (the 25th) with the normal Sunday gamers.

Once the players reached my place, the three of us talked about the possible games for the afternoon, and SteveR was able to convince Tammy to play a game session of the new Torg: Eternity RPG, even though we’re still using the Free RPG Day booklet, no cards of any kind, and so forth.
So with no further ado, we got into the Torg: Eternity game…


I started off chatting with the players (both of whom have fond memories of the original TORG: The Possibility Wars) a little about the game, explaining about the game universe (Cosms, Realms, The High Lords, how Reality works in the game and the Axioms, the Torg, and Storm Knights) and then a quick overview of the basic rules. They chose their characters, and then got on with it.


Bill Henderson (SteveR) – The Wannabe Athlete
Jade “The Blade” Anderson (Tammy) – Petty Crook

The player characters (called Storm Knights in the game) started the adventure separate from each other [as is usually the case with these two player characters] in the Battery Park area. Jade Anderson’s more mercenary desires took a backseat when she helped a woman out of a car wreck that was being menaced by a tri-horned dinosaur, while Bill Henderson’s interest was peaked by some lizardmen (the edeinos) digging furrows in the ground. He discovered that the edeinos were putting dead humans into the ground, and…something was growing there in their place. Encountering an edeinos patrol, he was forced to run and managed to outsmart his pursuers and eventually met up with Jade.

The two of them helped rescue the woman’s son from an ancient looking apartment building, but in the process Bill got captured by the group of feral humans – and (in a change of pace) discovered they were working with a group of edeinos, including a Stormer! The two Storm Knights were able to save the son of the woman, who turned out to be a Realm Runner (and her son a potential one with a great deal of power). She sacrificed herself fighting the edeinos shaman Stormer in reality combat, and in an act of foolish heroism, Bill tried to help her, dying in the reality storm as it tore him to pieces.

As Jade takes charge of the young man, in light of his mother’s death, she leads him off into the Living Land searching for a safe haven for the young man. Several of the feral humans follow them…

Sunday afternoon’s session of the Torg: Eternity RPG went really well, and I was quite pleased with how the game came out. The players had a good time of it, and really liked the game rules and mechanics, though it took Tammy a bit of time to get used to the Bonus Chart again. 🙂 Since I don’t have the three card Decks (Drama, Destiny or Cosm), or one of the original Drama Decks from 1st Edition, I was forced to be generous with the Possibilities, but that worked out well, as the players realised very quickly that it was a “use them or lose them” kind of approach that I took with them. SteveR played the Wannabe Athlete pretty well, and was much more active in the game than he’s been in a few years. Still, he played a follower to some extent, but not as much as Tammy and I had expected. Tammy played the Petty Crook pretty much as I expected her to, grabbing “free” stuff that she could, but her humane side came out early on, and she played her as being somewhat conflicted in that regard.

Overall, a good session of the Torg: Eternity RPG and one that I had a lot of fun with. Really had forgotten how much *fun* running Torg is, but also the fact that I *can* run an action/adventure (cinematic) rpg when it’s one like this. Looking forward to running the Torg: Eternity campaign(s) when the game comes out! 🙂