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Getting Ready for Sunday Afternoon Gaming March 25, 2018

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Getting ready for another Sunday afternoon gaming session.

SteveR and Tammy will once again be doing some playtesting and playing through one of the game systems and scenarios that I’ll be running at CanGames 2018 this May. They’ll be playing the Capharnaum – The Tales of the Dragon-Marked Roleplaying Game this afternoon, specifically the adventure that I’ll be running at the convention. (SteveR is quite disapppointed as he won’t be able to play in the Saturday evening session of this at CanGames.) Looking forward to the game today, though a bit concerned of what the players will think of the game mechanics.

In the meantime, I need to make some lunch, and then get to the gaming.

Have a good afternoon, folks.


Getting Ready for Wednesday Night Gaming March 21, 2018

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It’s Wednesday night, the third Wednesday once again, this time in March.

And that means it’s time for gaming with my Wednesday night gaming group.

After the day out at the doctor’s and taking care of other matters, I’m hurting pretty badly today but have taken it relatively easy. While the Wednesday gamers were eager to take on The Dark Eye RPG campaign again, they understand that I need to get in some gaming of the systems I’ll be running at CanGames 2018, and are willing to play(test) material for me.

Of the three game systems that I’ll be running at CanGames, they’re most interested in playing some Torg Eternity, so that’s what I’ll be running this evening with them. Have a couple of scenarios that I’ve been sort of playtesting with the Friday and Sunday groups, so will run one of these on the players this evening.

Looking forward to the game tonight.

Have a good evening, folks.

Getting Ready for Sunday Afternoon Gaming March 18, 2018

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Sunday morning.

The weather in Ottawa has gotten colder the last couple of days, well, actually more seasonal than anything else. 🙂 This hasn’t helped the aches and (largely) pains I’ve been suffering from, but what can you do? *sigh*

Meanwhile, the Sunday gaming group will be getting together to play this afternoon, and I’m rather quite pleased. The distraction will do me good, and I really do like gaming, roleplaying in particular. 🙂 We’ll be playing a session of the Torg Eternity RPG this afternoon, as I still need more practice with the game before I run the sessions I’m scheduled to do at CanGames 2018.

I’m actually running the scenario on a wing and a prayer, but have a rough draft for it that I think will work for a Living Land adventure fir conventions and the like, and it’ll be useful for game campaigns as well. Looking forward to gaming today.

Have a good afternoon, folks.

Friday Testing of Torg Eternity Scenario Material July 29, 2017

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I spent last night having a really good evening with the Friday night gaming group.

I wasn’t sure whether we’d be playing a board game or a roleplaying game last night, to be honest. When the Friday night players arrived at around 7:00 pm, we chatted a bit for around 10 minutes and caught up on life and the world at large, and then got down to business. The players told me that they had decided they wanted to play some Torg Eternity, and we talked about various options. They said they wanted to playtest the scenario that I was writing that I’d mentioned in my blog last week, and so that’s what we did.


The players took about half an hour to create some player characters for the evening (yes, the character generation system is really that simple!, other than making some choices in terms of Skills and Perks), and once they’d finished that, we got down to it. The player characters were:

Dr. Andrea Jones (KathyB) – An ER Doctor
Helena Cross (Angela) – Roller Derby Girl
Maggie Armstrong (Ellie) – Runaway
Sgt. Jonathan Harper (DavidM) – NYPD Cop
Alexander Copeland (Mark) – Artist

As mentioned in the previous post about this, adventures for the Torg Eternity RPG are divided down into Acts and then Scenes. The adventure is one that I’m working on, with the tentative title “A Day at the Zoo” and is set on Day 1 of the invasion in New York City.

Suffice it to say that the players had a terrific time, though we were missing the Drama Deck, Destiny Deck, and Cosm Deck, but I compromised for that element in certain ways, giving out extra Possibilities and at times giving the players the equivalent of the cards. DavidM (unsurprisingly with the cop) and Angela (surprisingly with tools that she snatched up) were the combat saviours for the group, while Mark’s artist surprised the others with his martial arts flair. I thought that Ellie might be at a bit of a disadvantage with her runaway, but she proved to be the most adept in the final Act bits, and the characters were really quite solid in how they got together at the zoo and worked well when they had to.

The way things stand right now, the Act One material needs a bit of additional text here and there, and I may have to weaken the opposition a bit, but overall is pretty solid. The Act Two material is still much rougher, and needs to be tidied up, have a couple of scenes re-written, and the final two scenes tidied up with some game mechanics added and specified.

The players were pretty happy with the way the playtest of the scenario for Torg Eternity went, and so was I. DavidM and Mark, who have never played Torg in any incarnation, were really thrilled with the game, and loved the simpleness of the game mechanics, though it did take them a bit of time to adjust to the idea of consulting the Bonus Table after rolling the d20.

I’m looking forward to running Torg Eternity when the game comes out, but have to say that I’m looking forward to next week. The players suggested we get back to the Coriolis – The Third Horizon scenario! 🙂

Sunday Testing of Torg Eternity Scenario Material July 24, 2017

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Spent a relatively good afternoon doing some gaming in relation to the Torg Eternity RPG (yes, there’s no colon between the two words as I’ve been typing it all this time).

SteveR told me that he would come over on Sunday to just “do stuff” (and likely get away from his folks and all), but I didn’t really have a plan about what I wanted to do for the afternoon. He arrived at my place, and talked about seeing a movie, but I compromised and said that I’d like to do a quick playtest of a basic scenario idea I’ve got for an adventure for the Torg Eternity game. He was agreeable to that, so that’s what we did.


Adventures for the Torg Eternity game (and the previous TORG: The Possibility Wars) are divided down into Acts, and then Scenes (but scenes can have other stuff contained within them, and no, I’m not going into this subject here; maybe another blog entry some time). The adventure in question is on Day 1 of the invasion by the various High Lords, and is set at…a zoo. 🙂 I’ve got the basic Act structure and the Scene breakdown for the scenario, but needed to fine tune things a bit.

Anyway, SteveR played one of the characters he’d created with me the week before, and I took the adventure through its paces, making notes here and there about changes that need to be made. Suffice it to say that SteveR had a lot of fun with it, but the Act Two material will need to be somewhat altered from what I’ve got, and there are some minor changes that need to be incorporated into several of the Scenes. The one element that I couldn’t really take into account for the scenario were the Drama, Destiny, and Cosm cards, since I don’t have the Decks as of yet. (I do have the cards in PDF, so have some familiarity with them, and was able to make some notes about using several of the cards in different circumstances and the impact the cards may have on some of the Scenes.)

Overall, it was a really good afternoon of working on some of the kinks in the Torg Eternity scenario that I’m working on. I need to do some re-writing and restructuring of the Act One material first, and then see how the Act Two material shakes out. SteveR seemed to enjoy himself, and I really am finding that I’ve missed running the Torg system in any shape or form. Can’t wait for the new version of the game to come out!