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A Terrible Anniversary September 11, 2016

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Fifteen years ago today, a terrible series of events occurred. We call it 9/11.

Once more, it occurred to me today that I was at the sf bookstore I owned and ran back in those days, Basilisk Dreams Books, getting paperwork done for the morning and getting ready to open the door, when the kind lady who owned the store next door (a video store that also sold tvs, vcrs, and dvd players) knocked on the door, and said that I needed to come to her store and see the terrible tragedy that had occurred and was still ongoing.

Needless to say, the complexion of the rest of that day was forever changed. And the world changed that day forever as well.

I want to once more offer my condolences to those who lost loved ones on that day, and my heartfelt thanks for those who toiled and struggled and bravely survived that day.

On this day, take the time to remember where you were on 9/11. And how your life was affected by the terrible, tragic events of that day.

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Bastille Day Attack in Nice, France July 15, 2016

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I got home last night after an evening at the Ottawa RBC Bluesfest to hear about the tragic events that occurred in Nice, France.

I’m absolutely appalled by the events in Nice, horrified that people could actually do something like this during a celebration of Bastille Day, and my heart goes out to all the victims and their families.

Honest to Goddess, people, what the frack is the world coming to??

Je suis desoléee.