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An Exhausting Day (Cars, Haircut and Food) August 10, 2017

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Another day that was exhausting yesterday. Another night of very little sleep. *sigh*

Had a decent night’s sleep on Tuesday night, but woke up with stabbing pain in the arm and shoulder that I’m having trouble with. Not an auspicious start to the day. Tried to do a round of physio exercises, but had almost no mobility and my shoulder and upper back area were in too much pain to do a couple of the exercises.

Made some breakfast and then checked e-mail and the like. Nothing of importance there, and no one’s beating down my door to meet up with me at GenCon Indy. Took as hot a shower as I could, and that helped somewhat with my shoulder though not as much as I would have liked.

Another round of car shopping ensued for a couple of hours. The morning saw me going to Kia to check their cars out, but I didn’t see anything I really liked and I wasn’t enamoured of the test drive of a second-had Forte.

From there, it was off to my Footcare appointment. Things went better than I expected, and my feet felt much better afterwards. Lunch in the building consisted of some hamburger and veggie soup with a grilled cheese sandwich. Satisfying. After lunch it was over to First Choice Haircutters to get my haircut, though by then it was around 2:30 pm and I hoped I wouldn’t have to wait too long for the haircut, as I needed to get in some more car shopping during the late afternoon. I needn’t have worried, as the haircut place was pretty empty and got taken right away by my favourite hairstylist. I’d left it almost two months, quite late, as I’d wanted to get the hair cut right before GenCon, and the hairstylist cut off some 1-1/2 inches of hair. Felt several pounds lighter after the haircut. 🙂

From there, it was back to car shopping. Went to Subaru and Ford, but didn’t find anything affordable, and didn’t like the test drive I did of a Honda something-or-other (not a Civic, since there were none available second-hand at the dealer with the parameters I had in mind). Then stopped at Mitsubishi and ended up with a rookie salesman (he’d only been there for three months) and just about walked out with his lack of knowledge and pushy salesmanship. They had some good second hand cars, but Mitsubishi is also having a sale, and I took a look at a new Mirage once I got a veteran salesperson. The Mirage handled like a dream, and I may go back there again today (Thursday) to see it again.

By this time, it was quite late. Had to go home and relax for a bit, as my shoulder and arm were hurting pretty bad. Mom and my sister went to do a bit of shopping, and then picked me up around 7:30 pm or so, and we went and had a very late supper at Swiss Chalet. A side salad, roast beef and mashed potatoes with mixed vegetables. Didn’t eat the whole meal, as it was getting really late. And then it happened. As we were getting out of the booth, mom cracked my left ankle with her cane.

Suffice it to say, I wasn’t walking well when we came out of Swiss Chalet, and after they dropped me off at the house, I saw that my left ankle had a laceration from the cane and a deep, red indentation from where it hit me. I put my foot up, put an ice pack on it, and took it easy for the rest of the night.

Not a lot of sleep, as I tossed and turned last night due to the shoulder pain and some throbbing from the left ankle. Woke up way too early (if I slept at all), and have been ambling around for a while. Decided to post this blog entry.

Anyway, another physiotherapy session this afternoon, more car shopping, and preparations to make for GenCon. Going to be another exhausting day. Feel like a chicken without a head, and just running around.



Life and Leg Problems October 8, 2016

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It’s the Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada this weekend, but I’m not feeling that I have a lot to be thankful for.

As most folks have noticed, I’ve not been posting all that much this past week or so. While the medical procedure that I underwent a week ago tomorrow went well, and I’ve been recovering from that relatively nicely, I’ve been down with relative malaise, chest pain, a cough, headache, and a few other symptoms during the week.

However, the real problem has been my left leg. While I’ve still got the pain and swelling in my left leg and ankle respectively, I’ve got problems with the knee now, as well as the thigh. I’ve had a swollen thigh muscle, I’ve had the feeling like there’s water dripping down my knee or pooling around the ankle, and a few other symptoms. And there’s a sharp pain on the top of my left big toe.

While I stayed off my feet for a couple of days after the medical procedure, walking has become an extremely painful chore on my left leg, and I feel a lot less pain keeping the leg elevated and the knee relatively straight. (Hence why I’ve not been on-line too much this past week.) The ankle pain has gotten worse as well. After having read some stuff on the internet about things (which one should never do, of course), I’ve come to conclude that it’s been brought on due to the diabetes.

But overall, I’m just feeling miserable and sorry for myself.

That’s all I’ve got for the moment.

A Quick WP Entry September 15, 2016

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Yes, I know I’ve not blogged a great deal the last few days.

Truth be told, I’ve been busy doing other things – watching some DVDs, working on some game material that I’m writing up for the Polaris RPG, and editing a game manuscript (that I can’t talk about).

In the meantime, work goes on as usual, my left leg and ankle continue to hurt a lot, and I’ve got my regularly scheduled footcare appointment this afternoon.

Take care, everyone.

Long Day Ahead September 9, 2016

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It’s Friday morning, and I feel tired.

I have not had a lot of sleep, due to pain in my left ankle and foot waking me up at odd hours during my sleep, and then having trouble getting back to sleep.

The day promises to be a long one, and quite muggy (and warm) as well. I’ve got two business meetings this morning, one with my team and one with the bosses, and I’m so not looking forward to those. In addition, I need to get through a tight batch of translation today, so that should also be taxing.

Thank Goddess it’s Friday. I can collapse for the weekend (barring unforeseen circumstances) when work is done for the day.

Time for the morning shower.

The Tuesday That Was September 7, 2016

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Yesterday (Tuesday) was one of the longest days I’ve had in a while.

The morning started off well enough, with work keeping me busy, though I’d had a bit of a rough night in terms of bowel problems, but that was something that I was expecting. I came home from work, changed into non-office attire, and headed over to the doctor’s office for my appointment. The test results on my wrist showed nothing really wrong, but his diagnosis was that I’m either suffering from neuropathy induced problems or the eary stages of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Either way, he told me we’ll keep an eye on things, and gave me some suggestions on how to handle the occasional pain and some stuff that I can do for it.

From the doctor’s office, I went over to the Billings Bridge Plaza, and had some lunch. Specifically a bacon and chicken wrap at Tim Horton’s with a bottle of water. Very nice, and quite tasty, but not as filling as I’d hoped. I had agreed to meet SteveR at the house so managed to get back to the house just a few minutes before he arrived, and then grabbing up some of the stuff I had that needed photocopying, we headed out.

We went to the pharmacy, as we both had to pick up prescriptions and I also needed to clean up a mess with some of the prescription orders. Once that was done, we headed over to Business Depot, and I did the printing I needed for the Polaris RPG while also picking up a couple of blue binders. It was a pretty hot day, and we both had a bit of an appetite, so we went over to Harvey’s and had a hot dog with a small milkshake (mine was vanilla), though I didn’t finish the latter. From Harvey’s it was back to my place where SteveR dropped me off, and while he headed back home.

I took a small sitz bath (as I was drenched from the heat outdoors), and then had a bottle of water to hydrate myself, and some celery sticks with some cream cheese as a light snack. The rest of what was left of the afternoon went nicely, although I did take a slight nap. And then just before supper it started. Bowel problems. The kind where basically you make a mess of the bathroom floor. ‘Nuff said. I cleaned the mess up, and then finally got around to making supper (amid several more trips to the bathroom), and finally settled down enough for the rest of the night that I could just sit back, put my (badly aching and swollen) foot up, and relax.

I woke up this morning feeling relatively fine, though I’ve still got some pain in the left ankle, and it’s pretty much swollen up again and is quite painful. Work is keeping me busy this morning, and that’s good.

But I could really use a nap soon. Maybe this afternoon.

Saturday Morning Musings July 23, 2016

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It’s Saturday morning.

Another hot day in the forecast for the weekend, with not a lot of coolness in sight. I’m going to spend as much time indoors today as I can, and try to keep my left leg elevated. It’s quite swollen as I type this.

Had a great session of the Primeval RPG with the Friday night group last night, and will blog about the game session later today.

Other than the pain and swelling in my left leg, I’m feeling pretty good, if a little bit tired. Got some other stuff that I need to do during the day, and there’s a load or two of laundry waiting to be done as well.

Better go and shower, and then get on with stuff.

Back From the Doctor’s Appointment July 13, 2016

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I’ve been back from the vascular surgeon appointment for a little over 90 minutes.

Truth of the matter is I’m numb inside.

The news is pretty bad, and I’ve now got some decisions to make. That’s all I’m going to say on the subject for now, and I’m not sure I’ll actually talk more about this on the blog.

That’s all I’ve got for now, folks.