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Back From the Dentist Appointment January 25, 2017

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Home from the appointment with the dentist.

Have I mentioned that I am terrified of dentists? (It’s also called odontophobia.)

This appointment wasn’t too bad. Merely having three of my teeth bonded.

The weird thing is now that the tooth “body” is back to the way it should be, it’s kind of odd biting down now, and is something that will require getting used to again. Just gotta make sure I don’t eat too much for the rest of the day that’s considered to be hard food.


A Wednesday’s Thoughts January 25, 2017

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Wednesday morning.

A rather gloomy day outside, not a lot of sun at the moment, although the weather is supposed to clear up and get a bit warmer (for a winter’s day in January), so that’s a good sign.

I’ve got no gaming tonight with the Wednesday night players, as this is the gaming week off, so I’ll be able to sit back and relax this evening.

Of note today is that I do have another dentist appointment today. Nothing major… The dentist is going to do some bonding on three of my teeth.

Meanwhile, back to work.

Life on Thursday Morning July 7, 2016

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Nothing much going on at my end, so nothing really to blog about.

The weather in Ottawa is hot.

Work is the usual.

My health is pretty much what it’s been for the last while. The headaches are still present, and the ankle and leg pain is just as bad, if not more severe.

Nothing new or interesting going on in the roleplaying game department.

But I do have a dentist appointment this afternoon. Dental exam and assessment first, and then six-month teeth cleaning afterwards.