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An Exhausting Day (Cars, Physio, and Food) August 8, 2017

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An exhausting day.

The day started off with almost no sleep last night due to foot pain (nerve spasms) and the terrible shoulder pain the exercising has caused.

The morning consisted of a round of car shopping. Went to the local Toyota dealer and looked for a second-hand car, but didn’t see anything I really liked. Took a second-hand 2015 Corolla around for a spin and while it handled all right, the seats weren’t comfortable and I wasn’t crazy about the feel for the road. The price was good, though.

From there, went for my physiotherapy appointment and got put through the wringer. The pain in the shoulder was pretty bad, so we tried acupuncture but that didn’t work, and made the neck muscles on that side hurt. Some deep massage helped, and after some electro-stimulation, I felt almost pain-free again. Went to the little restaurant in the building with the physiotherapist for lunch, and had a terrific potato and parmesan soup with a grilled cheese sandwich. Very tasty, and quite satisfying.

After that, it was back to car shopping. Went into Mazda and found they had some good second-hand vehicles. Wanted a Mazda 3 from 2015, but that one had already been sold, but got to look at a decent Mazda 3 from 2014 that was fully equipped and decently priced. Took that vehicle out for a test drive, and it was smooth and sleek and handled like a dream. Could even drive it right-handed, which made things easy and rested my left arm and shoulder. From there, it was over to Hyundi and checked out the cars there. Thought about the Accent but it was too small, and then drove for test with the 2014 Elantra they had. There was a lot of terrible things about the car, the worst being that I had to drive two-handed – and guess what, my left shoulder pain got very bad.

By that time, it was supper time. After stopping at home for pills and meds, my mom, sister and I went over to Boston Pizza for supper again. Terrific meal, including a side salad, hummus and flatbread chips, and spaghetti Bolognese with meatballs and mozzarella for supper. There was enough Bolognese for three people on that plate! So I took the rest of it home with me. Also had a Heineken with supper, and that helped with the shoulder pain somewhat. 🙂

Am now home. And get to do some of this all over again tomorrow.

Totally exhausted.


Saturday Goings On July 17, 2016

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Had a somewhat relaxing Saturday, which was a good thing.

Woke up feeling somewhat tired and out of it, but managed to get up, take a stretch, and about a 5-minute walk outside. Came back inside, just as it was starting to get warm outside, and made breakfast, then showered, and then got down to putting in a load of laundry to wash and doing a bit of reading.

During the afternoon, came over for a while, and we continued to work on his (superhero) character for the Sixcess Core game system. A good way to spend the afternoon, but the character still isn’t finished.

My sister, who has been in Ottawa visiting my mom this week, and mom came by and picked me up, and Diana took us out for our birthday supper. (My birthday was on the 3rd, and Mom’s birthday is the 4th of August.) We went to Brother Wu for supper, and had a marvellous Chinese meal together. I had a bowl of mustard green soup, and we ordered mu shee chicken, hunan dumplings, sizzling beef on a platter, chinese broccoli, honey garlic spare ribs (for my sister) and chicken with cashews. I didn’t eat all that much, sampling food from the dishes for the most part, but it was a good, hot, tasty meal. All washed down with tea.

After supper at Brother Wu’s, Diana drove me home, and I relaxed for the rest of the evening listening to some Kate Bush music, and putting laundry in the dryer.