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Getting Ready for Friday Night Gaming June 22, 2018

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Looking forward to gaming this evening with the Friday night group.

This evening, the Friday night players will be continuing on with the Torg Eternity campaign set in the Living Land that we started a couple of weeks ago. All the players will be here this evening, so I’m looking forward to the game tonight.

In the meantime, KathyB and Ellie have shown up early, and we’re waiting on the order of pizza and salad (since I ran out of that, and forgot to buy it this afternoon) that we’ve ordered in for supper this evening. Looking forward to that as well, since it’s always nice to share some food with good friends. And it’s a nice treat once more for my goddaughter.

Have a good evening, folks. 🙂


Friday Evening Game Report – Torg Eternity, Session 3 June 16, 2018

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The Friday evening gaming group continued on with their Living Land campaign of the Torg Eternity RPG yesterday evening. You can read about the previous session of the game by following the link. This post is somewhat long, so I’ve put it behind a cut for those who don’t want to read about my roleplaying game campaigns.


Melanie Franconi (KathyB) – Cat Burglar/Thief
Wendy Saltman (Angela) – Courier/Street Thief
Sandra Mitchell (Ellie) – Librarian/Magical Dabbler
Lucas Wells (Mark) – Businessman/Realm Runner
Andrew Quilling/Andar (Peter) – Transformed (Living Land) Athlete

April 3rd, 2017

Several hours later, the various player character Storm Knights find themselves wandering through a radically changed Manhattan. Melanie Franconi and security guard Chip Haley make their way through a heavily jungled area that used to be a series of stores and high rise offices. Chip says that he wants to head for the downtown core, so he can check on his wife and children, but they are interrupted by the arrival of a hunting party of the lizard-men. The two of them make their way stealthily to one of the ruined buildings and take temporary shelter there.

Wendy Saltman and teacher Steven Hardiman lead the school children through the ruins of Manhattan, occasionally spotting what appear to be lizard-men and various dinosaur-like creatures. The children comment excitedly about the dinosaurs, but Hardiman shuts them up quickly and the group seeks shelter in a ruined building.

Sandra Mitchell and Wayne Derson move through the rubble and the vegetation of the once mighty city, Sandra somewhat dazzled by the “primitiveness” of it all. Wayne tells her to look out as a large piece of rubble falls towards her (again), and Sandra barely gets out of the way of the massive chunk of stone and vegetation [she spends a Possibility to do so]. Shaken and dazed, Sandra is led by Wayne towards what appears to be a deserted ruined building.

Lucas Wells and the two women, Jessie Haller and Allie Watson, wander the downtown ruins, the two women despairing of finding any other human beings in the jungle wilderness and ruins. The two are pursued by several humans-turned-savages, but manage to elude them after a few minutes. Jessie comments that they’re not all that bright, but Lucas tells her not to underestimate them. His words prove truer than he expects, as the primitive humans pick up their scent and pursue them. Lucas leads the two women in a mad dash, and they come upon what appears to be a ruined building that may be able to give them some shelter and protection.

Andar (formerly Andrew Quilling) makes his way through the newly alive wreckage of what used to be Manhattan and finds that it is good. He avoids a couple of the lizard-man patrols, making his way quietly through the ruins, stopping here and there to eat some vegetation. He comes upon some tracks made by other primitive humans, and decides to follow them. Their path leads him toward what appears to be a ruined building, and he can see that they’re chasing a man and two women. He pursues them.

The various Storm Knights and their travelling companions, with the exception of Andar, encounter one another in the ruined building. At first, the Storm Knights are highly suspicious of one another, but before they can come to blows, the group is attacked by the primitive humans that followed Lucas, Jessie, and Allie. The Storm Knights valiantly protect the Ords they’ve been accompanying, and while the primitive humans have only improvised clubs (bricks, pieces of wood, and the like) they outnumber the characters. The Storm Knights acquit themselves well, using what weapons they have at hand, and receive surprise aid as a primitive human comes up on the others from behind and attacks them with what looks like a baseball bat! The Storm Knights kill or drive off the twelve primitives that attacked them, though Melanie and Lucas each take some damage [suffer 1 Wound and 2 Shock each].

After the player characters make sure that the Ord civilians are all right, and check their own wounds out, the group cautiously introduce themselves to each other. Lucas doesn’t trust Andar, since he looks like a primitive human himself except for the baseball cap he’s wearing and the ragged, open-toed baseball shoes. Andar explains he is there to “protect”, but isn’t all that detailed on who or what he’s trying to protect. The Storm Knights decide the building is a perfect place to get some rest, and Andar says that he will hunt for some food for the living beings. The others decided to scavenge the interior of the building, with Melanie insisting that she stay with the civilians and keep an eye out for trouble. The group agrees, and splits up in the ruined building. Wendy finds some plastic containers of food and water, and returns to the others to tell them what she’s found. Mr. Hardiman takes three of the older children to help and retrieve the foodstuff, Wendy leading them back to where she found them. Sandra locates a couple of pistols under two of the beds in various apartments, and take them back to the main group. Lucas is able to find some more water and foodstuffs in plastic bags and containers, and manages to carry most of that stuff to where the Storm Knights have established shelter on the second floor in the rec room area. Andar fashions an improvised club for himself, preferring that to the baseball bat “dead thing”, and finds a good amount of edible berries and leaves. As he returns to the ruined building, he gets the feeling that he’s being followed, but can’t be sure.

Once the Storm Knights and civilians have eaten and drunk to their hearts’ content, the group sets out once more. When Andar asks where they are going, Lucas and the others tell him they need to get out of the city. Andar agrees with this, as he will be happier away from all the “dead things”, but Mr. Hardiman and a couple of the others question what they’re doing when it comes to the safety of the children. Jessie Haller has started to take them under her wing, and Hardiman isn’t sure how he feels about that. Once it’s agreed and the large group travels on, they barely avoid a large group of the lizard-men, including some large specimens wearing grotesque bone masks. They are dragging human corpses behind them, all with their chests ripped open. Fortunately the lizard-men seem more intent on their task than anything else, and seem to pay no attention to the shocked gasps of several of the civilians and Storm Knights as they go past them.

Lucas leads the group down a side street, and they see a group of looters grabbing tv sets and other useless items from a store. While Melanie can see their point of view, Wendy walks up to one of them, Steven Hardiman beside her for protection, and chastises them, preaching the word of God at them. The looters ignore them, though several others approach Wendy, but when they see Lucas and Andar, they back off and go back to what they were doing. As the Storm Knights go past them, Wendy expresses her disdain of them and her displeasure at their actions. Continuing along the street, the Storm Knights come upon a ragtag mix of humans and primitive humans in tattered, decaying police uniforms. Armed with mostly spears and batons, they are huddled behind a makeshift barrier in the middle of the intersection. A female voice calls out to them to stop, even as Lucas makes out rapidly decaying bodies littering the area of the barricade. Police Captain Leslie Boyle introduces herself, and asks them if they’re part of the Law tribe or the Looter tribe. She demands that the Storm Knights and those with them swear fealty to her and her tribe. The Knights try to argue and debate the point, but it is Lucas who manages to intimidate them and get them to back down [he spends a Possibility, and then uses two Supporter cards to succeed!]. The Storm Knights and their charges proceed on their way, leaving Boyle and her people where they are (though two of the policemen defect and accompany the player character group).

Wayne Derson says he knows the area well, and tells the Storm Knights if they know where they are going. Lucas says that they’re heading for the Lower Manhattan Hospital, and Wayne approves of this. Several of the children are in need of medical help, and two of the Storm Knights are beginning to feel their injuries. As the Storm Knights and their charges stop for a break, and drink fresh water from a nearby sprint, Andar comes alert. When Melanie asks him what’s wrong, he points with his bat across the small sward of grass – at the lizard-men 7-man scouting party…

Friday night’s gaming session of the Torg Eternity campaign in the Living Land was pretty good, and had a little bit of everything for each of the players and their characters. Peter, the new player, was the most surprised at how enjoyable the session was and how much fun he had. He loved the fact that the combat system was so simple in its basics, but had a bit of difficulty (still) with the play of the Destiny cards, though I allowed the others to help him out and make suggestions when they wanted to. Kathy, being the only player to have played the original Torg: The Possibility Wars back in the early 1990s, commented that she really likes the new rules and how the Perks channel some of what the old Drama cards used to do. She’s been keeping the others on the straight and narrow with the basic “roll the d20 and then look at the Bonus Chart at the bottom of the sheet” element of the game. The players liked how I managed to get their Storm Knights together in this session, and are looking forward to the group dynamics from this point out…even if they’re not sure what they’ll be yet.

Looking forward to the next game session. 🙂

Getting Ready for Friday Night Gaming June 15, 2018

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Looking forward to gaming this evening with the Friday night group.

This evening, the Friday night players will be continuing on with the Torg Eternity campaign set in the Living Land that we started a couple of weeks ago. All the players will be here this evening, so I’m looking forward to the game tonight.

In the meantime, KathyB and Ellie have shown up early, and we’re waiting on the order of Chinese food that we’ve ordered in for supper this evening. Looking forward to that as well, since it’s always nice to share some food, Chinese or otherwise, with good friends. And it’s a nice treat for my goddaughter.

Have a good evening, folks. 🙂

Friday Night Game – John Carter of Mars Session Playtest June 9, 2018

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Gaming last night (Friday) was pretty good.

As mentioned, Kathy and Ellie couldn’t make it out last night due to a trip to visit friends and family, but Angela, Mark, and the new player, Peter, decided they wanted to play something. And that something was John Carter of Mars. So I decided to run a small session of a scenario that I’m working on, to see how the adventure was shaping up.

Once the three players showed up at my place around 7:00 pm, I explained what I planned to do with them for the evening, and they were all pretty pleased at the idea. Since there are no pre-generated characters for the game available yet, other than what’s in the Quickstarter, I gave them their options – and the players made their choices: Angela took Dejah Thoris to play, Mark took Kantos Kan for his character, and Peter decided to play John Carter himself. We quickly went over the basic game mechanics and rules, and the players liked the simplicity of them, and then we started play.

The scenario premise was simple: The player characters are returning from a diplomatic mission when as they’re about to leave Zodangan territory, come upon a small town that’s seemingly been devastated by an attack. The heroes learn that their leader, Tal Halan, has been taken by Green Martians. Heading to the ruins nearby, the characters find much more than they bargained for, and– ah, but that would be telling! 🙂

We wrapped up the game session some 4 hours or so later, and the players told me that they’d had a great time adventuring in the world of Barsoom. Peter mentioned that he loved the game mechanics, so simple and easy to learn they were, and as a fan of the John Carter stories he found the game quite faithful to the basic concepts and that it caught the flavour of Barsoom very nicely.

The three players mentioned that they were looking forward to actually getting to play a campaign of John Carter of Mars, and couldn’t wait. Neither can I! 🙂

Getting Ready for Friday Night Gaming, Sort Of June 8, 2018

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The Friday night gaming group will be playing this evening, sort of.

I heard from Kathy this afternoon that she and my goddaughter will be heading out to Burlington, Ontario for the weekend to stay with friends. (The trip was organised about six months ago, so…)

In the meantime, the other three players (Angela, Mark, and Peter) have decided they want to play this evening. Since I won’t be running Torg Eternity with them tonight, as they don’t want to play that without Kathy and Ellie, they said they were game to play something else. So I figure that I’ll run the group through a quick and dirty scenario I have in mind for John Carter of Mars – The Roleplaying Game, using the pre-generated characters from the Quickstart scenario I ran at CanGames.

Should be a good evening of gaming, and I can use the distraction, to be honest. (And no, I’m not saying why.)

Have a good evening, folks. 🙂

Friday Evening Game Report – Torg Eternity, Sessions 1 and 2 June 2, 2018

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The Friday evening gaming group played yesterday, and started their campaign of the Torg Eternity roleplaying game campaign that is set in the Living Land. You can read the post about the characters the players created by following this link. This post is somewhat long, so I’ve put it behind a cut for those who don’t want to read about my roleplaying game campaigns.

Melanie Franconi (Kathy Bauer) – Cat Burglar/Thief
Wendy Saltman (Angela Marsh) – Courier/Street Thief
Sandra Mitchell (Ellie Bauer) – Librarian/Magical Dabbler
Lucas Wells (Mark Williams) – Businessman/Realm Runner
Andrew Quilling/Andar (Peter Johnson) – Transformed (Living Land) Athlete

April 3rd, 2017

The players create their characters for the Torg Eternity roleplaying game. The players begin with an introduction to the world of the Torg Eternity Roleplaying Game, learn some of the basic mechanics of the game, proceed through the introduction to the game world and the basic Glossary, and partake in several samples of combat that teach them the basic mechanics of the system. And how deadly the combat system is.

April 3rd, 2017

The place: Core Earth. The continent of North America. The country of the United States, the state of New York, the city of New York and its immediate environs. The time: the early spring (April 3rd) of the year 2017 AD. The player characters are Melanie Franconi (Kathy), Wendy Saltman (Angela), Sandra Mitchell (Ellie), Lucas Wells (Mark) and Andrew Quilling (Peter). It is a mundane day of the week, but things are about to change in so many ways – and not for the better.

The adventure begins in the city of New York and its environs, on a day like any other. Melanie Franconi (aka “the Black Cat”), a thief and cat burglar of no small reputation is breaking into the fashionable Westchester home of Marne Kirby, as she’s seeking to steal a collection of rubies in possession of the well-to-do suburbanite. Her search for the jewels proceeds well, and then disaster strikes. A security cop spies her, and stops her, questioning her, but then realizing what she’s doing. She leaps through one of the rear house open windows, and the security cop chases her out into the home’s large back garden. The two are taken by surprise to see a massive, oddly coloured, storm with terrible lightning raging around them. Before they can react at all, they are knocked to the ground by a wave of energy that sweeps around them.

In downtown New York, Wendy Saltman, a courier, is going about her business, and has just finished a delivery to the Mann & Carson Insurance offices. Stepping back out into the street, she heads to her vehicle, a dark brown Mazda 3 hatchback. She runs into a young girl, and sees that the girl is with a group of school children on a field trip. She apologizes to the girl, who tells her her name is Janet, and then meets the teacher, Mr. (Steven) Hardiman, who apologizes for Janet, and tells the courier that the field trip to the Marshall Museum is just wrapping up before lunch. The teacher is worried about the storm that is threatening, and Wendy sees the vicious lightning erupting from it all around her. Several of the students scream, and the teacher grabs onto Wendy’s arm as what appears to be a massive bridge of vegetation descends from the heavens. Wendy offers up a prayer, as it seems to be descending into Citi Field – where the New York Mets are opening their season! There is a massive rumble and everyone is thrown to the ground and then a wave of energy passes through Wendy and those around her. Three tremendous bolts of lightning from the storm strike the ground in the area, and Wendy is dazzled and blinded for a moment.

Librarian Sandra Mitchell finishes up her work at the New York Public Library, even as cracks of thunder can be heard in the building and the lights flicker several times. Emerging onto the street, she bumps into someone and realizes that it is her neighbour, Wayne Derson [whom she doesn’t know has a crush on her]. They apologize, and both are scared by the ferocity of the storm raging around them. Wayne says he’s never seen a storm like it, but Sandra isn’t convinced there’s something special about it, other than the sheer violence of it. Wayne asks if he can escort her home, but she says she’ll be all right. At that moment, what feels like an earthquake strikes the area, and three bolts of lightning strike the top of the Library, causing some stonework to fall. As an energy wave of some sort passes through the area, Sandra frantically attempts to dodge the falling debris.

Businessman Lucas Wells is returning to New York from a trip to Boston, flying first class. The aircraft touches down in New York’s main airport, amidst one of the most vicious storms that Lucas has ever seen. He could swear that there are red bolts of lightning striking outside the aircraft’s windows and debarkation proceeds normally. As he peers through the sheets of rain at the air terminal windows, he and the rest of the passengers are horrified to see what appears to be a massive “bridge” of some sort descend from the heavens into the heart of New York. There is a massive earthquake moments later that causes the terminal to shake violently. A wave of energy passes through the area, and all the lights go out and the sound of the air circulation system cuts off. Panic erupts in the airport.

At Citi Field in New York the baseball game between the NY Mets and the Cincinnati Reds is about to start. The new baseball season is upon us! Reds’ right fielder Andrew Quilling sits in the dugout with his teammates as the Reds lead-off hitter strides out to the plate after the national anthem, and the pitcher for the Mets readies to throw the first pitch. The crack of thunder and the bolts of lightning that streak across the sky makes Andrew wonder why they’d play baseball in this weather. As the first pitch hurtles towards the plate, a massive peal of thunder sounds, causing the baseball stadium to shudder, and then a massive bridge of living vegetation mixed with bones descends from the heavens, crashing straight into Citi Field. The impact causes a massive earthquake, and as the players from both teams try to get off the field, a riot erupts in the stands as an energy wave passes through the stadium. Andrew is horrified to see that there are…creatures…descending the vegetation bridge, creatures that look like lizard-men!

Back in Westchester, Melanie climbs to her feet unsteadily. She feels strange, like her body is exposed to mild electric shock. The security cop gets to his feet, and seems dazed and confused. The two are horrified as pair of shadowy figures leap over the garden’s rear wall and head towards them rapidly. Melanie is shocked to see that they are very large lizard-men, wearing some sort of bony hide armour, and carrying vicious looking spears. The security guard comes out of his daze, and charges at them, attempting to fire his pistol at them. The gun seems to be jammed, and the security guard is attacked by the two lizard-men. Uncharacteristically, Melanie leaps forward, grabbing one of the small fence posts that are lying on the ground ready to be hammered into the ground, and rushes at one of the lizard-men. She strikes him with the spear, and inflicts some damage thereby attracting his attention away from the security cop. Her “Moment of Crisis” is upon her [she becomes a Storm Knight] and using her innate defensive abilities and the element of surprise, she takes down the lizard-man she’s facing, and then manages to drive the second one off [she spent two Coup de Grace cards during the fight, and one Drama card]. The security guard[, Chip Haley,] tells her that he’s grateful to her, but she silences him, saying they need to get out of there before more of this “things” come after them. The two of them head out by the gated door leading from the rear garden; Melanie notices the gate itself and the door lock and handle are rusting, but thinks nothing of it.

Wendy Saltman’s vision clears to a scene of horror and devastation. Parts of several buildings have come crashing down, and a multitude of strange vegetation has sprung up in the area in moments. Mr. Hardiman and Janet come up to her, and say they’ve lost the other children and beg her to help them find the rest of the school kids. She is able to help them find 6 of the 12 other children, and then makes a horrifying discovery: two of the children have been killed, but not by falling debris but by what appears to be savage claw marks. She hears a hissing sound from behind her, and turning, is shocked to see what appear to be two small dinosaurs out of the past – velociraptors! Blindly reaching down, she picks up the first object she touches; it’s a hefty flagpole. In a desperate moment, where she also achieves her “Moment of Crisis”, she snaps the flagpole and tears off the flag, thus giving her a makeshift staff that will also serve as a spear in a pinch. As the first velociraptor attacks, she parries its blow and then clubs it, knocking it unconscious [she spends a Hero card to do so. The second creature gets a good shot in with its dewclaws, and she moans in pain as the creature slices her arm. She is saved as several of the children strike the raptor with pieces of rubble, and while it’s distracted she strikes it from behind, skewering it on the flagpole [she rolled an Outstanding Success] and takes the creature down. [Steven] Hardiman thanks her, and then gathering up the remaining children, Wendy and the teacher move away from the area, seeking safety and shelter.

Sandra Mitchell dodges the falling debris, just barely. As she moves off through the deserted, rubble-filled, vegetatively active “streets”, she has the feeling that she is being followed. Turning, she spots a half-dozen what appear to be people following her, but there is also a tall, lizard-man-like figure with them. Seeing they have been spotted, it orders the humans to bring her to him. She realizes that the people in question are no longer homo sapiens but have devolved into an earlier type of apeman – and they are armed with primitive clubs. She thinks one of them was once a policeman, given the torn clothes hanging from his body. She moves off into the jungle-like conditions, trying to evade them, but they somehow keep her track, and she despairs of avoiding them. As she stumbles about, she finds a couple of small spears that she has the impression must have been something else before the storm. She sneaks back the way she came in a roundabout way, and is able to attack one of them, taking it by surprise, but receives a bigger shock when Wayne Derson appears out of nowhere and takes down the second one that manages to grab her by an arm. He clubs it down with what appears to be an oaken branch. Handing her one of the primitive clubs, the two manage to bloody a couple of the creatures’ noses before managing to flee into the wild streets of New York. She goes through her “Moment of Crisis” and feels different somehow, but can’t take the time to figure out what’s happened to her. Unknown to them, the Edeinos Optant that was following them calls off the search for the woman…for now.

At the airport, Lucas Wells keeps his cool, and starts to make his way out of the airport amid the chaos that has erupted around him. He discovers that his mobile phone no longer works, and so armed with nothing but a multi-tool and flashlight, he makes his way through the airport. Concentrating on saving himself, he is momentarily distracted by the sight of two women being menaced by something…a lizard-man!?…and wades in on the creature with his fists. He makes short work of the lizard-man, triggering his “Moment of Crisis”, and agrees to escort the women out of the airport safely. Injured in the fight with the lizard-man, one of the women, Jessie [Haller], notices his predicament and tearing off one of her blouse sleeves fashions a bandage for her. Lucas snatches up one of the spear-like objects from the lizard-man and a bone knife, and the three make their way out of the airport. The surroundings are now filled with vegetation, almost a jungle, and they move cautiously, Lucas leading the way, as they can see lizard-men and other animals in the jungle. “Don’t that beat all,” Lucas says, matter-of-factly.

With the various team players, both Mets and Reds, fleeing back down to the tunnels and the clubhouses below the stadium, Andrew Quilling is all set to join his teammates when he sees two of the lizard-men attacking a pair of women in the stands behind the dugout. With a bestial roar, Andrew charges into the stands, armed with one of his baseball bats, and savagely attacks the two lizard-men who are taken by surprise. The women scream as Andrew approaches, for his “Moment of Crisis” has triggered, and he’s transformed, devolving to a primitive human state! The savagery of the attack and Andrew’s sheer strength takes down the two lizard-men rather quickly [invoking the Law of Savagery doesn’t hurt, and using a Drama card on each of them doesn’t hurt, either!], and while the two women are grateful, they run off. The now somewhat primitive minded Andrew [“Me am…Andar!”] desires nothing more than to be away from the “dead things”, and slowly makes his way out of the Stadium, killing “enemies” as he goes….

Last night’s session of Torg Eternity was absolutely terrific, and a lot of fun. The players certainly enjoyed themselves, and I know that I did. The new player in the group, Peter Johnson (the friend of Mark’s), made his “in play” debut with the other players, and had a great time. He wasn’t sure about the roleplaying games thing due to not having played in over two decades, but he loved his character, had a blast with the game situation to start the Possibility Wars, and found the game mechanics really simple (once he got over the learning curve of the Bonus Chart).

Overall, I was really pleased with how the game session went, and am looking forward to next Friday night’s game session. Lots of fun had with the game (once more). Can’t wait for next week!

Getting Ready for Friday Night Gaming June 1, 2018

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The Friday night gaming group is playing this evening! Hooray! 🙂

Kathy told me this afternoon that the Friday night players are ready to start playing their Torg Eternity RPG campaign, and that they’re quite looking forward to it. This will be the first time that I’ve run a proper campaign game since well before CanGames. (Can’t exactly recall when, to be honest.)

Really looking forward to this evening’s game, folks. Hopefully, my voice will hold out and the cough won’t be too bad. However, need to figure out something for supper.

Have a good night, folks. 🙂

Friday Night Game – Torg Eternity Character Creation May 26, 2018

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As noted in yesterday’s blog entry, Friday night was the first gaming session in which the gamers got back into an rpg in some time (other than some of the CanGames 2018 playtesting, anyway). I had meant to post this message earlier in the day, but that got derailed by doing other things. Ah well, all good things come to those who wait (patiently). 🙂


The Friday night gamers have started to play the Torg Eternity RPG, published by Ulisses Spiele US, based on the original game published by West End Games in 1990 or so. Torg Eternity is a science fantasy modern-day rpg in which invaders from other realities attack Core Earth to impose their realities on the world and steal the Possibility energy of all its inhabitants.

Once the Friday night gamers showed up at my place for the evening, I showed them the Day 1 map of the world, and talked with them about the game world and answered their questions to the best of my ability for about an hour. This covered everything from basic game mechanics, the use of the dice and the three decks of cards (Drama, Destiny and Cosm), and a bit about the cultures of the realms that have been mapped onto Core Earth. Somewhat exhausting for me, given my so-so cough, but nothing that two cups of hot peppermint tea couldn’t have with. From that starting point, we moved on to character generation.

Character generation in the Ulisses Spiele US edition of Torg Eternity is a relatively straightforward, somewhat easy to get through process, that doesn’t requite a lot of thought, but does require making some choices. (You can get an idea of how character generation for the system works with the detailed example, Raven Bradford, that I posted up to the blog yesterday.) That said, half the fun of the character generation system for Torg Eternity is some of these choices, and the neat way that the lives of the characters are influenced by both their own reality as well as that of the invader’s whose realm crashes/crashes down around them. (The World Laws and Axioms are really useful in that regard.)

The characters that the Friday night players created for the Torg Eternity RPG turned out quite interesting and had some interesting backgrounds. The players unanimously decided that they wanted the campaign to be set in the Living Land, at least for the time being, and created appropriate characters. Here’s what the Friday night players created.

KathyB – She decided that she didn’t want to go with one of the game archetypes, and opted to play Melanie Franconi, a cat burglar and thief who got caught by a cop doing her dirty work just when the Maelstrom bridge crashed down in New York. She’s dexterous and spunky.

Angela – She looked over the archetypes and decided that she wanted to play a courier in New York caught during the Maelstrom bridge drop on one of her drops. Angela created Wendy Saltman, a Jewish girl with some religious belief who knows what she’s looking for in life. Well, did…before the start of the Possibility Wars!

Ellie – She looked over the various character archetypes, and decided that there wasn’t one that she really liked. She settled on Sandra Mitchell, a librarian from the Bronx who also dabbled with magic with some friends of hers. Now, there seems to be a way of being what she always wanted!

Mark – Looking over the archetypes, Mark was enamoured with the Realm Runner, and that’s what he created. Lucas Wells is a businessman with a survivalist hobby who was travelling back into central NYC when the Maelstrom bridge dropped.

Peter Johnson – The newest player to the group, brought in by Mark, who’s still not sure about this “gaming thing”. He liked the basic premise of the game, and is playing Andrew Quilling, a baseball player who has been transformed to a Living Land native. He’s not very bright any more, but likes swinging his baseball bat at enemies.

All in all, an interesting group of characters with a lot of potential, and the players had a good deal of fun with the process and really did a good job of coming up with ideas on how their characters would meet, though not necessarily know each other. Peter got into the game more and more as the evening went on, especially after I had the players make some sample rolls to see how the mechanics worked, and then let them look through the Destiny cards! 🙂 The players didn’t struggle with character generation, finding things relatively simple, and Ellie (who’d never experienced the original Torg: The Possibility Wars) was quite fond of the Bonus Chart mechanic. Overall, the players quite liked the character generation system for the Torg Eternity RPG, and are now looking forward to starting their game on next Friday night (my health willing).

For that matter, so am I! 🙂

Getting Ready for Friday Night Gaming May 25, 2018

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The Friday gaming group has decided that we are going to play this evening!

And I was surprised, to be honest. Given that I’ve got con crud (though felt better this afternoon), I wasn’t sure the players would want to play and take the chance they might catch it, but they’ve decided we’ve had enough breaks, sick days, holidays and the like and they just want to game. That said, I’m feeling up to gaming tonight, so will see how much I lose my voice and all that. Hot tea tonight, methinks.

The players informed me through their spokesperson, Kathy, that they want to create their characters for the Torg Eternity RPG, so am quite looking forward to seeing what they come up with as a group.

This will be the first time in quite some time that the Friday night gamers meet and game. Really looking forward to the game tonight. Supper awaits.

Have a good night, folks. 🙂

Friday Night Gaming May 25, 2018

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There is a chance this evening that I will be gaming with the Friday night group of players.

This will depend on whether they want to take a chance of contracting (or not contracting) the con crud that I’ve been hit with. I feel a bit better today, but am somewhat weak.

Will know a bit later today.