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7 or 6 Days to Go on Torg: Eternity Kickstarter June 23, 2017

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For those who are interested, the Torg: Eternity Kickstarter has only seven (7) or so days left before it ends, and we need *you* to join us as a Storm Knight and help take on the High Lords! Here’s the link to the KS page.

Torg: Eternity Kickstarter

There’s a lot of good pledge levels on the KS page, so hope you find something that intrigues you enough to back the game. 🙂

And to whet your appetite a bit more, the Q & A session with one of the designers, Darrell Hayhurst, on Dan Davenport’s The Hardboiled GMshoe’s Office website last night was quite long, and highly informative. Check it out at the link below…

[Q&A] Darrell Hayhurst (Torg: Eternity)

Perhaps that will inspire you or encourage you even more to back the game. 🙂


The Storm Has a (New) Name… June 16, 2017

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Yes, it’s back…! For those who are interested, I caved in and backed the Torg: Eternity RPG Kickstarter over on that site, spending a lot of money on it. Here’s the link to the Kickstarter for folks interested.

Torg: Eternity Kickstarter

I have always been a fan of the Torg game (originally called TORG: The Possibility Wars), and really enjoyed the game and its mechanics, but stopped running it around 1992 or so. When my entire collection of TORG game materials burned in a fire in 1997, I found it difficult to find the game products at a reasonable price, and so abandoned the game.

However, now the game is back from a new publisher, but with many of the original design team working behind the scenes to make the game better than it was, make improvements, correct problems with the game, and bring it into the modern gaming environment, but still retaining its “feel” and the mechanics that made it TORG in the first place.

I can’t wait for the new version of the game, Torg: Eternity, to come out. I *want* to run this game again!

Trudvang Chronicles Kickstarter in the Final 22 Hours! October 2, 2016

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Something that I haven’t done so far…

One of the Kickstarters that I’ve been backing for the last month or so is the Trudvang Chronicles RPG Kickstarter project.

What is The Trudvang Chronicles? Trudvang Chronicles is an award-winning fantasy roleplaying game published in Swedish in 2000 by RiotMinds (with a revised edition in 2006) based on the mysterious and dark Nordic and Celtic sagas and myths. This is a world of enchanted forests, trolls, dragons, spirits of nature, heroes and adventures. Trudvang is both grim and dark, epic and yet down to earth, with a melancholy tone of an ancient age when nature was a living creature and magic was wild and strong. But above all, Trudvang is a saga. And this marvellous game is now being brought to the English audience.

While I am really fond of Norse mythology and gaming (as most of those who follow my blog know), most (if not all) Norse inspired roleplaying games are about Vikings or about the pre-Viking cultures and societies. The Trudvang Chronicles is a fantasy rpg inspired by the Norse and Celtic myths, with stunning artwork, a detailed game world that invokes the Scandinavian inspirations, and isn’t about Vikings (per sé ).

The Kickstarter for the game has already brought in over 2.4 million SEK (Swedish currency), and has almost 3,000 backers for the game. Given the Kickstarter is in its last 20+ hours or so, if you have any interest in this mythology and the kind of game world that The Trudvang Chronicles offers, please take a look at the Trudvang Chronicles RPG Kickstarter, and if it appeals to you, pledge around it in these final hours.

It’s Here!!! It’s Here!!! July 26, 2016

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It’s here, it’s here!!!

Ils sont arrivés !!!

My copies of the Polaris 3rd Edition books and materials from the Kickstarter have arrived!! Mon dieu!! They’re just…beautiful! Magnifiques! 🙂

Just…stunning! 🙂

Polaris RPG Books at the BBE Warehouse July 19, 2016

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Excellent news over on the Polaris 3rd Edition RPG front today.

In the latest Update (#61) on the Polaris 3rd Edition Kickstarter today, it was announced that the materials for the backers have reached the U.S. warehouse and shipment of backer pledges will be starting any time now.

The folks at Black Book Editions posted up the photo above, among others, of the various materials that have arrived at the warehouses (and presumably in the offices in Lyons, France).

Anyway, really looking forward to the game! 🙂

The Coriolis – The Third Horizon RPG Kickstarter July 18, 2016

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For those who are roleplaying gamers and interested in such things, there’s a new science fiction roleplaying game on the horizon (pun intended) that’s currently being Kickstarted.

Coriolis – The Third Horizon is a Swedish roleplaying game that is being published in English by Fria Ligan/Free League Publishing (site is in Swedish, folks!), and that looks amazing in terms of the artwork for the game, but has a rather neat set of conceits and conceptions. Here’s the link to the Kickstarter itself:

Coriolis – The Third Horizon Kickstarter Page

Aside from the rules of the game (which are based on the Mutant: Year Zero system from the same company in association with Modiphius Entertainment), Coriolis – The Third Horizon has a neat premise: Firefly meets the Arabian Nights! It features a unique blend of semi-hard sci-fi and stories like the old Arabian Nights. Coriolis has starships, portals, beam weapons… but also janissaries, djinni, and wandering prophets. It has desert kasbahs with bio-engineered camels and floating anti-grav palaces with emirs carried in litters by their human servants. It mixes the fantastic sense of wonder from science fiction with the fantasy of fairy tales.

The other neat aspect of the game are the Icons, gods that actually listen to your prayers much like the pantheon from fantasy stories, but with faces that fit the culture and sci-fi setting of Coriolis. For example, the Icon that serves as protector of all starship crews is often portrayed like a tired boy holding a switch key. The Icons’ antithesis is the Dark between the Stars, a primordial force without angle or vector, which feeds and influences the people of The Third Horizon.

Overall, Coriolis – The Third Horizon looks to be a fascinating game, and I pledge around it back on Friday. I hope this post gives you some interest in the game, and perhaps motivates you to take a peek at the Kickstarter, and perhaps pledge around the game.