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Respiratory Tests July 7, 2017

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Just got home from having the respiratory tests.

I got to the facility where the tests were scheduled, Bank Respiratory Services, around 1:00 pm, and didn’t have to wait all that long.

I don’t really know how to describe the tests themselves, other than to say that they involved a lot of heavy (*whoosh!*) breathing, controlled breathing, panting breaths, and some other stuff. I will say that I wish I had taken a photo of the room where I’d had the tests, ’cause there was some cool gadgets and gizmos in there. As a bit of a humourous side note, I will say that the nasal clip that is used to prevent you from nose breathing kept slipping off my nose! The tests took about 45 minutes to an hour, and left me feeling a bit dizzy and panting, but that was to be expected.

After spending a bit of time recovering in the waiting room, I headed over to my favourite Harvey’s restaurant and had an Angus burger, some onion rings, and a bottle of water. (While I love Harvey’s, I think I’m getting tired of their food fare. Need to find somewhere else to eat lunches on these days of doctor appointments.) From there, it was over to the pharmacy to pick up some insulin that I had ordered, and finally back to my house, where I took a 45-minute nap and then got down to stuff that I needed to do around the house.


Thoughts of Friday and the Weekend April 28, 2017

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Had a long, somewhat tiring day at work today. Friday usually means work meetings and the like, and this morning meant several of those. Add to that the fact that I didn’t get a good night’s sleep. The thunderstorms around 1:00 am woke me up, and kept me awake until around 3 o’clock. So definitely didn’t feel rested when I woke up to get ready for work.

Now that I’m home from work, I can start thinking about the weekend and all. I need to get some work done on some of the characters for the scenarios I’ll be running at CanGames 2017. This evening, I’ll be playtesting one of those scenarios with the Friday night gaming group. Look forward to that.

For now, a bit of a nap after lunch, and then some gaming work.

Relaxing Afternoon, With Housework October 19, 2016

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I had a very relaxing day after work.

I came hope and napped for about 25 minutes this afternoon, and took care of a few things around the house. Needed to do some laundry and a little bit of vacuuming in the bedroom, and had a good afternoon of it overall.

Meant to do a little bit of work on the Chill 3rd Edition RPG scenario that I’ll be running for Halloween over the next week or so, but didn’t get around to that. Needed the rest more, I guess. The adventure is coming along, and will be ready in time, but still… Ah, well, the body needs what the body needs.

Getting Ready for Wednesday Night Gaming September 7, 2016

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Came home from work and relaxed somewhat after the stresses of the day. Needed a bit of a nap, and took that before doing some watching of tv PVR stuff (rather annoyed that I can’t pick up the DVDs of The Night Shift), and then did a bit of work on gaming stuff.

Currently, I’m sitting here eating some pizza (chicken with green peppers, mushrooms, and pineapple) before gaming with the Wednesday gaming group. They’ll be continuing with the character generation process that they started for the Polaris RPG, and I’m hoping that they’ll be able to finish off their characters tonight.

In the meantime, I want to finish up supper, and then get ready for the players to show up.

Have a good night, folks.