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Respiratory Tests July 7, 2017

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Just got home from having the respiratory tests.

I got to the facility where the tests were scheduled, Bank Respiratory Services, around 1:00 pm, and didn’t have to wait all that long.

I don’t really know how to describe the tests themselves, other than to say that they involved a lot of heavy (*whoosh!*) breathing, controlled breathing, panting breaths, and some other stuff. I will say that I wish I had taken a photo of the room where I’d had the tests, ’cause there was some cool gadgets and gizmos in there. As a bit of a humourous side note, I will say that the nasal clip that is used to prevent you from nose breathing kept slipping off my nose! The tests took about 45 minutes to an hour, and left me feeling a bit dizzy and panting, but that was to be expected.

After spending a bit of time recovering in the waiting room, I headed over to my favourite Harvey’s restaurant and had an Angus burger, some onion rings, and a bottle of water. (While I love Harvey’s, I think I’m getting tired of their food fare. Need to find somewhere else to eat lunches on these days of doctor appointments.) From there, it was over to the pharmacy to pick up some insulin that I had ordered, and finally back to my house, where I took a 45-minute nap and then got down to stuff that I needed to do around the house.


The Tuesday That Was September 7, 2016

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Yesterday (Tuesday) was one of the longest days I’ve had in a while.

The morning started off well enough, with work keeping me busy, though I’d had a bit of a rough night in terms of bowel problems, but that was something that I was expecting. I came home from work, changed into non-office attire, and headed over to the doctor’s office for my appointment. The test results on my wrist showed nothing really wrong, but his diagnosis was that I’m either suffering from neuropathy induced problems or the eary stages of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Either way, he told me we’ll keep an eye on things, and gave me some suggestions on how to handle the occasional pain and some stuff that I can do for it.

From the doctor’s office, I went over to the Billings Bridge Plaza, and had some lunch. Specifically a bacon and chicken wrap at Tim Horton’s with a bottle of water. Very nice, and quite tasty, but not as filling as I’d hoped. I had agreed to meet SteveR at the house so managed to get back to the house just a few minutes before he arrived, and then grabbing up some of the stuff I had that needed photocopying, we headed out.

We went to the pharmacy, as we both had to pick up prescriptions and I also needed to clean up a mess with some of the prescription orders. Once that was done, we headed over to Business Depot, and I did the printing I needed for the Polaris RPG while also picking up a couple of blue binders. It was a pretty hot day, and we both had a bit of an appetite, so we went over to Harvey’s and had a hot dog with a small milkshake (mine was vanilla), though I didn’t finish the latter. From Harvey’s it was back to my place where SteveR dropped me off, and while he headed back home.

I took a small sitz bath (as I was drenched from the heat outdoors), and then had a bottle of water to hydrate myself, and some celery sticks with some cream cheese as a light snack. The rest of what was left of the afternoon went nicely, although I did take a slight nap. And then just before supper it started. Bowel problems. The kind where basically you make a mess of the bathroom floor. ‘Nuff said. I cleaned the mess up, and then finally got around to making supper (amid several more trips to the bathroom), and finally settled down enough for the rest of the night that I could just sit back, put my (badly aching and swollen) foot up, and relax.

I woke up this morning feeling relatively fine, though I’ve still got some pain in the left ankle, and it’s pretty much swollen up again and is quite painful. Work is keeping me busy this morning, and that’s good.

But I could really use a nap soon. Maybe this afternoon.