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Getting Ready for Sunday Afternoon Gaming May 6, 2018

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This afternoon’s gaming session is on.

Tammy is not working today, and so we’re going to do some Sunday gaming. And I’m getting to play today! Yay! 🙂

SteveR is going to be running the Star Trek Adventures roleplaying game today, specifically the scenario that he plans to run at CanGames 2018 in two weeks. I’m looking forward to the game this afternoon, ’cause I get to play in it! It’ll be interesting to see the differences in this game’s engine and the one for the John Carter of Mars – The Roleplaying Game, which I’m running at the convention.

In the meantime, I need to get myself together for the day, and get ready for some lunch.

Have a good afternoon, folks. 🙂


Friday Night Board Gaming Thoughts July 22, 2017

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Spent last night gaming with the Friday night group, and had a pretty good time of it.

The Friday night gaming group arrived around 7:00 pm (including Ellie, who had decided she missed gaming a bit, and wanted to play), and we sat around and chatted for about 10 minutes about the week that was and Real Life(tm). The group discussed what they wanted to play, and agreed that they could wait on roleplaying games a bit, so we discussed what games to play in the board game variety.

The group decided to start with a couple of games of The Great Dinosaur Rush. This is a game that I really like, but haven’t played in a bit. In the first game, the scores were as follows.

KathyB/Ellie 93
Angela 110
DavidM 89
Mark 92
JohnK 98

It was a very close game for the longest time, right up until the final Turn, and Angela leapt in front with a really neat dinosaur design, and I…fell short on my dinosaur design and didn’t score enough points. Still, a fun game.

The second game was a lot of fun, too. The scores in that game were:

Kathy 90
Angela 94
DavidM 100
Mark/Ellie 103
JohnK 92

Another fun game, and even closer score-wise than the first game had been. Mark/Ellie and DavidM went right down to the wire with this one, the final Turn proving to be DavidM’s downfall, as Kathy and I snagged a few points and managed to break the 90-point mark. Some interesting dinosaur designs in this one, too.

The final game of the night was Pandemic, and this one, was as usual, a nail biter of a game. It was unclear right up until the evening’s end as to whether we’d beat the various plagues or not, and I thought we did pretty wel. I played the Scientist, and we managed to contain the Red and Yellow plagues, eliminated the Blue plague, but were decimated when the Black plague spread outward from Moscow. It was a fun, if nerve wracking, game and I was pleased when with about two cards left in the Deck we were able to wipe out the fourth plague and win the game.

Overall, a fun evening of board gaming and some good camaraderie. Looking forward to gaming next Friday night. 🙂

A Friday Night of Board Gaming July 15, 2017

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Last night, as mentioned in my previous blog entry, the Friday night gaming group agreed to play board games. Things went according to plan.

The Friday night players, including Ellie (who apparently favours board gaming to roleplaying games these days), arrived around 7:00 pm. We sat and chatted for a bit, probably around 10 minutes, and then got down to some board gaming for the evening. After a bit of discussion, we settled on what we were going to play for the night. (Sorry, no pics.)

By consensus, the group agreed to start off with a game of Dragonriders of Pern, one of my old favourites in the board gaming landscape. In the game, I took on the role of Benden Weyr, and did a good job of it (relatively speaking). I spent a few Turns that fortunately had light Threadfall making a couple of deals with Lord Holders, and reached an agreement with a couple of the other players on where we’d mutually fight Thread if the need arose. As usual, it did (of course), and the middle part of the game was spent frantically fighting Threadfall. The game lasted for approximately 2-1/2 hours, and in the end, we had hung on and fought Thread to a standstill, though not without losing a few flights of dragons here and there. An overall highly satisfying game.

Afterwards, Ellie caught sight of the old Torg RPG materials lying around in the den, and asked me what I was doing with those out. We talked about Torg: Eternity somewhat (she had never played the original, as she hadn’t been born yet!), and she was intrigued. After the discussion about the game, the Friday night players packed up and left for the night.

Overall, a satisfying night of board gaming. I look forward to the next evening of gaming, board or otherwise, with the Friday night group.

Played The Princes of Machu Picchu on Sunday Afternoon July 10, 2017

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Had a pretty good afternoon of gaming on Sunday afternoon, despite the absolute pain in my shoulder.

SteveR showed up around the usual time, and after a bit of chat, we got down to some board gaming for the afternoon. We had planned to play a game of The Princes of Machu Picchu for the afternoon, a fun game that has some cooperation mixed in with some competitive elements, and had a good time of it.

We started off the afternoon by taking all the components of the game out of the box, and counting everything up and making sure that they were all there. We were able to note the condition of the pieces that had gotten wet last weekend when Tammy dumped some water on the game board and pieces (see this LJ entry), and sure enohgh, other than the board itself, all the pieces that got wet are splitting. (I think I’ve managed to order some replacement copies of those pieces, but am still waiting to hear on this matter.) Once we had taken care of that, we set up the board for a three-player game, and this is what the game board looked like.

The Princes of Machu Picchu is a game that’s lots of fun, and has a lot of different aspects to it the players have to juggle as the game progresses. The Cloth good can be very important in the game, but the Llamas are just as important in their own way. We played for just under three hours, and managed to avoid the win by the Spanish, instead winning the game with the claiming of all 15 Priests and Virgins. Then it was just a matter of totalling up the Victory Points and seeing who won.

The game play was interesting, as it took a lot more goods (3 Cloth, a Pottery, and a Cocoa) to claim a Virgin as opposed to the Puma or Condor Priests. Since one can only move one area on the map at a time, unless one is willing to pay a Llama, and since Llamas are also used to sacrifice at Temples in order to advance on the Incatrail (and thus gain new Sacrifice cards that are used to determine Victory Points (unless the Spanish win, of course)), there is a premium on certain goods. Corn, the monetary unit for the game, also has its purpose, but so do Pottery and Cocoa goods. One of the things that the game teaches is resource management, since one only has so many Incas in order to produce goods in various production areas. I won the game, beating Steve by the fact that I had lots of Corn producers and snagged several Virgins early on for the win.

Overall, a fun afternoon of gaming with The Princes of Machu Picchu, a board game that has good replayability, and also has elements of cooperation that I really like. Looking forward to playing it again in future.

Sunday Afternoon Board Gaming July 2, 2017

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Gaming is done for the day. Thank Goddess.

I finished lunch a bit late, but that was all right. I’d eaten a slightly late breakfast, and then I had the misfortune of breaking two glasses in the kitchen. Couldn’t hold the two glasses in my hands. (Part of the shoulder issues, which are getting worse.)

When Tammy and SteveR showed up, we got ready for gaming and discussed what we were going to do. Tammy decided that she wanted to give me the Sunday off from gaming (since tomorrow is my birthday), so SteveR agreed with her that we’d do a board game, and I didn’t run Torg: Eternity. When it came down to it, we played a game of The Princes of Machu Picchu for the afternoon.

About 2 o’clock or so, the accident occurred. Tammy had her tall glass of water on the gaming table (which I’ve repeatedly told her not to do over the years), and she accidentally dumped a third of the glass on the table, soaking part of the game and several of the counters, as well as getting SteveR pretty wet and part of the living room carpet under the table. Several of the counters and a large summary tile got soaked, and are pretty useless for playing the game now, as they haven’t dried out completely. And the large tile is…squishy and bendy. The other counters are starting to peel apart. Anyway, I was pretty annoyed as you can imagine, but didn’t comment on it (though my face showed my feelings, I guess), and we re-started the game and had a pretty good afternoon of it.

I didn’t play very well, distracted by what had happened and the shoulder pain that I was in despite trying not to move around too much. Didn’t manage to get myself a High Priest until late in the game, though I did respectably when the final Victory Points were counted out.

The Princes of Machu Picchu is a game that I really like, though I hadn’t played the game in some time. Overall, a decent afternoon of board gaming marred by a few bad things and silly things.

Oh, the black forest cake was pretty good! 🙂

a tall glass of water

A Saturday Night of Board Gaming April 30, 2017

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As noted elsewhere, yesterday (Saturday) was International Tabletop Day.

In order to honour all manner of gaming, spending time together, and having fun, I managed to get the Friday gaming group together for the evening, and we played some board games. Yay! 🙂

Once the players arrived at my place, we started the evening off in fine fettle with a game of Dragonriders of Pern, a board game that I never tire of. I ended up playing Telgar Weyr, and had a good game of it (relatively speaking). We spent the first few Turns making some quick deals here and there with Lord Holders, and fighting Thread (of course). Several flights of dragons got seriously injured in a couple of Threadfalls, but we managed to hang on, though a couple of people got greedy and tried to change the loyalty of some of the Lord Holders. This led to a flurry of Duels between Weyrleaders, and a few weyrs (such as Telgar, I might add) that had to take on some extra load during subsequent Threadfalls. We ended up stopping the game after 2-1/2 hours, but were managing to hold our own against Threadfall. So that’s a win! 🙂

The players decided to finish up the night with a game of Tales of the Arabian Nights. As usual, this was a fun game. Needless to say, we didn’t finish the game, though Angela was found at the end of the game time to have come the closest to victory. I’m not going to go into detail about the game, but will say that I had a blast playing the game, and had fun watching my character suffer the slings and arrows of Fate. Even caught Kathy mumbling about wishing she had an Icon to pray to for help! 🙂 I only got Lost once during the play of the game and didn’t get shape-shifted, so I can’t complain. 🙂

Overall, I had a fun night of board gaming with the Friday night group, and it was a lovely way to spend a good Saturday evening with friends and to celebrate International Tabletop Day.

A Friday Evening of Tales of the Arabian Nights February 11, 2017

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As mentioned in yesterday’s blog, the Friday night group of players did come out to play. However, since I had only just received my copies of the Coriolis – The Third Horizon RPG materials from the Kickstarter, we weren’t able to play that on Friday night.

When the various players arrived, all by about 7:10 pm, the first thing they noticed was the “terrible” (one player even used the word “nasty”) odour of the Coriolis – The Third Horizon game products. That said, they did “ooh” and “aah” over the books, and loved what they saw, but we quickly turned our attention to discussing the week’s events and then decided on what to play for the evening. “To get us into the mood of the sci-fi rpg” (as they all stated one way or the other), the players decided they wanted to board game – specifically the Tales of the Arabian Nights game that we’ve enjoyed in the past.

I’m not going to go into detail about the game, but suffice to say that we managed to play a complete game in around 3-1/2 hours or so, we didn’t rush things, and just had fun watching the characters suffering the slings and arrows of Fate, Arabian Nights style.

Suffice it to say, I got cursed, haunted, imprisoned, shape-changed into an animal, and Lost in the game (several times), but I did manage to go to a magnificent mystical place (where I got shape-changed, by the way). I didn’t win the game, DavidM did, but I couldn’t have cared less as I was having so much darn fun and just having a relaxing evening, enjoying the adventures and mishaps of my character (and those of the other players and their characters).

It’s been a while since I got to play this game, and an enjoyable night was had all around. Tales of the Arabian Nights certainly hit the right spot for me last night. 🙂

Friday Night Game – Sixcess Core Fantasy, Session 11 February 4, 2017

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Spent a good evening gaming with the Friday night group last night. DavidM continued on with the Sixcess Core campaign that he’s running. You can read the report on the tenth session by following the link.

The players showed up at my place around 7:00 pm, and we spent a bit of time chatting about the week that was, and then DavidM announced it was time to get started.


Herna of Morspell (Kathy) – Swordswoman
Safira Markas (Angela) – Sorceress
Adara Theniss (Ellie) – Thief
Barak Thar (Mark) – Caravan guard
Haven Randar (JohnK) – Forester

Day 12, Month 5, Year 3512

The ogres were not all that difficult to track in the dark by torchlight, as they left such large, deep prints and carnage in their wake. It was obvious from the tracks that our companions did not make it easy for them, though I was concerned at some blood traces. Eventually my eyes caught sight of fire light, and I doused the torch, and cautioned Safira Markas to stealth and quiet. She told me that she had a few spells that would be effective for our purposes, but I said that I’d rather hold off on magic until we might really need it. She acquiesced, but didn’t seem happy, and was obviously worried about our companions (especially Adara Theniss). We snuck up on the ogre camp cautiously, and discovered that my suspicions were correct – there were two of the creatures. They are forest ogres, eight feet tall, large and somewhat stocky, with moss and leaves for hair, and carrying clubs and what might have been longswords (that appeared to be short swords) belted at their sides.

Looking around the camp, I finally spotted Safira and my companions, Herna of Morspell, Adara, and Barak Thar. They were trussed together, close to the fire, their belongings and equipment laid out in a pile close by. Barak seemed to be having trouble moving, and Safira whispered to me that he appeared to have a broken arm. Herna had a gash on her right leg that made me cringe. I told Safira that I was going to scout around. She told me to be careful, and that she would see what she might come up with using her abilities; her voice bespoke her anger at how our companions had been treated. I warned her not to do anything rash, but she merely chuckled softly and said that she wouldn’t; she trusted my forest abilities and judgement.

I moved off as quietly as I was able, and scouted around to see what the lay of the land was. The forest ogres had set their camp near a stream, but only had a small fire nearby (as they are quite frightened of it). There was no way that I wanted an open confrontation with the two creatures, though they didn’t appear to be wearing any form of heavy armour, just some light wood boarding serving that purpose over filthy clothing. Returning to Safira’s side, accidentally making her jump (though it fortunately didn’t alert the ogres, dumb as they are), I told her what I’d seen, and said that I thought I had a plan.

We retreated somewhat from the ogre camp, so that we could discuss things properly. The key, I told Safira, was fire. Since the forest ogres were afraid of it, that would be the primary weapon. I gathered up several sharp sticks and some branches that I hoped would serve as torches, and Safira and I shaped them as best we could into arrows, the sorceress using some of her magic to make them sharper. Once we were ready, we moved quietly over to a place that I thought offered some shelter, and lit a small fire (hopefully out of the ogres’ sight). Lighting several of the makeshift arrows, I started firing them at the two ogres (using all the skill I possessed, and hopefully with some luck), who were visible from where we were located. With luck, the first arrow struck one of the two ogres right in the left side of the chest, and the creature’s “armour” immediately burst into flame. The second shot landed slightly wide, but by that time, Safira had launched her own attack, sending a small bolt of fire at the second ogre, striking it firmly in the chest. It burst into flames, and a satisfied Safira grinned somewhat bloodthirstily at the creature. Lighting two of the branches, I charged towards the ogres, Safira following me as quickly as she could with torches of her own.

I don’t really remember much of what happened after that, as things happened very fast. Adara had not been as helpless as she let on, and was free of the ogre restraints, and had managed to free Herna as well. The northern warrior ignored the pain she must have been in, and grabbing up her longsword attacked the creature that wasn’t a raging ball of of fire, screaming in the night. Her battle cries mixed with the screams of the ogre in a cacophany that I wouldn’t soon forget. I helped Herna as best I could, handing her one of the burning torches, and shoving the other at the creature. Meanwhile, Safira threw her torches at the burning ogre, and did something that seemed to…magnify the effects of the fire. With both of the creatures dead, Safira made sure through some arcane means that the fires did not spread into the forest proper, for which I was grateful.

In the aftermath of the fight with the ogres, Safira and I did the best we could on the spot for both Herna’s leg wounds and Barak’s serious arm and shoulder injuries. Oddly enough, Adara hadn’t really been injured by the ogres, though she was very scared about the whole ordeal. Safira praised me for the plan of attack that I came up with, and was also gratified she got to keep her promise to the ogres. We managed to get both Barak and Herna to the spot where I’d set up the small fire, and made it into a proper campfire before tending to their injuries more seriously. Safira and I learned of how the three had been taken by surprise by the ogres, and how the fight had not gone their way. They were grateful to us for coming to their rescue, though Barak weakly asked with humour why it had taken us so long. Safira, Adara, and I did the best we could for Herna’s and Barak’s injuries, and made camp for the night.

I was exhausted when sunrise came, having taken almost triple watch duty, but nothing untoward occurred during the night, though I sensed that wild animals and scavengers had made short work of the two ogre bodies. It was late the next morning before we felt ready to do much of anything. Herna’s natural healing abilities served her well, and Barak was in fine spirits after Safira and I reset his left shoulder, though his physical injuries would take some time to heal. With his arm well splinted partially immobilised, the five of us sat around the campfire by the morning’s light, and talked about what we would do next. It was decided that it wasn’t worth trying to get to Pasran Wood now, not with two of us being so sorely hurt. Safira closed her eyes for a few moments, and then said that should thought there was a small village some few miles to the north of us. Barak said there were several villages in this area, near to the wood, but careful not to take too many chances. Safira said it was best to head in that direction, as both Herna and Barak (regardless of their claims) needed proper healing assistance.

Once the decision was made, we tidied the area of the campsite, helped split the equipment and provisions we had for the trip (taking our injured comrades into account), and set off for the village. As we slowly moved off through the vegetation, Adara complained, “But we never got to see Pasran Wood!” We all laughed at that, and Barak said, “I guess not.” As we continued to travel on our way, the question raised some debate…

Friday night’s game session of DavidM’s Sixcess Core fantasy campaign was very enjoyable, and I thought that the session had a bit of everything in it. We wrapped up the second adventure DavidM had come up with for us, and it was a lot of fun. I was sad that DavidM’s running has come to a close, since I enjoyed being on the players’ side of the GM Screen. DavidM told me afterwards that he enjoyed running the game, but that he felt that he didn’t plan enough in advance, and that he doesn’t envy me being on the other side of the GM Screen again.

Anyway, a lovely game session to wrap up the scenario, and everyone seems to have had a good time. I’m not sure what will be on the gaming schedule for next Friday, but I’m somewhat looking forward to it, though wishing DavidM were still running! 🙂

Getting Ready for Friday Night Gaming February 3, 2017

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A very cold day here in the Ottawa valley, so expecting the evening to be just as cold, if not positively freezing.

I’m getting ready for an evening of gaming with the Friday night group. Rather looking forward to this evening, since I’m still getting to play in a game!

DavidM will be continuing his Sixcess Core fantasy gaming campaign this evening, though he says that he hopes to wrap up the current scenario for the evening.

Anyway, time to head upstairs and eat some for supper.

Have a good evening, folks.

Friday Night Game – Sixcess Core Fantasy, Session 10 January 28, 2017

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I had a good evening last night with the Friday night gaming group, am quite enjoying playing in the game. DavidM continued on with the Sixcess Core campaign that he’s running. You can read the report on the ninth session by following the link.

All the players came out to game yesterday, despite the several centimetres of snow that fell on Ottawa in the hours leading up to the game evening. Once DavidM and the other players showed up at my place around 7:10 pm or so last night, we sat around and chatted about the week for a bit, before DavidM announced that it was time to get started.


Herna of Morspell (Kathy) – Swordswoman
Safira Markas (Angela) – Sorceress?
Adara Theniss (Ellie) – Thief
Barak Thar (Mark) – Caravan guard
Haven Randar (JohnK) – Forester

Day 8, Month 5, Year 3512

As we exited into the daylight, I gasped at my first sight of the treetop city. Adara Theniss was surprised, but I told her that I’d not seen the city to this point. A maze of trees, walkways, what looked like catwalks, and masses of greenery here and there greeted my eyes. Much more crowded than I expected as well, as Fulthiim was a centre of the woods elves. Adara led me through a small part of the place, and we reached a large, long structure that rested some 25 feet above the ground. There, I found the others enjoying a mid-day meal. Herna of Morspell came up and gave me a hug, but let go quickly when I winced from the shoulder pain, and the others greeted me as well.

The next couple of days passed in something of a blur, as I saw parts of the city, met woods elves who were both friendly and outgoing when they realised my vocation, and sat and talked with Herna, Safira Markas, Adara, and Barak Thar. It was decided on the fourth day, after Meriel pronounced me fit to travel, that we decided that it was time to leave Fulthiim. With the assistance of the woods elves and fresh supplies, we eventually found ourselves on the outskirts of the woodland territory that the Fulthiimi considered theirs. Herna and Barak consulted for a minute, and then asked me to lead the way. When I inquired where, Barak smiled and said, “To Pasran Wood, of course,” and gestured towards the north.

After a couple of days travel, during which we had no incidents of note, although we did learn more about each other, we came to a fast-flowing, somewhat wide river. Since we couldn’t fjord it, we decided that Safira and I would head upstream and the others would head downstream to search for a place to cross, but agreed that more than two miles was more than sufficient; we would meet back at this spot as soon as possible. Safira and I set off at a good pace, but I slowed down somewhat when I saw that she wasn’t able to sustain it. My forest lore allowed me to spot some herbs that would be useful, both for cooking and making remedies, and I collected some of these, trying not to lose too much time. We came to a spot along the river where Safira asked if we could rest a moment, and I agreed. Looking around, I saw prints in the soft, wet earth near the riverside itself – what appeared to be a large animal, perhaps a bear, no more than a day old – and informed Safira. We decided not to dawdle, but moved forward cautiously nevertheless. Spotting something, i warned Safira to be quiet; standing at the river’s edge, lapping water, was one of the largest brown bears I’d ever seen, at least 7 feet tall. There was another adult, male by the look of him, nearby, and a small cub. Not wanting to be antagonistic, I signalled to Safira and we stealthily moved away and headed back to the rendezvous point with the other three.

Safira and I returned to the rendezvous point, to find that Herna, Adara, and Barak had not returned. We drank some water, and had a bit of food while we waited for the others to return, but we both grew worried when they did not return even as the sun was getting low in the sky. Safira said that she felt something had happened, and that we had to go after them. I agreed, and locating the tracks of Barak and Adara, the two of us set off after them. We had only travelled a couple of miles before the sun started to set, and I was reluctant to continue, but Safira said that our friends were in terrible trouble and that we had to go on. Making a torch out of some available material and some cloth from my ruined shirt (from the fight with the wood elves), I lit it and we travelled on through the forest cautiously. I heard Safira curse, and when she asked me to come over, I saw that she was looking down at a pack that I recognised as being Barak’s. I saw that there was blood on the pack, and near it, and Safira pointed out a rather large print in the soft ground near the tree where the pack was. I recognised the print as that of an ogre, and was able to see about a half dozen ogre prints in the area; there were two ogres in the area, from what I could tell. I also saw small human prints that I thought might be Adara’s. Safira seemed scared, and she had good reason to be if we were indeed up against ogres, but I managed to calm her down, and said we needed to follow the prints. Safira grimly said that if the “vile creatures” had harmed our friends in any way, she’s burn them to ashes. We set off by torchlight, and followed the tracks of the ogres.

Friday night’s session of the Sixcess Core fantasy campaign that DavidM is running was a lot of fun, and went extremely well. This session must be frustrating to read for folks here, since I am writing this blog entry (and the others to this point) from the point of view of my character, Haven Randar. You don’t know what was going on with the other three characters (Herna, Adara, and Barak) at the table, but both Angela and I do (though our characters don’t, of course). I’ll just say that the next session of the game could be…interesting, not to mention dangerous, but we’ll have to wait and see how things shape up. And who lives and who (might) die.

Overall, a lot of fun on Friday night, and I’m looking forward to next week’s session.