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Wednesday Night’s Game Session – Playtesting for CanGames, 2017, Part One April 27, 2017

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As mentioned in yesterday’s blog entry, the Wednesday night gamers had agreed to forego their regular gaming session in favour of playtesting one of the scenarios that I’ll be running at CanGames 2017.

The players arrived at my place around 7:00 pm, and we chatted for about 10 minutes about how things have been and the week’s events. Once I was ready to game, we talked about which of the three systems they wanted to playtest – Coriolis – The Third Horizon, <Primeval, or Tales From the Loop – and I was completely unsurprised when the group chose to playtest the Primeval scenario that I’ll be running at the convention.


I won’t discuss any of the details of the playtest session here, other than to say that the scenario, “The Dixmude Affair”, played out pretty well, and the events of the scenario fit nicely into the time slot for the convention (roughly), with just a hiccup or two here and there. The scenario has a little bit of everything in it, and the players made a few suggestions here and there where stuff could be tightened up, but overall the game session went really well and was quite enjoyable.

Not sure what we’ll doing gaming-wise in two weeks time, but I’m hoping the group will playtest another of the game systems and scenarios I’ll be running at CanGames the week or so after that session.

CanGames is One Month Away! April 19, 2017

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It’s April 19th, and do you know what that means?

If you’re in the Ottawa area, and planning to attend the game convention, CanGames 2017 is exactly one month away!

Eeek! 🙂

So I thought I’d re-post up a listing of the game sessions I’ll be running at CanGames this year.

The Statuette of Zhar Bagra
Game: Coriolis – The Third Horizon RPG
Time: Friday, 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Number of Players: 5
Description: While on Coriolis Station, your player characters are asked by a scholar to help him retrieve an artefact that needs to be returned to the planet Kua, below. Why do so many people want the artefact, and what sort of intrigue have you got yourselves into this time? Try out this new, unique science fiction rpg that is basically “Arabian Nights in space”. Crew a starship and explore the ancient mysteries of The Third Horizon!

The Dixmude Affair
Game: Primeval RPG
Time: Saturday, 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Number of Players: 6
Description: After returning to the present through an Anomaly to find the timeline terribly wrong, you and the other player characters learn that history changed in 1923 with the fate of the airship Dixmude being altered. Can you fix the timeline, or is it too late?

Dark Flowers
Game: Coriolis – The Third Horizon RPG
Time: Sunday, 2:00 pm – 6 pm
Number of Players: 5
Description: While passing through the Dabaran system on a routine trade mission, your characters are contacted by The Foundation, and asked to proceed to a set of coordinates and investigate the disappearance of a missing ship carrying one of its researchers, a professor Siyab Dahiljaba. What will you find? Try out this new, unique science fiction rpg that is basically “Arabian Nights in space”. Crew a starship and explore the ancient mysteries of The Third Horizon!

There are still plenty of spots for folks to play in both the Friday evening and Sunday afternoon sessions of Coriolis – The Third Horizon, and the Saturday afternoon session of Primeval, so I hope to see some of you at the convention and playing in these games. And even if you’re not playing in my games, come and see me and say “Hi!” at this year’s CanGames.

Like I said, one month away! Hooray! 🙂

Game Registration for CanGames, 2017 January 13, 2017

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And so the gaming season is starting up again.

Two days ago, I received my an invitation to the CanGames Google+ community, and notification there that they are looking for GameMasters, and the link to the form for submitting games for the convention. Other than the link being (momentarily) problematic, I took a look at the GM Forms, and they’re essentially the same as last year’s ones.

I actually know what games I’ll be running there this year, so I submitted two games to run at CanGames yesterday when I got home from work. I’ll be running a couple of Coriolis – The Third Horizon games at the convention, and will like run a Primeval game as well. Just need to decide when I want to run the Primeval RPG game session on the Saturday. Once I’ve got confirmation from the convention about the running times for the games, I’ll be blogging that information up here, you can be certain. 🙂

CanGames 2017 will be taking place at the Rideau Curling Club over the Victoria Day weekend, May 19th – 21st, 2017, here in Ottawa. Quite looking forward to the convention this year. 🙂

Happy Birthday, Jason Flemyng! September 25, 2016

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Sep. 25th, 2016 at 10:08 AM

Sep. 25th, 2015 at 11:01 AM
There’s a birthday in the Primeval tv series family today.

Happy Birthday to Jason Flemyng today!

Jason is the talented actor who played Danny Quinn in Series 3 of the Primeval tv series, and who reprised the role in Series 4 a couple of times. Jason, who turns 49 years of age today, has a pretty impressive CV in movies and tv, appearing in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998), Snatch (2000), Rob Roy (1995), From Hell (2001), and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003). He’s done some prominent work in both theatre and television in the UK (check out the link above). He also speaks fluent French. A lot of tv and science fiction fans remember him for his work on Primeval UK, though he’s done a lot of other work, too. One of his more memorable turns of recent years was as the villainous Vadim in The Musketeers (2014).

I can’t say that Danny Quinn was one of my favourite characters in Primeval, but I certainly warmed to him by the end of Series 3, and was sorry to see him depart. His reappearance in Series 4 came as quite a surprise, a pleasant one.

So here’s wishing Jason Flemyng a terrific birthday today!

Friday Night Gaming Session Cancelled September 9, 2016

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Due to family commitments, there is no gaming tonight with the Friday night group. Two of my five players have family responsibilities tonight, and the other three players decided that they didn’t want to play this evening.

So there’s no game of Polaris RPG on for tonight with the Friday night players. Part of me is sad about this, but the other part of me is glad, as I really could use the night off.

Have a good evening, folks.

Wednesday Night Game Report – Primeval RPG Session 11 August 25, 2016

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Last night, the Wednesday night players continued their campaign of the Primeval RPG. It was a fun session, and quite entertaining. Here are the game session notes for Wednesday night. You can read about the previous session of the game in this journal entry. This post is somewhat long, and I’ve put it behind a cut so that folks who don’t want to read any detailed rpg posts don’t have to.


Dr. Paula Richardson (Donna) – Palaeontologist
Sgt. Charles Kinson (DavidW) – Former Soldier
Joanne (“Jonie”) Williams (Kendall) – Reporter
Helena Robertson (Crystal) – Computer Geek

Tuesday, March 27th, 2007

Dr. Paula Richardson sets off with Sergeant Charles Kinson and the five Project Tempus soldiers into the woods, in search of the Coelophysis. Charles asks her if she can use a pistol, and Paula says she can but that she’ll leave the violence up to Kinson and his men. He acquiesces, and the group head off into the forest terrain. Charles manages to pick up the trail of the creatures, and leads them into the woods, though Paula points out that it’s getting on to late afternoon. They don’t want to be out too late into the evening.

Some twenty minutes later, Charles calls a halt, and says that they should take a break. While they rest, Paula looks around and draws his attention to a twinkling, shining light in the distance in the woods. “Looks like we’ve found the Shard,” she tells him. When she suggests they go in that direction, Charles agrees as he points out the creature tracks seem to head in that direction. He sends two of the men, Harper and Rice, to scout ahead in that direction, reporting every ten minutes, as he and Paula prepare to move out again with the other three soldiers. Paula says she hopes that Helena and Joanne are all right, and Charles assures her that they’ll be fine. He tells her she needs to concentrate on what they’re doing.

After another half hour’s walk, moving cautiously and keeping an eye out for the creatures, the player characters arrive at the Shard. Charles sees that there are plenty of animal tracks around the Shard site, but he tells Paula that they don’t seem to have spread out that much, that they’ve focused their attention in certain directions. Paula says that’s not typical behaviour for such creatures. She explains to him that they would scout out the area ahead of time; that means something made them all go in the same direction, and they need to find out what. Harper and Rice report in on schedule, and inform Kinson that they’ve found the creatures – a herd of some 30 of them. Charles is taken aback at this somewhat, and tells his men to get back to the Shard as quickly as possible. Paula tells Charles that she thinks she knows of a means to get the creatures back to the Shard if possible, but it will involve some coordinated efforts [she gains 2 Story Points]. Charles says he’s listening…

Once Harper and Rice return to join them, and all the characters understand the plan, Charles puts it into action, getting Harper and Rice to return to the Shard with the remaining SUV. Charles and Paula remain at the Shard, while the other three soldiers make their way in the direction of the herd. Once Harper and Rice return, Charles is ready to put Paula’s plan into action, though he has doubts that she can carry out her end of it. She snidely remarks that she’s up to the challenge, and will hold up to her end of the arrangements. Paula gets into the SUV, and guns the vehicle, heading for where the herd of Coelophysis are located.

With a modicum of stealth and subterfuge involved [and a couple of Story Points each], the herd of Coelophysis too occupied with their own endeavours, the various characters manage to approach them without being detected. On Charles’s signal, Paula guns the SUV and races straight for the creatures, and manages to scatter them – right in the direction of Charles and the five soldiers, who have taken up strategic positions. With some manoeuvering of the SUV and some risky driving stunts [spending 5 Story Points], Paula is able to keep the creatures heading towards the Anomaly with the aid of Charles and the other soldiers.

The rest of the “corralling” of the Coelophysis is a blur and nightmare of logistics, some risky business taken by Charles and the soldiers, and Paula’s mad driving of the SUV. As the various characters approach the Shard, it is Paula who alerts Charles and the soldiers that the Shard is pulsing. They realise that it is about to close, and must corral the creatures even faster. In a frenetic cat-and-mouse chase, the player characters and the soldiers coerce and guide the creatures towards the Shard, the whole time Paula fearing that the Shard will close before they get the last of the Coelophysis through. It is with a sense of relief that Charles signals to Paula that the last of the creatures have gone through the Shard, even as there is a “whumpf!”-ing sound as the Shard seems to collapse in on itself, and is gone. Racing to the spot where the Shard was last seen, Paula pulls the SUV to a stop and Charles gives her an uncharacteristic hug as she gets out of the vehicle.

Two days later, Paula and Charles pay a visit to the Ottawa Hospital at the Civic Campus, where Joanne “Jonie” Williams and Helena Robertson are resting comfortably in their rooms. The two women are partially recovered from their serious wounds, and are glad to see that Charles and Paula are safe and sound. Joanne says that everything has worked out fine, with little Agnes in the hands of her aunt, while the police investigate the matter. Project Tempus obviously has some influence as both Joanne and Helena are in the clear, but Charles tells them that his superiors aren’t pleased at the “greasing” they had to do in this matter. After assuring their privacy, Charles and Paula tell them of what happened out in the parkland, and how they managed to send the creatures back through the Shard.

With everyone relieved about matters, Helena asks the other three about what they plan to do with her, given her knowledge of what’s happened and the presence of prehistoric animals and the Shards themselves. Charles tells her it’s a funny thing that, but… [and the scene fades to black]

Wednesday night’s game session of the Primeval RPG campaign was a rather enjoyable one, and went as well as could be expected. With both Kendall and Crystal unable to make it out for the game session until relatively late during the evening’s game, it fell to DavidW and Donna to carry the load for the adventure (hence the fortuitous end of the previous session, with both Kendall and Crystal’s characters seriously injured). Once the two players showed up around 9:35 pm or so, I was able to get them back into the action of the wrap-up of the adventure, and that sorted itself out nicely with the players themselves having a hand in the matter. The players were all pretty pleased at the outcome of the adventure, and the means by which I had brought Crystal’s character, Helena, into the plot. It will definitely be interesting to see how the Wednesday night crew continues in this campaign, and how the personalities clash or don’t clash.

Overall, a very good session of the Primeval RPG Wednesday night campaign, and a good end to the current scenario. Next week’s game should be interesting, as the group switches over to the Polaris RPG game, and start in on character creation.

Getting Ready for Wednesday Night Gaming August 24, 2016

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I spent a relatively quiet afternoon, just puttering about the house. Feeling a bit out of sorts, and haven’t been feeling up to snuff for most of the week so far.

Getting ready for this evening’s gaming session with the Wednesday night gaming group. They’re continuing on with their Primeval RPG campaign tonight, so I’m looking forward to the session. It’s been an interesting scenario so far, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it shakes out.

In the meantime, I need to figure out what to eat this evening. Maybe some form of stir fry. We’ll see when I go up to the kitchen.

Have a good night, folks.

RPGaDay in August – August 23rd: Worst Luck August 23, 2016

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We continue on with RPGaDay in August, this year hosted by BrigadeCon.


Day 23 – Share one of your best “Worst Luck” stories.

Hmm, this one is rather easy, methinks. While I’ve seen a few players with bad luck in roleplaying game sessions that I’ve run, the “best” one is probably one that involves a game of the Primeval RPG at CanGames 2012, and poor luck that my friend, Tim, had with his dice during the game. Rather than explain this myself, I’ll let Tim tell it in his blog entry called My Dice of Betrayal. I’ve never seen too many of those rolls in the Primeval RPG game sessions I’ve run (let alone similar types of rolls in other rpgs), but let me just say that Tim‘s dice were seriously fubar-ing him that night.

Sunday Afternoon Game Report – Primeval RPG Session 30 August 22, 2016

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Yesterday afternoon, the Sunday afternoon gaming group continued on with their Primeval RPG game campaign. Here’s the game session report. You can read about the previous session of the game in this journal entry. This post is somewhat long, and I’ve put it behind a cut so that folks who don’t want to read any detailed rpg posts don’t have to.



Dr. Timothy Carson (SteveR) – Geologist
Gwendolyn Thorpe (Tammy) – Tour Guide
Dr. Jennifer Dorchester (GM/NPC) – Palaeontologist
Alexander Valentine (GM/NPC) – Media Specialist

Sunday, June 17th, 2007

Timothy Carson manages to get out of the creature’s path [and spends 2 Story Points doing so], and descends to the bottom of the mere. He looks around to track the creature, but is unable to do so as he can’t see through the murk. He decides to make his way back towards the Roman ruins, exercising as much caution as possible to do so. He sees the other creatures circling in the area of the Anomaly and the Roman ruins, and is unable to communicate with either Gwendolyn Thorpe or with Grange. Timothy decides that he needs to get to the Roman lime ruins, and makes his way in that direction, unaware that the creature he managed to avoid has started its return.

While still sheltered at the bottom in the area just east of the ruins where the skeletal remains are to be found, Gwen sees the creature that attacked him earlier closing in on Timothy from behind. She shouts a warning to him, and he turns towards it as it strikes him again [he spends 2 more Story Points], inflicting several points of damage as it rams him, shoving him in the direction of the ruins below the Anomaly. As he comes close to the place where Gwen is, she grabs onto him and swims as fast as she can with him for the ruins. Three of the creatures in the area of the ruins, including the one that had her pinned down, attack the two of them, and inflict some damage on both of them [5 points to each]. Gwen freezes in fear for just a moment [after failing a Resolve check], but Timothy picks up the slack and gets the two of them to the edge of the ruins, after Grange takes a shot at the creatures with her speargun. The two catch their breath, but only momentarily.

Gwen checks around for an entrance to the algae- and other detritus covered ruins, and spots a place where both she and Timothy can gain egress. Timothy notices a slight acidity to the water where it touches his bare skin, but Gwen alerts him to the presence of several sets of eyes watching them. As they move closer, with several of the larger creatures trying to get at them without damaging the “nest” area (and failing), Gwen and Timothy see what appear to be five small versions of the creatures (the size of baby crocodiles, less than 1 metre long), and an area with some 8 to 10 eggs. She reasons that if she can get the Eryops’ eggs and the youngsters through the Anomaly, it’s possible that the other, adult creatures will follow them through.

Gwen tells Timothy (and the listening Cpl. Grange) about her plan, and realises they have what they need to make a sort of underwater sling. She tells Timothy to cut some long strips of is wetsuit to be used for the sling, while she heads back for the skeletal remains, where she remembers seeing exactly the skeletal bones that she needs for the “sling” of the slingshot. She cautiously makes her way towards them, and reaches the materials that she needs, but comes under attack from one of the adult Eryops. It is distracted as Grange fires her speargun again, and manages to inflict minimal damage. Grange tells her that her plan had better work, and Gwen says it will. Gwen makes her way cautiously back to the Roman lime ruins.

Gwen sees that Timothy is working on cutting the strips off his wetsuit, but that he seems to have suffered marginal burns to the spots where he has bare skin. She gathers up the eggs of the creatures, much to the displeasure of the young beasties, and collects them in Timothy’s net sack. Using her own net sack that held the evidence she gathered up from the skeletal area, she manages to collect with some difficulty the young creatures, and secures them. Gwen then continues to fashion the sling for the device, using the material from Timothy’s wetsuit. When she’s ready to proceed, the player characters enact their plan… even as Grange warns them that the Anomaly is starting to pulse as it gets ready to close.

With great effort, and knowing that she’s going to take some minor pressure damage (if such a thing can be said to be minor), Gwen swims up towards the Anomaly, feeling the sucking power of the magnetic field, until she’s sure that she’s close enough. She sends the Eryops’ eggs through first, and sure enough this is enough to cause two of the creatures to flee through the closing Anomaly. She finally sends the net sack with the smaller creatures through the Anomaly [causing 1 point of Temporal Damage], and the last of the Eryops swim through the Anomaly in pursuit in a flash as the energy field collapses.

It is with a great deal of relief that Timothy, Gwen, and Grange are able to report their success to the surface. While they’re talking, Timothy spots what appear to be small bubbles (of oxygen?) from inside the Roman ruins. He tells the others, and they warn him to be cautious. Checking inside the ruins, he sees what appears to be a small, tailless rat-like creature less than 1/2 a metre long with tiny webbed feet. Gwen is baffled by what he’s found after describing it, but when he describes it to Dr. Jennifer Dorchester (who is up top in one of the boats), she tells him they have a problem. She’s not sure what the creature is, but believes it to be a proto-mammal of some sort, and that it probably didn’t originate in the Permian. After consulting with Sgt. Denby, Jennifer tells them to start their rise to the surface, but to bring the creature with them.

Several hours later, the player character have a happy re-union, Jennifer and Alexander greeting the others warmly. Jennifer points out their new problem, and Timothy and Gwen see what appears to be a small Anomaly somewhat distant from them. Jennifer [spending 2 Story Points] says that she can see small creatures, which might be similar to the one that Timothy and Gwen have brought back up with them. Sgt. Denby guns the boat in that direction, and as the characters draw closer they can see that the Anomaly is a much smaller one, probably barely able to accommodate a human being; as it nears its own kind, clearly visible near the Anomaly, the captive small animal starts “meep”ing, and the characters approach close enough to allow the creature to join its fellow beasts through the Anomaly, just before it closes. Sgt. Denby comments on a job well done.

A few days later, on the morning of the 20th of June, Timothy and Gwen receive several visitors at the small medical clinic in Cheatham – Denby, Jennifer, and Alexander. Denby tells them that they’ve been cleared, and gives them a briefing on what’s happened the last few days they’ve been out of action (due to their cases of the bends, combined with the severity of their injuries sustained in the water). The characters discuss the events of the past few days and their time in Cheatham, and Timothy realises with a little bit of help from the other scientifically minded among them that the Eryops were using the Roman lime ruins as a nest because the acid interacting with the surrounding water was creating heat and a warm environment – like an incubator. The group realises that they need to examine the other sites of modern day Anomalies and the ruins there to eliminate the probability of more nests. As well as the site near the road where they first encountered what Gwen believes were Eryops creatures. Denby says that the Home Office will send other teams to the other three sites, while he, Gwen, and company focus on the road section.

Their musings and ponderings are interrupted by the arrival of Robert Horvath. After inquiring about their health and commenting on Timothy’s new bite marks, Horvath attempts to goad the geologist into revealing somthing of the truth, but he fails in his attempts due to the swift, adept manoeuverings of Alexander Valentine. Telling the characters that he’ll be keeping a close eye on their activities in future, the stymied Horvath departs.

The characters discuss Horvath and the threat he represents, and turn their attention to Project Whitelight. Alexander tells the characters that there’s little to add on what he’s learned about the organisation [he spent 2 Story Points]. He tells them that everything is sealed by order of the Minister [of Defence], but that the organisation’s origins go all the way up to the Prime Minister, and to unseal those files would mean going to the top of the hierarchy and the Honourable Tony Blair. Alexander is not sure they want to stir up that hornet’s nest any time soon. Gwen worries about what Robert Horvath might learn, but Alexander says that he’s not too worried about Horvath for the minute, though based on what he tells them, they remember with horror that Horvath is the son of the Prime Minister’s wife from an earlier marriage.

The next day (the 21st), the player characters return to the scene of the first encounter with what Gwen thought was the creatures. Gwen finds the spot precisely, and the group prepare to head out into the bog and the set of Roman lime ruins they can see. Gwen and Jennifer find what seems to be a lizard skin, as well as what appears to be a tag of some sort, labelled “Matilda”. As they prepare to get ready, Denby shouts a warning to Gwen, just in time. A large crocodile leaps from the water, snapping at her, and she just barely manages to avoid being snapped up [and spends 2 Story Points]. Denby, Granger, and Wilcox fire their weapons at the creature (wounding it somewhat), and the crocodile returns to the watery muck with a huge splash. In the aftermath of the attack and Gwen showing the others the tag, Alexander tells her of the article that he’d seen of the Exmoor Zoo escape of two crocodiles, some five years back. They were never caught. After debating the matter for some time, the characters and Denby decide they will pass through the area with the zoo on the return to London and notify the authorities of what they found, and leave it to them. The presence of the crocodile(s) in the area near Cheatham is not a Home Office matter.

Approximately a week later, back at the Home Office, the player characters are meeting with Franklin Cartwright. Their handler is content with the job that they’ve done, and asks them just a few questions about their submitted report on matters. They also learn of the article in the London Times of the recapture by the Exmoor Zoo of one of their missing crocodiles, Matilda, but that Charlie is still out there. They discuss some elements of the case with Cartwright, especially the interest in their affairs by Robert Horvath. Cartwright says he’ll look into the matter.

Cartwright also tells them what he’s authorised to about the Project Whitelight. The Project was active from 1940 to 1948, and was actually based in the same building that Project Anomaly works out of. He tells them there was a separate project, that he doesn’t name, that was located on Guns’ Island. He also tells them that Project Whitelight is currently in operation; it is headed up by Margaret Hanrahan. Cartwright says that their mission was a somewhat difficult one for them, and that they’re off on some leave now…at least until another Anomaly pops up. 🙂 After Cartwright dismisses them, Gwen comments to both Timothy and Alexander that they may have to keep an eye on what’s going on in Cheatham in future…

Sunday afternoon’s game session of the Primeval RPG was a pretty good one, and had a bit of everything for both the players and their characters. This session was one that wrapped up the Sunday gaming group’s current scenario and left a few other doors open for all manner of plots that I’m not going into here. Both Tammy and SteveR were pleased with the way the current adventure wrapped up, and had some good times in the various sessions of the adventure, although the adventure did run a bit longer than any of us would have liked for various reasons.

In the meantime, next week will be the start of the Polaris RPG campaigns on both Friday and Sunday, starting with character generation. Should be…interesting.

Getting Ready for Sunday Afternoon Gaming August 21, 2016

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Getting Ready for this afternoon’s gaming session.

I’ll be running the Primeval RPG this afternoon with the Sunday group, as they continue on with their game campaign. Not sure what’s going to happen this session, as things were quite…interesting at the end of last session.

In the meantime, a couple of other things to take care of, and then lunch.

Have a good afternoon, folks.