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Sunday Afternoon Gaming Cancelled February 4, 2018

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It’s Sunday, nearly afternoon.

It’s been snowing outside since last night, and is showing no signs of stopping. (10-15 cms, my butt!)

Anyway, the upshot of this is that the Sunday afternoon gaming session has been cancelled for today due to the weather. This means the next session of the The Dark Eye RPG campaign will have to wait, hopefully until next weekend.

I can’t say that I’m sorry we won’t be gaming today, as truth of the matter is I’m still sick with whatever this *censored!* bug is that I’ve caught. I’m just very, very tired. So this means another day of relative rest, little talking, and just catching up on some tv and pvr stuff.

But I am sorry that I’m not gaming today.


The Start of February February 1, 2018

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It’s Thursday morning. The first of February. A new month.

I’m just hoping that this month is better than last month, especially health-wise. The early part of January was pretty decent, but the rest of the month wasn’t all that great for multiple reasons.

I don’t have much to say today as I’m feeling pretty ill, to be honest. Am planning to go out later as I’ve got a footcare appointment. Probably not the smartest idea I’ve had, but I need to go for that appointment.

Getting Ready for Sunday Afternoon Gaming January 28, 2018

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It’s almost Sunday afternoon.

And that means it’s time for Sunday afternoon gaming.

Truth be told, I’m feeling somewhat under the weather. Got a bad headache, some chills, sinus congestion, lots of phlegm, and a moderate cough. (And that’s aside from the cervical spine issues on the left side of my body.) However, I spoke to both Tammy and , and both agreed they were willing to play this afternoon and take their chances on my health not being contagious.

We’ll be playing some The Dark Eye RPG this afternoon, as I actually manage to start the game campaign, so I’m quite looking forward to this. That said, gonna have to take decent notes on stuff today, as I’m sure I won’t remember much of the game session come the beginning of the week given the state of my head.

Like I said, looking forward to gaming. In the meantime, I need to figure out something light to eat for lunch.

Have a good afternoon, folks.

*cough, cough*

Getting Ready for Wednesday Night Gaming November 1, 2017

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Getting ready for an evening of gaming with the Wednesday night gaming group.

It has been some time since the Wednesday night gamers have played an rpg game session, so I’m rather pleased that the players will be playing a game this evening. With any luck at all, I’ll be trying to wrap up the Coriolis – The Third Horizon game scenario that the players are currently involved with.

Still not feeling overly healthy myself, and the cough is very much present, but the players want to play (despite my illness) so how could I say no?

In any event, I need to grab some supper from upstairs and get to it.

Have a good evening, folks.

Monday Morning October 30, 2017

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Today promises to be a very long day.

I did not sleep well last night. Between the bouts of coughing that I had in the late evening and that led to some bad diarrhea, as well as the sheer agonypain that my left shoulder/arm/neck/back are currently suffering, sleep did not come easy and when it did come, tossing and turning were the best that I managed to have.

To make the day even longer for this Monday, I have my appointment at the Montfort Hospital this evening for an MRI at 9:30 pm. Not sure how I’m going to get there yet, since my left arm and shoulder are so bad that I can’t use the arm for much of anything these days.

Ah, well… one step during the day at a time.

Getting Ready for Sunday Afternoon Gaming… Sort of October 29, 2017

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I’m in the process of getting ready for gaming with the Sunday group.

Well, sort of…

SteveR is coming over, ostensibly to work on his second The Dark Eye character, but I’ll also be working with Tammy on the telephone to go through her equipment for her character for the game and to talk to her about her witch characters alchemy, curses, and spells in detail.

This will all happen if my voice decides to hold out. This is all happening while I’ve still got whatever infection I have; I’m still hacking away, and the antibiotic that I’m on will be finished with tonight’s supper.

So we’ll see how things work out this afternoon.

In the meantime, I’ve got figure out what I want to eat for lunch today.

Getting Ready for Friday Night Gaming October 27, 2017

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It’s Friday!

That means it’s time for another Friday night gaming session. So, I’m getting ready for this evening’s game session with the Friday night group.

I’ve still got my lovely head cold/flu, but it’s eased off somewhat though I’ve still got the cough (and stuff nose at times). The Friday night group are doing all right, so I’ll be running the game tonight. The Friday night gamers will be continuing on with The Dark Eye RPG this evening.

I’m looking forward to tonight’s session, though I hope the meds I’m taking for the cold/flu/whatever don’t make me overly “creative” tonight.

In the meantime, supper (of some form) needs to be made, and eaten. Then gaming.

Have a good night, folks.

Sunday Afternoon Gaming Cancelled October 22, 2017

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It’s Sunday morning.

That means it’s time for Sunday’s gaming session. Except that’s not going to happen today. Tammy is working on-call duties for the week (which ends today), so that means she’s unavailable for gaming. While SteveR doesn’t want to play without her, he’ll likely come over as he wants to create a second The Dark Eye RPG character, just in case his Hunter character dies.

This means I won’t be starting the The Dark Eye Sunday campaign today, which saddens me somewhat. That said, I’m still fighting the bronchitis that I’ve got, so perhaps this is a good thing.

Here’s hoping I can game with them next Sunday.

Friday Evening Gaming Session Cancelled October 20, 2017

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‘Tis Friday, and that means it’s time for another Friday night gaming session.

Well, it would normally be a Friday night gaming session, but I’m coughing away so badly (see the earlier post today, about this) that there’s no way I can possibly game this evening. Heck, it’s hurting to breathe somewhat as well.

This means that tonight’s game session of The Dark Eye RPG is off for tonight. I was really hoping to be able to run tonight’s game session, but such is not to be.

Here’s hoping that the antibiotic that I’ve started today will allow me to run the game next week, but one day at a time.

A Long (Sick) Day October 20, 2017

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Yesterday was one heck of a day.

As noted in yesterday’s blog entry, I had made a doctor’s appointment since my illness has gone on too long and the coughing has gotten much worse.

The appointment was originally scheduled for 4:00 pm, but as I was eating lunch the doctor’s receptionist called, and said that I could come in any time, as the office wasn’t too busy for the day. Mom decided to come with me, since she wanted me to take her grocery shopping afterwards, so…

The doctor and I talked and then he examined me. The diagnosis was a severe case of bronchitis, since he could hear the crackling in my lungs, and so he put me on a dose of antibiotic, the Biaxin stuff, for ten (10) days and said that I should get a bit of rest, if possible. He also told me that when I was well again, I needed to come in and have both the flu shot and the pneumonia shot, as the “season” was going to be brutal for both.

From the doctor’s office, I drove over to the nearest First Choice Haircutters, and finally got a haircut. I hadn’t been for a haircut since before I left for GenCon back in August, so it had been a while and I was somewhat shaggy. When I left the salon, I felt like I might have lost 3 lbs. or so. Might have, given that the stylist cut off almost 2 inches (!!) of my hair!

From there, it was over to the local Independent Grocery, where I would take in the antibotic prescription to the pharmacy and also help mom do the grocery shopping. Suffice to say, I was there for almost 1.5 hours (as my mom’s getting up there in years, and she’s somewhat…slow), but picked up a good $60 worth of groceries for myself. I took mom back to her place, and helped her unload the groceries she’d bought, and then we went back to my place and unloaded those groceries, and made supper for her.

By the time I’d taken mom home, and then returned from the house after supper, it was close to 10:00 pm.

I was knackered. And coughing away like hell.

But life goes on, right?